The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Daniel and Jodi Ehrenberger to Michelle Kelly and Andrew Writz, 127 S. 23rd St., $147,500.

Benson Properties I LLC to Allen Carder, 214 and 216 Caledonia St., $80,000.

Kathryn Gudgeon to Aubriana Gerdin, 1219 S. East Ave., $125,000.

Carol Erickson and John Mayer to Edward Kim, 20217 Winnebago St., $175,450.

Jeanne and Michael Voss to Karen and Todd Tveita, 3010 Ebner Coulee Road, $379,900.

Ebner Joint Revocable Trust to La Crosse PR Inc., 3119 State Road 16, $445,000.

Glenn Schrader Jr. Trust to Allison West, 2515 S. Losey Blvd., $135,000.

Lorraine, Paul, Richard, Steven, Thomas and William Beal to Vali and Warren Leeps, 2627 Ward Ave., $160,100.

Carol Ekern to Dakota Hernandez, 750 and 752 N. 22nd St., $150,000.

Heath and Sarah Graves to Maiker Chang and Vang Thao, 2629 Prospect St., $200,000.

Spies Construction LLC to Anthony and Jessica Parkison, 807 S. Sixth St., $221,000.

Spies Construction LLC to Danelle Larson, 819 S. Sixth St., $285,000.

Anthony and Jessica Parkison to Angela and Waylon Leonhardt, 3611 Elm Drive, $215,000.

Hupomone Ventures LLC to NRE Properties LLC, 1300, 1306, 1302 and 1304 Liberty St., $255,000.

Lucas Morrissey to Cameron and Hanna Robaczewski, 2501 Barlow St., $199,900.

Property Logic LLC to Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area Inc., 957 Hood St., $105,700.

Joseph and Sara Buehrle to James and Jennifer Laszewski, 4366 N. Mariah Drive, $280,000.

Donald Fitterer and Jacquelyn French to Mary Trussoni, 421 N. Losey Blvd., $252,000.

Laura and Zachary Hill to Mark and Michelle Gamoke, 739 N. 22nd St., $170,000.

Raymond Przywojski Estate to Karen Acker, 313 S. 20th St., $180,000.

Marvel Faherty to Brianne Booth, 1415 Salem Road, $72,500.

Debra and Michael Callahan to Michael and Teri Herold, 211 Copeland Ave., $65,000.

Olena Bilous to Michelle Hockersmith, 2422 Main St., $185,000.

Debra Korus to Tingleng Yang, 1430 Hyde Ave., $157,500.

Timothy Aldrich Jr. to Anne Aldrich, 1904 Winnebago St.

Leonard Dunwoody Jr. Estate to Cory Carter, 1501 Rose St., $77,000.

Ann Morrisette to Goehner Investments LLC, 717 S. 15th St., $46,500.

James Clark to Goehner Investments LLC, 1225 S. 25th S., $60,000.

Rachel Heiss to the Rachel Heiss Revocable Trust, 4935 Silver Morning Lane.

Gary Dechant and Laura Wyss to Jennifer, Reynolds and Theresa Appell, 2202 Farnam St., $134,000.

Megan Engel to Nancy and Scott Swanson, 1508 and 1510 Jackson St., $105,000.

Amber and Joseph Erickson to Vicky and Wayne Shepard, 4235 S. 33rd St., $225,000.

Carol Greene to Joseph Larkin, 1445 Wood St., $100,000.

Andrew and Rachelle Pretasky to Amber and Joseph Erickson, 4680 Millatti Lane and 5505 Orion Court, $385,000

Casey and Daniel Brueggen to Kamolchanok and William Beardsley, 1240 Denton St., $154,000.

Carol and Corey Sateren to Casey and Daniel Brueggen, 4321 Meadowlark Lane, $269,000.

Michael Murphy to Margaret and Teddy Thompson, 3219 Lauderdale Court, $595,000.

Suzanne and Terrence Stika to the City of La Crosse, 1716 Avon St., $73,000.

James and Barbara Nick Living Trust to Michelle and Victor Mirasola, 3100 Macharley Lane, $330,000.

Michelle and Victor Mirasola to Paul and Samantha Riniker, 2114 S. Losey Blvd., $159,900.

Ronald Bielefeldt Estate to Jeanne and Paul Jerks, 1512 Loomis St., $148,000.

Great River Homes LLC to Donna and Robert Kostecki, 5926 River Run Road, $385,875.

Brian and Laurie Taylor to Ian Montalvo, 2212 Charles St., $155,000.


Mary Bolger to Brenda Netwal, 431 Mayfair Place.

John and Melissa Lola to Chersheng and Mee Xiong, 642 N. 13th Ave., $247,000.

Brian and Shelley Fell to Stacy Roshto, 1045 N. Lauderdale, $355,000.

Jeremy and Lindsay Lenser to Katelyn and Travis Tessman, 936 Green Bay St., $150,000.

Donald Aspseter to Carrie Aspseter, 1555 W. Young Drive.

Neil and Janice Hoppens Joint Revocable Trust to Karen and Patrick Dunn, 1015 Green Bay St., $223,500.

James and Marsha Jordan to Andrea and Cody Gasser, 732 S. 11th Ave., $234,500.

Jessica and Joshua Benrud to Amy Hang and Phia Yang, 515 Monica Lane, $195,000.

Gregory and Julie Gran to Robert Vancraenenbroeck, 1256 Red Cedar Court, $215,000.

Patricia Savarin to Lucas Morrissey, 211 S. Coachlite Court, $291,900.

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Wisco Property Group LLC to Curt Fossum, 536 S. Second Ave., $141,000.

Andrew and Jill John to Rebecca Clements and Brian Miller, 1234 Beverly Drive, $350,000.

Kerri Nygaard to Nathan Hill Estates LLC, 406 Coronado Circle, $235,000.

Christopher and Heather Walmsley to Julie Deyo, 1217 La Crosse St., $185,000.


Josiah and Nicole Loeffelholz to Mark Clements and Annie Luther, $130,000.

Sheryl and Timothy Langrehr to Tyffany Gasper, $207,050.

Louise and Ronald Paulus to Matthew and Rebecca Golnick, $179,900.


Dustin Johnson to Tricia Johnson.

Keith and Patricia Krause to Heidi and Kasey Vergin, $217,000.

McCathie Investments LLC to Lauren Komro, $355,000.

Art Acquisitions Holmen LLC to Prestige Custom Builders LLC, $59,900.

Beth and Victor Buhr III to Brian and Shelley Fell, $334,900.

Brian and Patience Dummer Revocable Trust to Brandy and Jordan Holter, $165,000.

Reuben and Tara Kaye to Tyler Bohm, $235,000.

Thorud Development LLC to Robert Glise, $125,000.

Jared and Kristin Schoh to Hilary and Tyler Conn, $385,450.


Small Town Investments LLC to Meghan Bruss, $216,900.


Randy Boylan and David Gunn to Randy Boylan, Susan and Thomas Busfield and David and Phillip Gunn, $45,700.


Charlie and Kari Nelson to Amy Schmidt, $208,000.

Julia and Timothy Holum to David and Heather Rozman, $149,900.

Lisa and Roger Overson Jr. to Alex Gaul, $148,500.


Elsie Kaiser Estate to Kenneth and Mary Kaiser.

James and Rebecca Iverson to David Iverson.

Brandon Gamroth to Cody and Steven Feehan, $33,000.


Miller Family Living Trust to Tyler Zietlow, $92,000.

Brian and Destyne Palmer to Robert and Sharon Rainey, $279,000.

KST LLC to Andrew and Jenna Matz, $40,000.

Thaldorf 2014 Revocable Trust to Jared Lucey, $39,000.


Beth and Shawn Wangerin to Brian and Destyne Palmer, $415,000.


Bonnie Hammes to Jeffrey and John Hammes and Jill Jazemski.

Jay and Pamela Clark Revocable Trust to Amanda and Peter Sandager, $355,000.


David Long to 507 Capital LLC, $2,000.

Robert Vancraenenbroeck to Daniel and Jody Ehrenberger, $319,000.


Samantha Nowakowski and Geral, Patricia and Tyler Shepard to Christopher and Teresa Michaels, $241,900.

P&F Uehling Supplemental Needs Trust to APD Holdings LLC, $210,000.

Carl and Wendy Pregel to Angela and Keith Torgerud, $50,000.

Jacob and Jessie Erickson to Seng Chen and Mei Weng, 1100 Valley Vue Drive, $279,900.

Craig and Karen Terpstra to Benjamin and Kassie Haines, $310,000.

Donna Eisen to Timothy and Tracy Korish, $135,000.

Joseph and Samantha Rigelsky to Heather and Jarrod Roll, $275,000.

Jean and Thomas Donovan to Patricia Savarin, $332,500.


J&E Pedace Trust to Jenifer Bantle-felt and Gregory Felt, $339,000.


Heidi and Jon Ellefson to Heidi Ellefson.


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