Krista Johnson, 2152 Victory St., fence, $5,500.

City of La Crosse, 2130 Kane St., detached garage, $15,000.

Ashley Joseph, 2006 George St., fence, $750.

Connie Arbuckle, 2130 Victory St., fence, $1,500.

Daniel LaFleur, 1815 Prospect St., fence, $150.

Kelsey Monroe, 3167 31st St. S., shed, $500.

Michael Gazeley, 2627 King St., deck, $2,500.

Ross Mundinger, 1631 Green Bay St., fence, $1,000.

Richard Johnson, 1811 Prospect St., fence, $400.

First Bank La Crosse Building Corp., 201 Main St., antenna, $15,000.

Western Technical College, 400 Seventh St. N., alteration, $4,034,000.

Mark Flint, 1501 Rose St., alteration, $49,000.

CT Real Estate Investments LLC, 1430 Hwy. 16, demolition.

Stephen Dickow, 1910 31st St. S., demolition.

CT Real Estate Investments LLC, 1420 Hwy. 16, demolition.

St. Rose Deviterbo’s Convent, 912 Market St., demolition.

May Heyming, 1517 Prospect St., demolition.

CT Real Estate Investments LLC, 1440 Hwy. 16, demolition.

Craig Masters, 316 Liberty St., foundation, $10,000.

Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center, 724 Denton St., alteration, $50,000.

CT Real Estate Investments LLC, 1440 Hwy. 16, single family home, $3,000,000.

Lynne Bryant, 4810 Silver Morning Lane, roof, $15,000.

Jesse Mossholder, 1727 Avon St., roof, $1,950.

H&H Investment Properties LLC, 752 Hillview Ave., roof, $7,000.

Alan Isakson, 3014 State Road, roof, $5,050.

Joanne Kjome, 610 Main St., roof, $12,000.

Christopher Pinhowski, 1303 Ninth St. S., roof, $8,000.

Rebecca Nyame-Essilfie, 4418 Juniper St., roof, $8,000.

Linda Dickmeyer, 2116 15th St. S., roof, $7,000.

Jason Olson, 2555 16th St. S., roof, $2,300.

James Thompson, 315 28th St. S., roof, $11,282.

William Peden, 1717 George St., roof, $2,700.

Bradley Masche, 1119 Grandad Terrace, alteration, $10,000.

Steve Nicolai, 4920 Rivercrest Drive N., addition, $2,500.

City of La Crosse, 2130 Kane St., single family home, $180,000.

Goliath Companies LLC, 612 Winnebago St., single family home, $95,000.

David Moyer, 2814 Hass St., pool, $2,500.

Chad Becker, 2004 Lakeshore Drive, airport height.

Michael Solberg, 1914 Lakeshore Drive, airport height.

Joseph Chase, 1419 Caledonia St., fence.

Nestor Delgado, 3010 Baier Lane, detached garage, $7,000.

Robert Massena, 935 Division St., fence, $1,000.

Jonathan Fossen, 1423 31st St. S., fence, $11,538.

Heather Galster, 412 23rd St. S., fence, $4,978.

Emily Patton, 727 Division St., detached garage, $7,000.

Yoichi Aminaka, 1820 Travis St., fence, $2,340.

Mark Carpenter, 205 22nd St. S., fence, $4,762.

Caleb Pearson, 2949 21st Terrace, S., fence, $2,200.

Terry Cleary, 1127 25th St. S., fence, $1,500.

Daniel Wilhelm, 2311 Winnebago St., fence, $4,758.

Rachelle Hagen, 1307 Winnebago St., fence, $2,000.

Nolan Wahoske, 1654 Green Bay St., fence, $1,500.

Spies Construction LLC, 819 Sixth St. S., detached garage, $25,000.

John Menard Jr., 223 Lang Drive, addition, $15,000.

FCPT Holdings LLC, 2001 Rose St., alteration, $90,000.

City of La Crosse, 520 Veterans Memorial Drive E., new commercial building, $630,000.

Kraus-Anderson Inc., 4344 Mormon Coulee Road, build-out, $14,000.

VSC Corporation, 1910 Campbell Road, alteration, $3,915.

Property Logic LLC, 957 Hood St., alteration, $60,000.

PE Rentals LLC, 918 Denton St., demolition

Marine Credit Union, 300 Second St. N., demolition.

Water Place One LLc, 321 River Port, foundation, $39,000.

Anthony Beyer, 2155 Mississippi St., roof, $1,500.

City Brewing Company LLC, 925 Third St. S., roof, $479,850.

Kris Berger, 1440 George St., roof, $1,860.

Steve Schaefer, 1747 Rose St., roof, $1,800.

Stacey Jacob, 2228 Sunset Lane, roof, $8,000.

Beatrice Ladouceur, 1013 West Ave. S., roof, $6,000.

Debra Korus, 1430 Hyde Ave., roof, $600.

Lori Bixby, 2523 Harvey St., alteration, $300.

David Bleidorn, 1909 King St., alteration, $41,500.

Jeffrey Sanwick, 3620 Kinney Coulee Road S., addition, $250,000.

Rickie Ingalls, 1435 Redfield St., addition, $10,000.

Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area Inc., 900 Farnam St., alteration, $1,200.

Emily Baker, 1531 Hyde Ave., alteration, $15,000.

M&M Durtsche Trust of 2018, 1619 King St., alteration, $120,000.

Carrigan and Thieman Family Trust, airport height.

Carrie Smith, 1417 State St., shed, $7,000.

Jordana Snyder, 1511 North St., fence, $3,200.

Michael Caucutt, 908 Fifth Ave. S., fence, $1,000.

Fritz Nicklaus Revocable Trust, 907 28th St., S., fence, $9,693.

Alicia Arnesson, 2537 15th St. S., fence, $730.

Ariel Watson, 2213 Coulee Drive, deck, $5,000.

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David Moyer, 2814 Hass St., deck, $2,000.

Nicholas and Valerie Tzavaras, 1238 Redfield St., fence, $500.

Big Al’s Properties LLC, 115 Third St. S., fence, $10,000.

Bryan Hicke, 2602 14th St. S., fence, $1,600.

John Kelly, 2402 Main St., detached garage, $21,000.

Jon Hartfield, 436 20th St. S., fence, $13,455.

Divide Litchie, 2845 29th Court S., fence, $6,500.

Jordan Cerny, 213 22nd St. S., fence, $5,000.

M7M Durtsche Trust of 2018, 1619 King St., detached garage, $42,000.

Joshua Dickey 1211 Ave. S., fence, $750.

Teresa Goodier, 1215 East Ave. S., fence, $1,000.

Mark Christianson, 2926 Birch St., detached garage, $15,589.

Kristen Brinks, 919 Cass St. Kristen Brinks St., fence, $3,942.

Ron Schlegel, 2140 Green Bay St., fence, $1,000.

Matthew Ostricki, 2938 Robinsdale Ave., fence, $5,762.

Abba’s Enterprise LLC, 528 Copeland Ave., alteration, $36,300.

Kwik Trip, 1730 Oak St., demolition.

M&M Durtsche Trust of 2018, 1619 King St., demolition.

Steven Nicolai, 3183 Losey Blvd. S., demolition.

Mark Christianson, 2926 Birch St., demolition.

Kwik Trip, 1730 Oak St., demolition.

Sage Reakty, 2840 21st Place S., demolition.

Benson Properties 1 LLC, 1120 Fifth Ave. S., demolition.

Water Place One, LLC, 615 Pettibone Point Way, foundation, $43,000.

Kwik Trip, 2306 Commerce St., addition, $1,500,000.

Steven Nicolai, 3183 Losey Blvd. S., single family home, $345,000.

Housing Authority of the City of La Crosse, 717 Division St., single family home, $710,000.

Justin Puent, 919 Sixth St. S., roof, $500.

Malon Earley Trust, 1702 Market St., roof, $7,500.

Beth Schams, 2226 Losey Blvd. S., roof, $6,000.

Olson Rental Properties LLC, 1721 George St., roof, $4,000.

Jonathan Rigden, 428 19th St. S., roof, $8,000.

Flottmeyer Investment Properties LLC, 401 Third St. S., roof, $9,000.

Elskamp Enterprises LLC, 1337 Vine St., roof, $1,500.

Jane Houlihan Trust Agreement, 1904 King St., roof, $2,500.

Franciscan Skemp Medical Center Inc., 933 Ferry St., sign, $1,500.

Big Al’s Properties LLC, 115 Third St. S., sign, $4,600.

Mary Coady, 1333 Gillette St., sign, $380.

Franciscan Skemp Medical Center Inc., 933 Ferry St., sign, $2,625.

JJA Real Estate 2 LLC, 215 Milwaukee St., sign, $9,350.

Morrison Joint Revocable, 5495 Hickory Nut Court, addition, $20,000.

Kathleen Allen, 1815 Cameron Ave., alteration.

Gretchen Pangier, 2950 Baier Lane, alteration, $20,000.

Thomas Roob, 219 20th St. S., alteration.


Deron and Leigh Flynn, 579 Court Road, roof, $2,000.

Dan Mullenbach, 2506 Cedar Creek Lane, deck and remodel, $20,000.

Matt Boschcka, 214 Main St., addition, $10,000.

Target Stores, 94000 State Hwy. 16, product racking, $239,000.

Wisconsin Kenworth, 4113 Kinney Coulee Road N., demolition.

Stephanie and Brian Sullivan, 142 Fairway Court, accessory building, $1,800.

Kevin Lavery, 545 11th Ave. N., accessory building, $1,500.

City of Onalaska, 200 Main St., stage canopy and screen, $80,000.

Il Luigi Italian Cuisine, 235 Sand Lake Road, commercial updates, $10,000.

Gundersen Lutheran SSB, 3190 Gundersen Drive, solar installation, $250,000.

Nathan Wagner, 911 Oak Timber Drive, accessory building, $1,000.


David Westby and Jacqueline Lee, W5582 Southdale Drive, porch, $60,000.

Andrew and Heidi Lyga, N3655 Hwy. J, Rockland, accessory building, $18,000.

Northern Land Holding LLC, N5650 Hwy. Z, commercial building, $500,000.

Larry and Cheryl Bartelt, N5537 Hwy. 35, accessory building, $4,400.

Gregory and Brenda Zitzmann, W8051 Hwy. ZB, accessory building and garage, $2,300.

Keith and Kimberly Krejchik, N1815 Willow Trail, single family home, $600,000.

William and Katherine Kendhammer, W4880 Hwy. B, accessory building, $6,600.

Daniel and Amy Swinger, W7765 Cardinal Drive, single family home, $325,000.

Robert Gschwind, W7788 Volendam St., single family home, $370,000.

Stanley Lisa Brickl, N6885 Hwy. 108, porch, $70,000.

Allen Heineck, W3960 Hwy. D, fence, $8,000.

Chelsy Delaney, N6121 Prairie Drive, egress window, $3,200.

Keith and Jennifer Woyicki, W5932 Baker Road, alterations, $5,000.

Melissa Braund, N6839 Sand Prairie Court, single family home, $300,000.

Beth Stuhr, W4103 Hwy. D, attached garage, $45,500.

Joseph and Lisa Belling, W3839 Western Hills Drive, swimming pool, $8,000.

Kenneth Howe, N8050 Amsterdam Prairie Road, accessory building, $5,000.

Ryan Mickschl, N2147 Clements Road, accessory building, $21,000.

Scott Cherney and Mary Minch, W4417 Sweden Coulee Road, single family home, $100,000.

Ar and Ka Xiong, 3404 Springbrook Way, single family home, $220,000.

Evan and Sarah Nelson, 2823 Bayshore Drive, detached garage, $30,000.

Gilbert and Christine Ahnen, W8017 County Road ZN, deck, $2,000.

Matthew Shefelbine, W4315 Miller Road W., single family home, $250,000.

Robin Jacobs and Jill Dempsey, N8368 McWain Drive, accessory building, $4,107.

Jennifer Johnson N9040 Hetland Road, entry, $1,500.

D&G Servais Joint Revocable Trust, accessory building, $32,000.


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