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Steve Cahalan
Steve Cahalan

Steve Groth and Jon Zabel opened Speed Trim, LLC last month in its new location at 23965 11th St. in the village of Trempealeau. It's in the northeast part of town.

The upholstery business started in January 2007 in La Crosse and later moved to Onalaska, Groth said. "We were looking for a more central location between La Crosse and Winona," he said, so the owners moved the business from Onalaska to Trempealeau.

Speed Trim does upholstery work on cars, including classics, trucks, motorcycles and boats. "We also do commercial and industrial work," Groth said, such as making industrial-type curtains.

The business also makes custom boat covers.

Its new telephone number is (608) 534-5557. The firm's new website,, is expected to be operating by February.

The Dec. 23 editions were the last for the Arcadia News-Leader, the Whitehall Times and the Galesville Republican weekly newspapers.

The three newspapers were purchased by News Publishing Co. of Black Earth, Wis., and are being combined into a new weekly newspaper, the Trempealeau County Times. The new publication's office is in Whitehall.

The Happy Panda restaurant opened Dec. 1 at 615 Dettloff Drive in Arcadia.

The Chinese restaurant is in the former location of the Rendezvous Bar and Grill, next to the Piggly Wiggly grocery store, along Hwy. 93. It features Szechwan, Mandarin and Hunan cuisine.

The telephone number is (608) 323-3800.

Scam du jour: The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to protect their debit card numbers from ATM "skimming."

The bureau says identity thieves tamper with ATM machines in various ways in order to steal debit card numbers and PIN numbers, and that it only takes a few seconds to install cameras over the keypad or a device over the card reader. ATMs aren't the only hot spots; credit card swipers at gas pumps and retailers can be tampered with as well.

The bureau recommends: When entering your PIN, cover the keypad with your other hand to prevent any cameras from catching your digits. As skimming devices often are false panels attached to the ATM, if parts of the ATM look damaged or different, give it a wiggle.

Also, look for any new or suspiciously placed cameras and unusual signage. Avoid using ATMs in poorly lighted or low-trafficked areas. And watch your accounts for any

suspicious activity.


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