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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Jeffrey Olson to Lisa Olson, 404 14th Ave. S., $70,600.

Jeffrey and Lisa Olson to Lisa Olson, 1005 Cardinal St., $118,200.

Town of Campbell

Thomas Sheckler to Peggy and Thomas Sheckler, 121 Olivet St., $151,400.

Town of Farmington

Benjamin Kwaterski to Joseph Jolivette, W2748 Hwy. T, $169,000.

Town of Greenfield

Sara and Todd Servais to Daniel Kautza and Amanda Servais, $3,000.

Town of Hamilton

Richard and Robert Hundt to Hundt Haven LLC, $295,750.

Diane Martinek to Hailey and JT Herbst, N4894 Linse Road, $279,000.

Town of Holland

Gerrard Realty Corp. to Curtis Wenzel, $21,500.


David and Evonna Burr to Heidi and Paul Burke, W6788 Hidden Valley Road, $299,900.

Birdd Land Investments Inc. to Dale Komro, 305 Marie Drive, $69,900.

Tracy Larsen and Todd Skogen to Beth Thurston, 301 W. Clyde St., $90,000.

La Crosse

Patricia Ries to Morgan Stittleburg, 2118 Charles St., $129,900.

Donald Pedretti to Christian Faith Headrick Construction LLC, 1011, 1013 and 1015 Fifth Ave. S., $250,000.

Marie Prokes to Maria Prokes Revocable Living Trust, 1526 S. 29th St., $120,200.

Arnold and Barbara Berg to Christopher and Eric Berg, 812 W. Janice Court, $243,700.

Irene and Patrick Toomey to Matthew and Stephanie Campbell, 1230 Jackson St., $157,000.

Barbara and Frank Luchsinger to Rebecca Goche and Cheryl Groom, 4614 Cliffside Drive, $230,000.

Michael Murray and La Crosse County sheriff to Altra Federal Credit Union, 1504 S. 31st St., $88,468.

Dianne and Steven McConaghy to Barbara and Lawrence Schamberger, 3020 Ebner Coulee Road, $415,000.

DEF Inc. to Shana Schlifer, 2215 East Ave. S., $105,000.

Shana Schlifer to Chancey Shelley, 2215 East Ave. S., $123,000.

City of La Crosse to Angelina and Jacky Yang, 2922 S. 22nd St., $193,300.

Impact LaCrosse LLC to City of La Crosse, 1109 St. James St., 901 George St., $107,000.

City of La Crosse to Impact LaCrosse LLC, 833 and 733 Kane St., $441,492.

Hub on 6th LLC to Michael and Belinda Hickey Revocable Trust, 415 N. Sixth St., $387,358.

Jared and Lori Milliren to Nancy and Thomas Yaeger, 2721 Onalaska Ave., $109,900.

Julie Rogers and Brian Williams to Brian McCarty and Jennifer Pretasky, 1806 Eastwood Lane, $295,000.

Alison and Brandon Harris to Joseph Bushek and Jessica Lichtie, 1570 Denton St., $131,500.

Jeffrey Kabat and Leslie Shumann to Myla and Richard Lietz, 1927 Denton St., $146,950.

Sandra Baumgartner to Ashley Lorenz, 2902 Green Bay St., $185,000.

Christina, Mary and Rudolph Young to RWR Properties LLC, 1728 and 1730 Madison St., $142,500.

Chelsea and Treavor Millin to Garrett Kloety, 630 Caledonia St., $125,000.

Bradley and Kelsey Foss to Jodi and Steven Strong, 2902 Farnam St., $170,000.

Christopher and Kaitlyn Hand to Kolten Gerke, 2145 Adams St., $157,000.

R&D Hackett Trust to Gretchen and Kevin Clinton, 3008 S. 26th St., $148,000.

Li Fr Fa to Chris Woodard, 513 Ferry St., $87,000.

Dale and Sandra Nelson to Alyssa and Levi James, 3362 East Ave. S., $128,000.

Cynthia and Patrick Cowell to Katherine Butterfield and Briana Rizzo, 2809 Robinsdale Ave., $145,000.

Cornelia VanAelstyn to Pointe West Investments LLC, 908 Vine St., $5,000.

Channon and Keith Kennedy to Julie and Karl Weller, 2700 Highland St., $144,000.

M Colleen Gleason Estate to Michael Grap, 1123 Grandad Terrace, $150,000.

Jennifer French to Patricia Pelegrini, 914 Avon St., $148,000.

Sean and Tria Meier to Brittany Beaston, 1201 Fifth Ave. S., $83,500.

Maria Prokes to RJS and GAS LLC, 4605 and 4607 Nottingham Ave. and 3327 and 3329 S. 29th Court, $302,900.

Chanel Kansier to Eric Volden, 2329 S. 31st St., $51,900.

Joshua Sullivan to Woodson Hill LLC, 1016 Gohres St., $105,000.

Kay and Mark Kienetz to Ronald Delong and Molly Poellinger, 1013 Denton St., $79,900.

Diana and Robert Kachel to Brent and Rachel Diehm, 1148 Cliffwood Lane, $215,000.


Amy and Zachary Tevis to Laura Carolevschi and Brock Christenson, 525 21st Ave. S., $260,000.

David and Terri Torgerud to David and Teres Larsen and Jean Torgerud, 517 14th Ave. N., $128,000.

Brent and Debra Atchison to Ronald and Judy Ostreng Trust, 1326 Wilson St., $260,000.

Valley View Business Park LLP to Brown-Hexum Onalaska LLC, 3770 E. Emerald Drive, $1,175,000.

David Jacobsen and Tracy Winkel to Amy and Zachary Tevis, 1895 Wood Run Place, $620,000.

Vera Coleman to Cody Croteau and Danielle Schleifer, 544 12th Ave. N., $164,900.

James and Tammy Yohn to Andrew and Lisa Pisney, 607 Guenther Court, $295,000.

Nicholas Neubauer to Kayla Hines, 829 Madison St., $132,500.

Douglas and Jane Dickenson to Andrew Kroes and Ashley Mispagel, 706 Krueger Court, $224,900.

Donald and Holly Schmidt to Elizabeth and Gregory Wirtz, 1101 Aspen Valley Drive, $499,900.

Mark Fuchs to Robert Zellers, 307 13th Ave. S., $221,500.

Jason Dove to Andrea Forcey, 509 Fourth Ave. N., $215,000.

Amy and Jacob Hanson to Lindsay Eggen, 529 11th Ave. N., $160,000.

Mary Brooks to Joel and Roxanne Guberud, 1055 N. Lauderdale, $390,000.

David Sather to Joel and Kelley Luedke, 1149 Fraser Way, $336,000.

Town of Onalaska

Eric and Kristen Dall-Winther Living Trust to Holly and Joseph Cichacki, W6252 Valley Place, $650,000.

Jo LaFleur to Ian Collins, N5648 Quarterdeck Drive, $216,000.

Clesson and Florence Bice Revocable Trust to FACT ENT LLC, 1631 Lakeshore Drive, $180,000.

Atallah and Nadia Hindeleh to Larry Germanson and Mary Menzel-Germanson, N5236 N. Innsbruck Road, $408,000.

HP River Rock LLC to Robert Powell, W8288 County Road Z Unit 4, $75,500.

Kristen and Patrick Walz to Jody and Kristine Clark, W7054 Front St., $145,000.

Town of Shelby

Cherish and Matthew Lohmiller to April, Brandon and Chang Wehling, $235,000.

Laura Erickson to Emily and Nathanael Rhody, W5126 Hwy. 16, $135,000.

Quality Life Investments LLC to Emily Mackey, 2321 Hiawatha Ave., $156,000.

ALT Investments LLC to Bradley Fowler, $131,600.

West Salem

Indus Real Estate LLC to RB Development of West Salem LLC, 340 S. Oak Ave., $700,000.

Kevin and Sarah Kinstler to David and Victoria Shepherd, 204 N. Rose St., $187,000.

John Galstad to Nathaniel Mason and Ellen Snow, 353 Quinn Ave., $228,500.


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