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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Leslie Hatz to Gregory Oliver, 606 16th Ave. S., $110,000.

Earl and Gladys Pralle Revocable Trust to Patricia Gjertsen, 1701 Cardinal St., $150,000.

Town of Burns

Louise Schlintz Revocable Trust to Jessica and Joseph Austin, N6573 Hwy. DE, $154,000.

Town of Campbell

Harold Hanson to Mary Hanson, 2815 Marion St., $137,500.

Town of Farmington

Nancy Stetzer to Marcus Stetzer, W1696 Hwy. T, $52,000.

Karen and Paul Hanson to Neal Hanson, W3803 Hwy. DE, $139,200.

Karen and Paul Hanson to Jeffrey Hanson, W3810 Hwy. DE, $132,100.

Matthew Bartlett to Ryan Johnson and Nicolette Klimek, W5898 Mahlum Road, $181,000.

Town of Greenfield

William and Brenda Weber Joint Revocable Trust to Charles and Holly Deery, N2449 Bina Road, $3,500.

Gail and Timothy Schams to Top Property LLC, W2816 Kammel Coulee Road, $485,000.

Allen Radke to Ryan Mickschl, N2147 Clements Road, $288,000.


Jayne and John Oliver to David and Joy Strelow, 304 St. St., $185,000.

Cassandra Brown to Cassandra Brown Trust, 702 Granum St., $260,400.

Joseph Johnson to Kenneth and Kimberly Guy, 2025 Crooked Ave., $245,500.

La Crosse

Joseph Hengel Sr. to Brad Crogan, 922 Adams St., $163,500.

James Ryan III to Heather and Martin Riese, 410 N. 23th St., $230,000.

Annette Foss to Ross and Shauna Mundinger, 1631 Green Bay St., $119,000.

Katherine and Robert Maney to Robert and Katherine Maney Joint Revocable Trust, 1215 Palace St., $136,000.

Gehrking Family Revocable Living Trust to Caitlin Podd, 2112 S. 21st Terrace, $148,000.

Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association to Spenser Nickelatti, 523 Market St., $61,950.

Brooke and Mathew Bahr to Jessica Pastick, W5305 Hwy. B, $200,500.

Kathleen Wagner to Ashley and Colin Walsh, 130 S. 22nd St., $160,000.

Angela and Dax Connely, 2005 S. 14th St., $110,000.

Paul Schilling and Carol Zielke to 1 Schilling Properties LLP, 410 Main St., $49,666.

Ryan Mickschl to Tanner Douglas and Taisha Thornton, 3004 Scarlett Drive, $180,000.

Margaret and Priamo Paulino to Priamo and Margaret Paulino Trust, N2457 Briarwood Ave., $200,000.

Alissa Minten-Vanwassenhoven and James Vanwassenhoven to Michael and Nicola Scott, 1518 Madison St., $550,000.

Brenna and Jesse Beckendorf to Renee Christensen, 1225 S. 26th St., $132,000.

Ted Szymanski to Jason and Krista Cobb, 1127 Avon St., $130,000.

Rebecca McNulty to Sara Bentley, 2027 S. 29th St., $122,400.

Tamra Nururdin to Scenic Bluffs Rentals LLC, 433 Caledonia St., 630 Island St., $98,000.

Town of Medary

Judy and Steven Herbst to Robin Oehrle, $82,000.


Beth and Kevin Schaller to Amy Burchell and Jordan Jefferson, 913 Westview Circle Drive, $243,400.

Mira Pasricha and Ranjith Ramakrishnan to Grace and Ronald Rindfleisch, 742 Oak Timber Drive, $302,000.

Mary Moore to Tracy Henriksen, 323 Third Ave. N., $157,000.

Nathanial Ganrude and Emily Perry to Alan Hamilton, 1213 Green St., $186,000.

Margaret and Richard Marquardt to Dean Marquardt, 848 Second Ave. N., $129,700.

Jay White to Jay White Revocable Trust, 645 Fairway Creek Drive.

Patricia Ruetten Revocable Trust to Jerry and Karen Ferguson, 1009 Canary Lane, $325,000.

Marty Sobeck to Douglas Farnsworth, 516 Willow St., Onalaska, $209,000.

Town of Onalaska

Mary Kelly Estate to Maureen and Paul Kelly and Janice Vinson, W6132 Hwy. S., $177,700.

Town of Shelby

Karen Bush to Brian and Jamie Skiles, N1217 Crystal Drive, $234,000.

Bonnie and Gerald Niedfeldt and La Crosse County Sheriff to Donna and Russell Flower, 2501 W. Burr Oak St., $83,601.

Carole Torgerud Family Trust to Daniel and Lynne Dosch, N2045 Hwy. F., $264,000.

Jessica and Robert Smith to Robert Smith, N222 H. Werner Road, $198,400.

Shirley Krause to Seth and Tamra Nururdin, 2220 Hiawatha Ave., $98,000.

West Salem

Jeffrey Bahr and Jennifer Miller to Jacob and Megan Stetzer, 231 W. Hamlin St., $154,500.


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