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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Adrian and Angela Risch to Derek Bastyr, 203 S. 14th Ave., $104,000.

Susette Pfeifer and Brenda Steffens to Joran Arquillo, 105 N. 15th Ave., $96,969.

Town of Bangor

Andrew, Heidi, Margaret and Michael Lyga to Andrew and Heidi Lyga, N3655 Hwy. J., $36,000.

Town of Barre

Dawn and Kenneth Hemker to Kenneth and Dawn Hemker Family Trust, N3880 Old M Road, $195,300.

Dawn and Kenneth Hemker to Kenneth and Dawn Hemker Family Trust, $120,000.

Kathleen Burke, Kelly Hicks, and Joanne, Terry, Thomas and Timothy McClintock to Schomberg Rolling Acres, $120,000.

Kathleen Burke, Kelly Hicks, and Joanne, Terry, Thomas and Timothy McClintock to Matthew and Melissa Evenson, $80,000.

Town of Burns

Gerald Hoth Estate to Beth Hoth, N7103 Hwy. EE, $23,000.

Beth Hoth to Linda and Teddy Hoth, $100.

Town of Farmington

Beth Hoth to Alan and Troy Anderson, $59,430.

Andrea and Lucas Stensven to Jeremy Janzen, Merrysa Magaro and Diane Gowin, N9467 Asfoor Trail, $115,000.

Brent and Rikka Hancock to Darrien and Steven Hancock, W1296 Hwy. A, $98,000.

Namyah Enterprises LLC to Kathleen and William Hayman, W4506 Holley Road, $350,700.

Mildred Schleifer to Sarah and Travis Kramer, W2747 Hwy. A, $50,000.

La Crosse County sheriff and Carol Spaulding Estate to Deanne and Randy Otto, W4776 Hwy. D, $79,000.

Town of Greenfield

Laurel and Rodney Hoth to Ann, Donald and John Temp, $700.

John Kiese to Callie and Nicholas Kjos, N823 East Hills Road, $380,000.

Town of Hamilton

James and Jenna Hickerson to James and Kaitlyn Melson, W4528 E. Prairie Court, $285,000.

Douglas and Nancy Fischer Revocable Trust to James and Jenna Hickerson, N6891 Eggens Coulee Road, $290,000.

Town of Holland

Gerrard Realty Corp. to Paula and Stephen Hueners, $100.

Gerrard Realty Corp. to Jnell and Mark Goyette, $66,000.

Dustin Schmidt to Crystal Anderson-Schmidt and Dustin Schmidt, N8459 Hwy. TT, $176,500.


Diane and Michael Simonson, 1713 Holley St., $181,000.

DAB Investments LLC to Dale Brott, 704 and 714 McHugh Road, $617,700.

Dale Brott to COMH LLC, 704 and 714 McHugh Road, $617,700.

Heather and Matthew Bright to Kristy and Raymond Peters, 1524 Viking Ave., $180,000.

Mary and Scott Ryan to Scott and Mary Ryan Joint Revocable Trust, $81,200.

David and Janet Villeneuve to Dale and Tracy Sacia, 607 Maple Shade Drive, $274,900.

La Crosse

Michael Peterson to Ekim Investments LLC, 230 N. Eighth St., 804 Vine St., $252,000.

David Waters to Nolan Wahoske, 1654 Green Bay St., $89,600.

Lynda and Steven Christen to Nathan Niehausen and Talya Petersik, 2915 Glendale Ave., $180,000.

Julie Weiskopf to Margot Higgins, 309 N. 23rd St., $158,000.

Matthew Stroh to RMJ Investments LLC, 2118 S. 19th St., $117,300.

Cara and Eric Lee to Cara Lee, 2016 Loomis St., $134,600.

David Hall Estate to Eileen Johnson, 1446 Liberty St., $83,600.

James Schams to Bradiann and Jacob Burch, 2726 S. Seventh St., $235,000.

Gary and Jean Czechowicz to Jeannie Lesky and Kyle Lovejoy, 2616 S. 15th St., $127,500.

Jame and Melissa Folkedahl to Nathaniel Riffe and Tara Schnaible, 1322 Johnson St., $134,000.

Alexandra and Michael Smith to Roxann Adamsen, 1410 S. 19th St., $145,000.

Richard Perry to Lynda and Steven Christen, 402 Gillette St., $232,900.

La Crosse County sheriff and Mark Ulatowski to LaCrosse Investment Group LLC, 1211 Bainbridge St., $76,500.

La Crosse Overhead Door Co. Inc. to LaCrosse Glass Properties LLC, 604 and 624 S. Third St., $855,696.

Delores and Ray Spies to Jason A. and Jason C. Lee, 814 St. Andrew St., $56,000.

Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area to Mai Houa Moua and John Thao, 1511 S. 10th St., $160,000.

James Fischer to Anthony Krenzke, 517 Winnebago St., $33,000.

Richard Noel, Lynette Sieber and Julie Weber to Michael Gritzmacher, 3650 Bentwood Place, $141,500.

Ronald Johnson to J&J Properties I LLC, 1531 Loomis St., $96,000.

LaCrosse Investment Group LLC to Amy Schmidt, 308 S. Losey Blvd., $102,500.

Eric and Jamie O’Neill to Katherine Fish, 2307 Cass St., $131,500.

Jennifer Boshcka to Danielle Elland and Richard Rosson, 2519 Wood St., $136,900.

Theodore Larson to Mary and Neil Tomczak, 2125 Park Ave., $139,900.

David Pertzsch to David and Tami Pertzsch, 2814 Eastbrook Drive, $263,300.

Mary Lorden, Paul, Roger and Steven Lundsten, Joan Orr and Patricia Steger to Elaura Hoffman and Tristan Jenson, 3052 S. 23rd St., $133,000.

Mary Westlund Qualified Personal Residence Trust to Mary Westlund, 2115 Sunrise Drive, $235,200.

Hub on 6th LLC to Joseph and Lori Dunham, 4156 N. Sixth St., Unit 20, $299,460.

Christi Audetat and Mitchell and Sylvia Wiltgen to Austin Brueggeman, 1024 Liberty St., $102,900.

Elizabeth Erickson to Richard Erickson to Heather Talbot, 231 S. 17th Place, $219,900.

Spies Construction LLC to Dilyn Walter, 1203 S. Sixth St., $212,500.

City of La Crosse to Joint Neighborhood Development Corp., 1305 S. Seventh St., $0.


Melissa and Samuel Gallegos to Richard Gillette, 4056 Pineview St., $315,000.

Brian and Kristen Odegaard to Anthony and Julie Gerig, 961 Tahoe Drive, $393,000.

Nancy and Scott Seibert to Rachel and Timothy Scriver, 707 14th Ave. N., $196,550.

Jennifer and Michael Pieper to Trust Vido, 2427 Cedar Creek Lane, $565,000.

Abby and Michael Landers to Adam and Kristel Running, 605 Lake St., $230,000.

Maria and Tad Kinder to Genevieve and Scott Kretschmer, 2106 Sand Lake Road, $167,000.

Adam and Cathy Tegen to Matthew Valley, 2706 S. Pleasant Drive, $242,000.

Mary and Scott Ryan to Scott and Mary Ryan Joint Revocable Trust, 709 Juline Way, $246,000.

La Crosse County sheriff and Jason and Melissa Roby to Kong Vue, 1115 Hickory St., $110,100.

Donald and Elizabeth Ender Irrevocable Trust to Paul Limberg, 830 Sixth Ave. N., $188,500.

Town of Onalaska

Holly Grimslid to Holly Grimslid Revocable Trust, W6180 Valley Place, $598,100.

HP River Rock LLC to Marilyn and Thomas Tiggelaar, W8288 Hwy. Z, $75,500.

Darlene and Theodore Johnson to Jeffrey Johnson, Bridget Kendall and Amy Pedretti, N5550 Cheyenne Drive, $262,700.

Jason Sebranek to Kathleen and Paul Dragert, W7773 Schaller Drive, $187,000.

Joshua and Lyndsey Neumann to Andrew and Sara Pingree, W6441 Hossfeld Road, $350,000.

Thomas Thompson and TN Thompson Enterprises to Ricky Laseure, N6006 Prairie Drive, $218,000.


Heath Weissenberger to Rachel and Trent Traxler, 1606 and 1650 Birch St., $239,900.

Town of Shelby

Bluebird Ridge LLC to Black Wolf Partners Revocable Trust, $280,000.

West Salem

Rebecca Horihan to Patrick Horihan, 121 W. Jefferson St., $160,000.

Sarah Allen to Miguel and Shana Schlier, 1464 Waterloo Avenue, $256,000.


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