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Town of Bangor

ADK La Crosse LLC, N4650 Bangor Industrial Parkway, sign, $12,000.

Town of Barre

Clements Family Inc., Hwy. OA, commercial building, $24,840.

Town of Greenfield

Daniel Kautza and Amanda Servais, W3450 Hwy. 33, detached accessory building, $64,250.

Melissa Meinking, N1691 Breidel Coulee Road, single-family home, $320,000.

Town of Hamilton

Anne Heilman, N5518 Hwy. 108, addition, screen room, shoreland structure, $160,000.

Town of Holland

Leroy Wipf, N7134 Elizabeth Drive, single-family home, $275,000.

Joseph Deml, N6948 Gaynor Drive, detached accessory building, $21,200.

City of La Crosse

Menard Inc., 223 Lang Drive, fence, $20,000.

Andrew Becker, 1540 Prospect St., fence, $1,800.

Bonnie and Steven Brown, 2022 S. 14th St. wooden patio deck, $200.

Chase Hendrickson, 419 S. 10th St., detached garage, $30,000.

Amy Burns, 926 Denton St., fence, $1,566.

Joseph Hengel, 321 Alexander St., detached garage, $15,000.

Monika Scott, 2318 S. 13th Place, detached garage, detached, $13,674.

Faith United Methodist Church, 1818 Redfield St., fence, $3,987.

Moose Loyal Order of La Crosse 1920, 1932 Ward Ave., antenna, $18,000.

KLC Properties LLC, 208 S. Fourth St., shell only, $32,000.

Habitat For Humanity La Crosse Area Inc., 912 Avon St., demolition.

Black River Bodega LLC, 110 Causeway Blvd., demolition.

GEF Enterprises LLC, 217 S. Ninth St., demolition.

Joseph Hengel, 321 Alexander St., demolition.

Viterbo University Inc., 900 Viterbo Drive, alteration, $1,388,120.

Viterbo University Inc., 940 Franciscan Way, alteration, $890,452.

Michelle Rooney, 125 S. 17th Place, re-roof, $32,500.

Christopher Mayer, 1237 Market St., re-roof, $6,500.

BPNB Real Estate Investments LLC, 114 N. 10th St., re-roof, $7,000.

Bradley Parker, 1104 State St., re-roof, $1,000.

Keith Pierce, 1441 George St., re-roof, $1,500.

PE Rentals LLC, 725 N. 24th St., re-roof, $7,000.

Lara Head, 435 S. 20th St.. re-roof. $12,000.

Property Logic LLC, 1541 Liberty St., re-roof, $7,500.

Lacrosse Investment Group LLC, 1504 S. 31st St., re-roof, $5,600.

People’s Food Cooperative Inc., 315 Fifth Ave. S., sign, $10,000.

Options in Reproductive Care Inc., 1201 Caledonia St., sign, $150.

People’s Food Cooperative Inc., 315 Fifth Ave. S., sign, $10,000.

VARC Inc., 427 Gillette St., sign, $18,500.

Commercial Properties Partners LLC, 3216 Commerce St., sign, $4,500.

Eric Check, 424 N. 23rd St., alteration, $4,400.

Heather Riese, 410 N. 23rd St., alteration, $10,000.

Michael Berg, 1221 S. 10th St., alteration $16,000.

City of Onalaska

Bill Bray, 264 Crestwood, accessory building, $1,700.

Shane Haage 1513 Birka Lane, roofing, $3,000.

Comfort Inn, 1223 Crossing Meadow Drive, commercial updates and remodel, $20,000.

Walmart Stores, 3107 Market Place, commercial erosion control

Christian Seelig, 513 King Street, remodel open porch, $1,460.

Brenda Miller, 1820 Tahoe Place, inground pool, $67,000.

Chuck Gillette, 605 Herman Court, roofing, $13,000.

Brandon Grover, 1010 Summers Day Lane, open deck, $14,000.

Abbey Court Apartments LLC, 2117 Abbey Road Footing and Foundation, $300,000.

City of Onalaska-Omni Center, 255 Riders Club Road, commercial alteration, reconstruct mezzanine, $17,600.

Town of Onalaska

Todd and Tonia Wright, W8328 Hwy. Z, commercial building, $50,000.

Leslie Sines Jr. and Jeffrey Lyons, W7059 Lake Forest Drive, attached deck, $7,500.

Town of Onalaska

Gerald Sobotta, N5861 Hwy. Z, industrial building, addition, $26,300.

Town of Shelby

Facilities Department La Crosse County, W6418 Hwy. GI, detached accessory building, $5,000.


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