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The final round of Shopko store closings will displace 1,715 workers across Wisconsin, including hundreds in western Wisconsin, the state announced Thursday.

The state Department of Workforce Development confirmed employee numbers for locations in our region:

  • La Crosse: 56 employees
  • Onalaska: 80 employees
  • Arcadia: 25 employees
  • Chippewa Falls: 70 employees
  • Eau Claire: 94 employees

The 39 store closures in the latest round are added to the original list of 11 stores.

A total of nearly 2,500 workers are affected statewide.

These numbers reflect only the Shopko stores in Wisconsin. The Winona store is also closing, as are others in Minnesota, but the state of Minnesota has not released those job loss figures yet.

The state also announced that because of Shopko going out of business, Spectrum Transportation Services LLC and Spectrum America Supply Chain Solutions Inc. will close, affecting 225 workers.

Shopko was Spectrum’s sole customer.

“Shopko has been an integral economic fixture in many Wisconsin towns and cities,” DWD Secretary-Designee Caleb Frostman said. “The changes resulting from these closures will be felt by hard-working Wisconsinites in many communities.“


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SUN CAPITAL PARTNERS is the #1 culprit in Shopko's downfall. It bought out Shopko several years ago and then sucked out every dollar of revenue it could, which went directly to its shareholders. Shopko, already heavily in debt, had to borrow money just to pay dividends to Sun Capital. This parasite investment company did the same thing to Marsh Supermarkets last year. What a disgrace.

Rick Czeczok

What was once a family business and was run very well under that family, became a target of this greedy group of millionaires and billionaires. Just to bad, I will miss them on the south side, I wish all the employees who got caught up in this greed the best in their future. I do have a problem with these groups who are cash cow companys only interested in their own wealth and have no thoughts of destroying others. Capitalism will always work, but these cash companies work under some very gray spaces in the law.

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