Gundersen Health

Oct. 1

Daughter to Loretta Knusalla and Scott McRae, Independence.

Son to Olivia Moran Rodriguez and Jace Scholler, La Crosse.

Daughter to Tracie Stinson and Anthony Gingrasso, La Crosse.

Son to Jamie Foellmi and Derek Freisinger, Brownsville, Minn.

Daughter to Molly Murphy and Matthew Vandeleest, West Salem.

Oct. 2

Daughter to Jackie Storlie and Aaron Tadewald, Winona, Minn.

Oct. 3

Daughter to Sasha Barber and Eric Rask, New Albin, Iowa.

Son to Kellee Peterson and Keith Larson, Winona, Minn.

Son to Katelyn Cannon and Jeffrey Gollberg, Westby.

Son to Kelly Hassert and Lorenzo Nickelotti, Coon Valley.

Oct. 4

Daughter to Melissa Ekhoff and Kevin Place, Onalaska.

Daughter to Victoria Hamilton and Jeremiah White, Rockland.

Oct. 5

Daughter to Melissa Young and Michael Miller, Viroqua.

Son to Heather McCreary and Gregory Shaw, La Crescent, Minn.

Daughter to Brooke Schaefer and Nathan Tourville, Onalaska.

Daughter to Esther Garcia and Emmanuel Graw, La Crosse.

Oct. 6

Daughter to Brenna McGuire and Jesse Beckendorf, Holmen.

Son to Ella and Matt Hepfler, Onalaska.

Daughter to Marcia Taddy and Corey Straubhaar, La Crosse.

Oct. 7

Son to Courtney Kriesel and Justin Scheel, Trempealeau.

Oct. 8

Son to Kati Tweeten and Brandon Bergey, Mabel, Minn.

Son to Katie McKenzie and Jayson Lesch, La Crosse.

Oct. 9

Daughter to Brittany Siehr and Russell Pedersen, Winona, Minn.

Daughter to Paige Gerlach and Javier Rosas, Waukon, Iowa.

Oct. 10

Daughter to Krista Buros and William Gudgeon, Viroqua.

Oct. 12

Daughter to Holly Ott and Sarah Lambrecht, Holmen.

Daughter to Brandi Alexander and Chris Henderson, La Crosse.

Daughter to Heather Severson and Joshua Baecker, Independence.

Daughter to Jennifer Giam and Nathan Smith, Stoddard.

Daughter to Laura Krings and Daniel Dymond, Holmen.

Oct. 13

Daughter to Guokun Li and Yuanjie Wu, Onalaska.

Oct. 14

Daughter to Betsy Fruechte and Alberto Whitlatch, New Albin, Iowa.

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Son to Laura Malone and Jordan Kemppainen, La Crosse.

Daughter to Meredith Jensen and Andrew Gardner, Bangor.

Daughter to Kari Combs and Tyler Nash, Melrose.

Oct. 15

Son to Alana Van Vleet and Jordan Docken, Galesville.

Son to Michaela Smith and Lee Weis, La Crosse.

Daughter to Kneshay Fair and Ellis Wilson, La Crosse.

Daughter to Jessica Thorson and Trevor Johnson, Onalaska.

Mayo Clinic, La Crosse

Sept. 18

Daughter to Emily Gullickson and Jacob Vosseteig, Onalaska.

Son to Gayle and Nick Ikert, Onalaska.

Son to Taylor Thompson and Ryan Rasmussen, Holmen.

Sept. 19

Son to Marcy and Nathan Brey, La Crosse.

Sept. 20

Son to Shannon and Evan Meier, Rushford, Minn.

Sept. 21

Daughter to Marianne and Adam Florin, Houston.

Daughter to Caitlin and Zachary Trimble, La Crosse.

Sept. 22

Son to Trisha and Michael Kester, Coon Valley.

Sept. 24

Son to Savanna Bell and Jeremy Johnson, Melrose.

Son to Jill and Andrew Beckstom, Holmen.

Sept. 25

Son to Danelle and Chris Larson, La Crosse.

Sept. 26

Son to Kathleen and Keven Hemmersbach, Rockland.

Sept. 28

Son to Samantha Prestby and Ben Danies, La Crosse.

Sept. 29

Son to Tyesha Williams, La Crosse.

Sept. 30

Daughter to Allie and Brian Cossette, Holmen.

Tomah Memorial

Sept. 27

Son to Dakota and Steven Champney, Tomah.

Oct. 10

Daughter to Charise and William Liebhart, Tomah.

Oct. 11

Daughter to Kaiyla and Cody Endres, Sparta.


Sept. 30

Daughter to Rachel and Josh Bogie, Aurora, Colo.

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