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Town of Barre

Brenda and Matt Peterson, N3057 Crystal Lane, single-family home, $475,000.

Town of Campbell

Jeffrey and Marcie Raebe, 2929 Bayshore Drive, shoreland structure, $50,000.

Town of Farmington

Ryan and Diana Johnson, N7625 Christianson Road, detached accessory building, $30,000.

Town of Hamilton

Patricia Lastofka, N4855 Linse Road, addition to garage, detached accessory building, $26,000.

Town of Holland

Robert and Jean Marconi, N8163 Amundson Coulee Road, single-family home, $270,000.

La Crosse

Arnold Berg, 812 W. Janice Court, fence, $4,994.

Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1509 King St., fence, $5,111.

BNSF Railroad, 1720 Credit Union Court, fence, $14,434.

Courtney Smith, 815 S. Sixth St., fence, $6,000.

Lucus Korish, 1432 George St., garage, detached, $18,000.

Baltic Avenue Investments of La Crosse LLC, 4415 Mormon Coulee Road, alteration, $37,860.

State & West LLC, 401 Jay St., alteration, $500.

Lucus Korish, 1432 George St., demolition, $0.

Ward Ave Outside Storage LLC, 2109 Ward Ave., demolition, $0.

Gregory Pittman, 1001 Cliffwood Lane, re-roof, $39,131.

Cheryl Byers, 1030 Farnam St., re-roof, $3,600.

Catherine Wooten, 2822 W. Fairchild St., re-roof, $15,000.

Richard Cayassu, 5209 Brackenwood Court, re-roof, $20,281.08.

Robert Schultz, 1928 Market St., re-roof, $16,000.

Dennis Glasspoole, 2222 S. 19th St., re-roof, $3,330.

Coulee Region Developers, 119 Copeland Ave., re-roof, $5,500.

Fifth Avenue Awards Inc., 601 S. Fifth Ave., sign, $1,418.

El Walker LLC, 208 Copeland Ave., sign, $780.

Richard Loomis, 2142 Cliffview Terrace, alteration, $8,500.

Sean Sullivan, 2137 Green Bay St., alteration, $20,000.

Patricia Araktingi, 1721 King St., alteration, $15,000.

Daniel Gorman, 417 S. 19th St., alteration, $15,000.

Kratt Lumber Co., 1003 S. 25th St., detached garage, $15,000.

City of La Crosse, 400 La Crosse St., fence, $153,952.

Serendipity Homes LLC, 1624 Travis St., wooden patio deck, $500.

Barbara Hart, 1820 Sunset Drive, fence.

Kyle Seubert, 1516 Hyde Ave., fence, $6,311.

Heather Riese, 410 N. 23rd St., fence, $750.

Whitney Rucker, 2133 Cass St. fence, $700.

Deborah V. Cromer Survivors Trust, 424 N. 22nd St., detached garage, $24,000.

Cameron Kiersch, 1717 Madison St., fence, $4,800.

City of La Crosse, 1701 Marco Drive, alteration, $16,000.

Deborah V. Cromer Survivors Trust, 424 N. 22nd St., demolition, $0.

Western Technical College, 322 N. Eighth St., demolition, $0.

Pointe West Investments LLC, 231 N. 10th St., alteration, $15,000.

Robin Rickaway, 4304 Meadowlark Lane, re-roof, $11,625.

Steven Hysel, 126 N. 10th St., re-roof, $16,000.

Daniel Kapanke, 727 Copeland Ave., re-roof, $1,000.

Vernon Garves, 3015 S. 27th St., re-roof, $7,000.

James Erdmann, 1414 S. 30th St., re-roof, $6,000.

Robert Harter, 1707 Avon St., re-roof, $8,000.

Boys & Girls Club of Greater La Crosse Inc., 1331 Clinton St., sign, $1,985.

Kratt Lumber Co., 1003 S. 25th St., new, $225,000.

Construction Restoration Services Inc., 1329 Farnam St., alteration, $60,000.

Town of Medary

Jason and Rachel Rouvel, N2931 Smith Valley Road, detached accessory building, $30,000.


Jennifer and Jeff Odegard, 923 Aspen Valley Drive, new single-family home, garage, $350,000.

Jennifer and Jeff Odegard, 923 Aspen Valley Drive, driveway and sidewalk.

EO Johnson, 3310 South Kinney Coulee Road, commercial remodel, $32,643.

Rob Ramsay, 123 Coachlite Court, No. 392, open deck addition, $5,000.

Thomas Servais, 721 14th Avenue N., accessory building, $4,000.

Chad Hilton, 921 Tahoe Drive, open deck, $2,000.

Town of Onalaska

Donald and Debra Bahr, W5769 Koss Road, detached accessory building, $4,000.

Town of Shelby

Paul and Elaine Gillis, attached deck, $8,000.


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