The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Kelly and Kraig Schuster to Hannah and Peter Siech, 2807 Onalaska Ave., $117,500.

Joseph, Patricia and Terry Northwood to Joseph Northwood, 3114 Scarlett Drive.

Steven Eide to PE Rentals LLC, 1112 Liberty St., $350,000.

Karen Arentz and William Miller to Karen Arentz, 1605 10th St. S. and 940 Denton St.

WA Roosevelt Inc. to Dakota Supply Group Inc., 2727 Commerce St.

Dakota Supply Group Inc. to Sterling Office and Industrial Properties LLP, 2727 Commerce St., $5,068,966.

Lopez V Inc. to Goehner Investments LLC, 1527 and 1529 Wood St., 321, 323 and 325 Caledonia St., 726 Ferry St. and 604 Eighth St. S., $411,000.

Christine Jones to Scot Lofgren, 2142 Winnebago St., $161,500.

The McCormick Family Residence Trust to Patricia McCormick, 422 Gillette St.

Sally Oswalt Revocable Trust to Nancy Zakem, 2116 Pine St.

Kenneth Helgerson to Jennifer and Michael Thompson, 626 Market St., $114,900.

Patricia Kennedy Estate to Nicole Hanson, 1514 30th St. S., $135,000.

Daniel and Marcia Allen to Marcia Allen, 1102 17th St. S.

Marcia Allen to Marcia Allen and David Klein, 1102 17th St. S., $77,700.

Great River Homes LLC to Kenneth and Karin Manning Joint Revocable Trust, 5928 River Run Road, $274,600.

Viterbo University Inc. to the City of La Crosse, 929 Jackson St., 816 10th St. S., 900 and 815 Viterbo Court, and 936 and 940 Franciscan Way.

Lana and Steven Beyer to PE Rentals LLC, 2021 and 2023 28th St. S., $167,500.

Dillon and Makayla Bean to Derick Steinkopf, 1234 Farnam St., $170,000.

Corliss and Ronald Tischer to Brandon Jacobson and Abigail Stockham, 2541 Edgewood Place, $312,000.

Ellen Durst and Daniel, Finn and Irvin Johnson to Barbara and John Auby, 3311 Elm Drive, $156,000.

Gerald and Michelle Sheehan to the City of La Crosse, 2215 State Road.

Gail Schneider to David and Rhonda Lofgren, 2002 Cass St., $190,000.

Jennifer and Samuel Piper to Michelle Reavis, 2215 Losey Blvd. S., $154,900.

Donald and Elizabeth Gallant to Carol Erickson and John Mayer, 1326 Winnebago St., $155,000.

Mark Clemens to David Seiffert, 4523 El Camino Real Drive, $249,900.

PR Valley View OP-TXRD LLC to FCPT Holdings LLC, 4310 State Road 16, $1,402,000.

Laverne and Madalyn Jonas to Cara and Paul Jonas, 4711 County Road B, $175,000.

John Gaddo to Nancy North and Andrea Klocke, 5139 33rd St. S., $125,900.

Dennis Lokken Estate to Mary Hemmelman, 1918 Wood St.

Ken and Mai Lee to Aerosat Acquisitions LLC, 922 Sixth St. S., $50,000.

Phyllis Branson Survivors Trust to David and Donna Demask Revocable Trust, 3311 Greenspire Lane, $189,900.

Tamra Nururdin to Haley and Jason Goslinga, 921 and 923 Sixth St. S., $133,000.


Debora and Michael Barba to Navid Khezri, 2154 Grand View Blvd., $585,000.

Judith Holloway to the Steven and Judith Fuchsteiner Joint Revocable Trust, 1266 Bentgrass Court, $370,000.

Elaine and Michael Colvin to Tippetts Rentals LLC, 300 and 304 Main St. and 109 Third Ave. S., $670,000.

Leroy Hougom Sr. Revocable Trust to Robert Lambeau, 707 Madison St., $181,000.

Amanda and Justin Steele to Adam and Katherine Stueber, 906 Aspen Valley Drive, $360,000.

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Gregory and Jane Copper to Gregory and Jane Copper, 519 Willow St.

Kelly and Matthew Hertzfeldt to John and Lydia Roe, 2323 Sandside Court, $340,000.

Clifford Hendrick and Michelle Wilcox to Christina and Rick Scoville, 407 Fourth Ave. N., $130,000.

P&F Uehling Supplemental Needs Trust to Crown Investment Properties LLC, 512 Fourth Ave. N., $252,750.

Frances and Philip Uehling to Crown Investment Properties LLC, 512 Fourth Ave. N., $84,250.


Michael Grobelch to Jason and Sara Cummings, $140,000.

Lisa Knudtson to Corey Johnson, $222,500.


Elmwood Partners LTD Partnership to Choice Construction LLC, $56,900.

Amanda and Justin Steele to Dawn and Raymond Martinez, $235,000.

Prestige Custom Builders LLC to Jess Burlason and Kristin Musgjerd, $442,229.

Kenneth Simpson to Laura Guyer and Nathan Johnson, $459,000.

Karen and Paul Kenny to Nicole Didomenico, $250,000.

Mark Smith Construction LLC to Samuel Crahan and Jennifer Rolfing, $346,900.


Jessica and Joseph Morrey to Adam and Melinda Wickland, $176,000.

Small Town Investments LLC to Arlene Ferrer and Ronald Rodriguez, $229,500.

Towner Construction LLC to Ashley and Jeremy Foreman, $239,773.


Mclean LTD to Matthew Klos, $120,000.

Jennifer and Nolan Nolte to Darlene Hansen, $189,500.


Marlin Brownell and Diana Kirkeeng to Gale Jerome, N6003 and N6025 Big Creek Road.


Tippetts Rentals LLC to PE Rentals LLC, $468,000.

Beverly Remis to Mitchell Stadtler, $165,000.

David and Patricia Schumacher Revocable Living Trust to Lisa and Roger Overson, $180,000.

James and Barbara Tucker 1999 Revocable Trust to Griffin Moe, $590,000.


Alan Anderson to the Alan Anderson Irrevocable Trust.

Carol and Paul Hanson to Jeff and Juliana Meyer, $450,000.

Carol and Paul Hanson to Carl and Jen Hanson, $45,000.


Todd and Tonia Wright to James Steinbrink, $450,000.


Cheryl and Patrick Popowich to Adam and Jaimie Wolfert, $325,000.

Andrew and Tammy Levy to Katherine Cyrowski, $126,000.

Joan Steidtmann to Jean Johnson.

Deborah Kollross to James and Jesica Mount, $270,000.


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