Carlos O'Kelly's in Onalaska closed its doors Friday. 

"It has been our pleasure to serve the Onalaska community for the past 14 years," says a sign posted on the restaurant's door. 

The chain restaurant, which opened in May 2005 on Hwy. 16, has 17 remaining locations in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota and Virginia.

A staff member, who declined to give her name, said she could not provide any more information at this time, but said, "We've enjoyed our time here in Onalaska, and it's been great serving our customers."

According to the sign on the door, outstanding Carlos O'Kelly's gift cards can be used in the Rochester or other locations. Gift card refunds are available by calling 316-978-9509 or emailing csmith@sasnak.com.

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Emily Pyrek covers health, human interest stories and anything involving dogs for the La Crosse Tribune. She is always interested in story ideas and can be contacted at emily.pyrek@lee.net.

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There's a couple of people who comment on everything in the Tribune. They should be banned - if that could be done. They both need to find a hobby and give up their childish behavior. Guess their egos won't let them.


It's time to ban a couple of regular responders who need to find a hobby. What egos they have. Grow up people.


They never advertised.


Before long, this town will be nothing more than Kwik Trips and hamburger/taco joints.


It must be that great Trump economy that the conservatives keep telling me about.


Maybe... Your theory being people are making more money in this thriving economy so they can go to better locally-owned businesses serving better food than Carlos O'Kellys? You'll certainly agree that Manny's, Señor Villa, El Cerrito and Burrachos are all better options for great Mexican-style cuisine within a small radius or maybe you'll always be a Taco Bell buy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But don't be so quick to give Trump credit for this great economy, capedcrusader. Certainly one man cannot be the reason my investments have done so well and my business is thriving. If you say so...


Oh yes, all due to Trumps masterful wizardry I suppose. Crooked Trump just had to pay out some more money recently (https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/07/politics/trump-settlement-trump-foundation-new-york/index.html) and his legal bills are about to get worse. I wouldn't give him much credit after all his bankruptcy's for either your investments or business that is thriving. BTW, what business is it of yours that is thriving so successfully if it's any of my business? Just curious I guess. I figured since you've been so quiet around here lately it must be keeping you busy.


I think I'm the one who replied to you saying we shouldn't be so quick to give Trump credit for the great economy. Did you read my post, you tricky little devil? Oh! You just want to go on ranting about Trump? I guess I should have known that from the start because you seem to be a "one trick" tricky little devil.

Back to the topic at hand... Do you suppose Carlos O'Kellys closure had more to do with the other (better) Mexican-style dining options available within a small area? You avoided this point. Why not just say, "Yes, you're probably right." or say nothing at all? #troll

I already know you'll continue ranting about Trump regardless but it is worth pointing out, I think.


Oh don't be so cranky. I really got under your skin calling you a tricky little devil didn't ? You've been carrying on about that for some time. Yes the places you mention are good ones. especially Manny's. Never went to O'Kelly's so I can't really say. Back to my earlier comment... you didn't say what business you are in that is doing so great... Like I said, just curious and wanted to make sure you aren't another DMoney who apparently thinks that just because things are going well in his life everything is right with the world. If you don't want to answer just say so. I understand it must be keeping you busy lately.


I only posted that last comment regarding DMoney because you sure seem to come to his defense alot. Here's an example: crank Oct 24, 2019 7:57pm

I don't believe DMoney is as much a joke as you'd like to pretend.

To me, the joke comes at seeing how un-nerved you become when DMoney disagrees with you and confronts you with well-reasoned responses like, "I disagree with you because...". When you have nothing, you respond with this sort of childish comment similar to the other trib-libs who troll using similar techniques.

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