Lawrence Bernd, 1509 Wood St., shed, $3,000.

City of La Crosse, 400 La Crosse St., alteration, $10,000.

Megan Fortun, 2121 Loomis St., demolition.

Snodgrass Properties of La Crosse, 1911 George St., demolition.

Goliath Companies LLC, 612 Winnebago St., demolition.

Losey and State LLC, 24155 Cass St., alteration, $288,632.

Crown Properties of La Crosse, 1312 4th St. S., alteration, $100,000.

Jacob McLees, 1335 27th St. S., roof, $4,800.

John Hatlestad, 515 15th St. S., roof, $19,000.

Jacob Michaels, 408 22nd St. S., roof, $5,600.

Michael Wilchinski, 719 Logan St., roof, $6,000.

Geoffrey Moss, 1610 Main St., roof, $2,000.

Diana Buchner, 2962 George St., roof, $4,000.

Donald Hurley Trust, 924 Milson Court, roof, $7,250.

Carol Zehms, 3304 Meadow Lane Place, roof, $5,000.

Spies Construction LLC, 1723 Wisconsin Court, single family home, $210,000.

LP & Associates LLC, 2232 Charles St., alteration, $600.

The Minh Anh Thi Ngoc Pham Joint Revocable Trust, 420 Cameron Ave., alteration, $12,000.

Great River Homes LLC, 5926 River Run Road, single family home, $164,000.

Great River Homes LLC, 5928 River Run Road, single family home, $164,000.


Tim Berg, 1105 Oak Forest Drive, roof, $2,000.

Mary Bale, 628 2nd Ave. N., roof, $9,000.

John and Judy Dudiewicz, 605 Ridgeview Drive, roof, $14,500.

Charles Bena, 223 11th Ave. N., deck, $10,000.

Adam and Katie Brickner, 2408 Cedar Creek Lane, build-out, $30,000.

Rose and James Wettstein, 3342 Augusta Lane, deck, $40,000.

Peter and Reka Feiszt, 2252 Quarry Lane, deck, $16,599.

Jake Hoff, 2000 Evenson Drive, build-out, $25,000.

Mike Korish, 838 East Ave. N., roof, $4,000.

Roy Bader, 230 Ninth Ave. S., deck, $4,100.

Matthew Wright, 1543 West Young Drive, roof, $6,000.

Traditional Trades, 802 Oak Timber Drive, single family home, $346,000.

Christopher Jones, 424 Third Ave. N., roof, $7,000.

Steve Duin, 1016 Parkridge Drive, alteration, $500.

Ed Kondracki, 415 Oak Ave. N., roof, $6,700.

Paul Tepp, 992 Tahoe Drive, roof, $33,200.

Hot Spring Spas & Pool, 3270 Kinney Coulee Road N., new commercial, $1,700,000.

Bart Crockett, 1200 Hwy. PH. Suite 100, build-out, $195,000.


Jeffrey and Anne Fimreite, 134 Richards Road E. #3, Oregon, shore-land structure, $3,870.

Dell and Joan Schreck, W7597 Price Court, Holmen, single family home, $400,000.

W. James and Cathy Berge, W3796 Highland Drive, La Crosse, single family home, $472,000.

Sarah and Andrew Benzing, W5375 Olson Road, Holmen, single family home, $630,000.

Bradley Fowler, W4985 Chestnut Lane, La Crosse, single family home, $500,000.

Leroy and Jennifer Wipf, W6860 Hwy. T, Holmen, single family home, $325,000.

Brian Dolle, W8279 Harmon St., Holmen, accessory building, $5,000.

Heath and Nicole Popowich, W6644 Lawrence Place, Onalaska, screen room, $5,000.

Leo & Leonas Inc., W1436 Hwy. H, Bangor, alteration, $450.

Benjamin and Megan Berg, W6033 Schultz Lane, Onalaska, above ground pool, $4,000.

Thomas and Cynthia Kenhammer, N4997 Stuhr Court, Onalaska, above ground pool, $15,000.

Daniel and Courtney Kloss, W4517 Kinney Coulee Road N., Onalaska, accessory building, $28,000.

Kent and Elizabeth Garbrielsen, N2936 Welsh Coulee Road, La Crosse, deck and addition, $16,000.

Matthew and Laurie Baitinger, W6376 Maplewood Lane, Holmen, patio, $27,638.

Michael Solberg, 1914 Lakeshore Drive, La Crosse, accessory building, $20,000.

Michael and Jan Wellik, W7963 Hwy. ZB, Onalaska, solar panel/shore-land structure, $10,000.

Dale and Mary Lenz, N8978 Aspeslet Road, Holmen, accessory building, $8,500.

Ryan and Daniel Knoll, N5645 Quarterdeck Drive, Onalaska, above ground pool, $11,403.

Drugans Castle Mound Inc., W7665 Sylvester Road, Holmen, accessory building, $8,000.

Justin and Julie Wise, N5803 Hauser Road, Onalaska, addition, $250,000.

Broadway Properties LLC, W7737 and W77335 Parcher Court, Holmen, condominium, $350,000.

Kathleen and William Hayman W4506 Holley Road, Holmen, accessory building, $15,000.

Randy and Laura Christopherson, N8160 Badger Lane, Mindoro, single family home, $425,000.


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