Gundersen Health System

May 1

Daughter to Destiny Winters and Kordell Smith, Waukon, Iowa.

Son to Cassy Woodard and Caleb Lehmen, Onalaska.

Daughter to Amanda Kraynik and Brady Bartelson, Lewiston, Minnesota.

Daughter to Jade Steele-Thorson and Scott Thorson, Caledonia.

May 2

Son to Emily Larson and Mike Engling, Holmen.

Daughter to Cheyenne Dobson and Matt Olsen, Soldiers Grove.

May 3

Daughter to Megan Amann and Andrew Barth, La Crosse.

Daughter to Amanda Canner and Dustin Roush, Arcadia.

Son to Emily Lemke and Mark Chitwood, Holmen.

Son to Carrie Argentine and Andrew Ryan, Holmen.

Daughter to Kayua Yang and Bee Lor, La Crosse.

May 4

Son to Megan Stasiewicz and Jordan Schrock, Onalaska.

Son to Nichole Perso and Josh Lusk, La Crosse.

Son to Alexis Gilbertson and Tyler Kuehl, Tomah.

Son to Lyndsy Marx and Matthew Bell, Holmen.

May 5

Daughter to Riley Schiller and David Heins, Monona, Iowa.

Twin sons to Pam Literski and Andrew McCutchen, Dodge.

Son to Emilene Horn and James Heiderscheit, La Crosse.

Daughter to Burgandi Harvey and Joel Clements, La Crescent.

Son to Tianna and Jeffrey Repaal, Camp Douglas.

May 7

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Daughter to Amber Harris and David Green, West Union, Iowa.

Son to Alma Guerrero Rivera and Layne Noren, Whitehall.

May 8

Son to Amanda Peter and Joshua Meyer, Eitzen, Minnesota.

Son to Nicole Ploeger-Lyons and Levi Lyons, La Crosse.

Son to Beth Aleckson and Josh Breitung, Holmen.

May 9

Son to Trisha Rudi and Jesse Mlsna, Sparta.

Daughter to Katelynn Kuehn, Independence.

May 10

Daughter to Jade Kohls and Brandon Perron, Sparta.

Twin daughters to Margaret and Aksel Gundersen, La Crosse.

Son to Cassidy Peterson and Justin Cole, Hokah.

May 11

Daughter to Kelsey Lee and Matthew Neubauer, La Crosse.

Son to Alanna Scheck and Levi Kasten, Mabel, Minnesota.

May 14

Son to Jamie Hellenbrand and Brian Skiles, La Crosse.

Son to Rachel Lawrence and Aaron Erdmann, Holmen.

Son to Carolyn Feils and Nathan Knapp, La Crosse.

Daughter to Jennifer Olson and Justin Holmen, Whitehall.

May 15

Son to Brianna Steinmetz and Austin Moenck, Caledonia.

Tomah Memorial Hospital

May 17

Daughter to Stephanie and T.J. Hove, Tomah.

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