Christine Lepak, 2227 30th St. S., detached garage, $2,500.

Leo Judd-Miller, 2029 Green bay St., fence, $600.

Kathleen Koelsch, 1714 Cameron Ave., fence, $700.

Sondra Craig, 1227 Liberty St., fence, $2,362.

Teresa Kolkind, 1621 Farnam St., patio, $3,500.

Chastity Wuensch, 617 Hagar St., patio, $600.

South Avenue Self Storage LLC, 2310 South Ave., antenna, $12,000.

Central States Warehouse, 1629 Caledonia St., antenna, $15,000.

Ocean Fin LL, 422 Cass St., alteration, $40,000.

Viterbo University Inc., 929 Jackson St., alteration, $518,095.

Chileda Institute Inc., 3716 Mormon Coulee Road, build-out, $500,000.

Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center, 724 Denton St., addition, $300,000. (Capital G)

PBJM Properties, 909 La Crosse St., demolition.

Steven Schlicht, 1707 Jackson St., new duplex, $150,000.

Chantell Phillips, 933 Tyler St., roof, $5,100.

Kathryn Swanson Trust, 2231 14th St. S., roof, $2,000.

Emerson Price, 1218 19th St. S., alteration, $20,000.

Benjamin Gerlin, 2040 31st St. S., alteration, $7,000.

Caroline Gregerson, 1226 Farnam St., alteration, $11,000.

Chris Woodard, 513 Ferry St., addition, $5,000.

Laura Miltenberger, 2337 Ferry St., addition, $5,000.

Theresa Hundt, 223 22nd St. S., fence, $100.

Jennifer Peterson, 3105 Scarlett Drive, fence, $10,976.

Tristate AirGas Inc., 1007 Monitor St., fence, $7,268.

Mark Jacob, 1009 Division St., detached garage, $25,000.

Jane Tamboli, 520 15th St. S., fence, $5,000.

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Kory Beerkircher, 229 22nd St. S., fence, $1,500.

Diane Nagel-Atchison, 2212 Weston St., patio, $1,500.

Wayne Runde, 1501 31st St. S., shed, $3,450.

Haleigh Johnson, 1416 Hyde Ave., fence, $600.

Big Al’s Properties LLC, 115 Third St. S., alteration, $192,000.

Becker & Steiger Properties, 814 Copeland Ave., demolition.

Becker & Steiger Properties, 812 Copeland Ave., demolition.

Aquinas Catholic Schools Inc., 315 11th St. S., roof, $175,920.

Rebeka Tenner de Rocha, 932 Liberty St., roof, $15,000.

Aquinas Catholic Schools Inc., 1319 Ferry St., roof, $47,450.

Jan Artley, 1213 Charles St., roof, $1,100.

W&B Cribs LLC, 2410 George St., roof, $2,500.

Darren Dannhoff, 930 Sixth St. S., roof.

Fact Enterprises LLC, 119 10th St. S., roof, $13,700.

Spies Construction LLC, 1703 Arizona Court, single family home,$226,000.

Sheila Borreson, 3404 Elm Drive, alteration, $10,000.

New Horizons Shelter and Women’s Center, 1933 Main St., alteration, $15,000.

Great River Homes LLC, 5916 River Run Road, single family home, $165,400.

Great River Homes LLC, 5918 River Run road, single family home, $165,400.


Adam and Tiffany Manix, 1008 Green St., detached garage, $15,000.

Mike Olsen, 1008 Main St., commercial addition, $600,000.

Keith Kron, 1001 Green Bay St., roof, $12,000.

Charles Foust, 1900 Kinney Coulee Road N., foundation, $25,000.

Gundersen Health Systems, 3190 Gundersen Drive, accessory building, $102,000.

Jim Whitaker and Stacey Green, 566 Court Road, remodel, $12,000.

Mark and Judy Grooms, 628 Herman Court, roof, $11,000.


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