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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, April 28, 2019

La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, April 28, 2019

From the La Crosse County public records: Building permits, divorces, marriage licenses, births series

The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Chrysanthe Mesoloras to Wallis Hutton, 419 24th St. N., $100,000.

Theresa Tomsicek to Elizabeth Plascencia and Adam Stolts, 614 Fifth Ave., $15,000.

DL Stryker Inc., Darrell Gosa, and Sheriff La Crosse County to Citizens State Bank La Crosse, 936 and 938 Redfield St., $70,000.

Ronald Sake Estate to Marian Sake, 1219 26th St. S.

Gerald and Janet Meyer to Crystal and Jeremy Peterson, 3304 Elm Drive, $164,400.

Mark Pretasky Estate to W&B Cribs LLC, 2410 George St., $65,000.

Joseph Schmocker to Board of Regents of the UW System, 513 14th St. N., $285,000.

Daniel and Emily Moldenhauer to Cody Freymiller, 2140 Jackson St., $153,000.

Karen Bush to William Bush, 1102 Island St., $225,000.

Shana Korder to Nathan Korder, 1251 East Ave. S.

NRE Properties LLC to Spenser Nickelatti, 2504 Prospect St., $73,500.

Donna and Gerald Kreibich to Diane and James Engh, 2918 Losey Blvd. S., $150,000.

Nou Xiong and Tony Xiong to Nou Xiong, 303 Rose St., 625 St. Cloud St., 1212 Logan St. and 522 Liberty St.

Neil McDonah to Marty Walleser, 402 and 404 19th St. S., $260,000.

Lucille Harris Estate to Amy Harter and Justin Peterson, 2627 Hackberry Lane, $219,000.

City of La Crosse to Thang Her and Jer Vue, 1623 Liberty St.

Stephen Harm to 320 Pearl LLC, 320, 322, 324, and 326 Pearl St., $600,000.

Clara Osowski to Zachary Kadlec, 2438 Prospect St., $88,200.

Lucas and Raven Wavra to Andrew and Grace Barthel, 4700 Hwy. B, $238,500.

Troy and Janet Hess Trust to Janet Hess, 1411 Moorings Drive.

Eugene Niebeling Estate to Allan and Julie Zuleger, 1501 Rose St., $60,000.

Penny Lebal and John Lodoen to Raul Diez, 1323 Winnebago St., $160,000.

Jada Martinez to Mark and Jada Martinez Family Trust, 3505 Kenton St.

Susan Glenna to Roger Glenna, 2103 George St.

Delores and Raymond Spies to Harvey Kulow, 3170 28th St. S., $168,000.

JRD LTD to City of La Crosse, 11 Copeland Ave., $1,200,000.

Pao Mee Lee and Tou Kao Thao to May Yang, 1803 Prospect St., $118,500.

Lucas Eisberner to LP & Associates LLC, 414 Cameron Ave., $46,000.

Favre Real Estate LLC to Favre Rentals LLC, 104 17th Place S., $145,700.

Sue Hart to Robert and Sue Hart, 328 20th St. S.

Corey Dulek to City of La Crosse, 1614 and 1616 10th St. S., $60,000.

Justin Fraser to Yuree Lim, 609 Market St., $179,900.

Aaron Wuebben to Bruce Nuttall, 1328 26th St. S., $146,500.

Thomas Guenther to Adam Kimball and Alexandra Martinson, 2631 Ward Ave., $145,000.

Chue Lor, Samantha Oliver, and Neng Lor Xiong to Chai Lor, Mai Thao Lor, 1128 11th St. S.

Scott Curtis Revocable Trust to Scott Curtis, 2011 21st Terrace S. and 2029 State Road.

Ashley and Scott Curtis to S & A Curtis Trust, 2011 21st Terrace and 2029 State Road.

Bauer Estates LLC to Rebecca Deist and Roger Schwichtenberg, 1625 Market St., $145,000.

State of Wisconsin DOT to Eagle Bay Properties LLC, 2552 Rose St.

Edward Syzmanski Estate to Bradiann and Jacob Burch, 2815 James St., $106,000.

Aaron and Erica Benson to Jennifer Smith, 2319 La Crosse St., $177,900.

Flemin-Scheller Investments LLC to Partick Scheller, 1107, 1109, 1111 and 1113 Main St., 2121 and 2123 Park Ave.

Patrick Scheller to SB Edifice LLC, 1445, 1447, 1449 Caledonia St., 1116, 1106, 1108, 1110 and 1112 Gillette St., 500 and 502 Rose St., 603 Island St., 716 and 718 St. Andrew St., 2127 and 2129 State St., 1109, 1107, 1111, 1113 Main St., 2121 and 2123 Park Ave.

PSBT Investments LLC to Patrick Scheller, 1445, 1447 and 1449 Caledonia St., 1116, 1106, 1108, 1110 and 1112 Gillette St., 500 and 502 Rose St., 603 Island St., 718 and 716 St. Andrew St., 2127 and 2129 State St.


Mark and Robyn Beahm to Eric Sengpiel, 931 Tahoe Drive, $425,000.

Margaret Jacobus Estate, 600 Gilster St., $170,000.

Timekeep Property LLC to Jason and Sarah Blanchard, 519 16th Ave. S., $150,000.

Andrew Metzger to Jose Rivera, 406 Eighth Ave. S., $175,000.

Jean Javenkoski Estate to Cynthia Jacobson, 434 French Road, $315,000.

Adam and Melissa Aspenson to Julie Ahearn, 1128 Streblow St., $335,000.

David Draeger to Lisa Latshaw, 618 Meier Lane, $170,000.

DNC Holdings LLC to Coldwater Creek Apartments LLC, 9522 and 9530 16 Frontage Road, $72,500.

Christopher and Gregory Lanik to John Richards, 912 Northern Sands Place, $164,000.

Ula Thompson Estate to Jaime and Kevin Sullivan, 2013 14th Ave. N., $59,000.

Henry Leibl Revocable Trust to Grant and Stephanie Chapman, 1395 Hwy. SS, $187,500.

JKS Holdings LLC to Property Logic LLC, 1009 Riders Club Road, $390,000.


David and Patricia Tovar to Elizabeth and John Schoonmaker, $184,900.


Elmwood Partners LTD Partnership to Laurie and Richard Roberts, $53,900.

Dean Howe to Nicholas Howe, $72,250.

Clint Meyer Enterprises LLC to Jennifer and Timothy Spencer, $322,900.

Elmwood Partners LTD Partnership to Choice Construction LLC, $64,900.

Craig and Michelle Jambois to David and Margaret Wagnerowski, $345,000.

Adam and Katie Brickner to Andrew Meulemans and Kathryn Wagner, $229,900.

Jessica and Ryan Meyer to Rebecca Neeley, $186,500.


Brandon Cody to Jessica and Joshua Inglett, $220,000.


Julie and Thomas Harkema to Jeffrey and Lauren Frawley, Alexander Jaromin, $400,000.

Jacqueline Hartmann Revocable Trust to Rachel Madison, $215,000.


Darrell and Joanne Wilcox to Charles Jeffers, $2,500.


Curtis Wells Sr. to Charlene and Curtis Wells.

Joel Dow to Joel and Linda Dowl Irrevocable Living Trust.


Kelley Prise to Lindsay Ipavec, $138,800.

Amy and Daniel Swinger to Zachary Burk, $224,900.

Joan and Suzanne Hauser, Sallie Schroeder to Alyssa Click, $168,000.

Rachel Lund-Schmitz and Tyler Schmitz to Morgan Gilles and Christopher Steinbrink, $170,000.


Donald Carrie to Caryl and Gene Cottrell, $58,000.

Bonny and Timothy Goodenough, $347,625.


Rachel and Timothy Kromke to Michael and Tory Rosenkranz, $335,000.

Jerome Doll to Samantha and Steven Doll, $130,000.

Samantha and Steven Doll to Jerome Doll, $20,000.


Karl and Debra Rhyme Revocable Trust to Jody and Kevin Hoyer, $541,432.


Beaver Properties LLC to Greg Carey, $40,000.

Tony Hoff to NRE Properties LLC, $72,000.

Jason and Keri Holter to Justin Fraser, $270,000.


Steven Smolek to Christine Smolek.

Debra Kabat, Allison Miller and Holland Redinger to Debra Kabat, $91,456.


Holly and Joseph Cichacki to Jake Hastings and Chassidy Thorpe, $204,900.

Eric Sturm to Eric and Michelle Sturm.

Lee Johnson to Lee and Tricia Johnson.

James Dobbs Estate to Peter Dobbs, $96,000.

Howard Bell and Katherine Kostamo to Bell III Revocable Trust.

Amber and Kirk Turner to Town of Onalaska.


Terry Sanders to Marlene Stenger, $315,000.

Casey and Jaclyn Stadler to Casey and Jaclyn Revocable Trust.


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