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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.

Town of Barre

C&O Farms LLC to Elizabeth and Kent Gabrielsen, N2825 Demlow Road, $225,000.

Town of Campbell

First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust to Renee and Rollin Clark, 2500 Island Park Road, $146,000.

Merlin Eggen Trust to Andrew Foegen, 201 Church Drive, $143,000.

Jeffrey and Susan Hauer to Kevin and Shelba Scott, 1719 La Fond Ave., $30,000.

Town of Farmington

Dennis and Mary Olson to Debra and Donald Kane, W2423 Hwy. DE, $669,900.

Town of Hamilton

Roxanne Linhart to Patricia Chitwood, W5469 Hwy. S., $230,000.

Town of Holland

Jerry Sr. and Sharon Mason to Christopher Thelemann, N8258 Hwy. V, $158,000.

John and Kimberly Hollis to Bryce Miller, N8030 Amsterdam Prairie Road, $197,500.


John and Stacey Tabbert to Chastity and Nathaniel Casey, 410 Second Ave. E., $107,000.

Marc and Mary Hughes to Kevin and Stella Schlosser, 1009 Saddlewood St., $279,900.

Jeffrey and Kristin Trohkimoinen to Joshua and Julie Trust, 207 Country Club Court, $407,500.

JLG Properties Rentals LLC to Britney Plunkett, 2221 Diagonal Road, $98,000.

Brian and Stacy Pierce to Rachel Moore, 1513 Holley St., $179,000.

ART Acquisitions Holmen LLC to Prestige Custom Builders LLC, 617 Grand Meadow Drive and 1003 Maple Shade Drive, $59,900.

RME Developments LLC to Marc and Mary Hughes, 201 Marie Drive, $348,500.

La Crosse

Jordan Besl Estate to Joseph and Julie Besl, 1029 S. 13th St., $70,505.

Jennifer Pretasky to Sheryl and Silvio Franciosi, 340 S. 24th St., $149,900.

Keith Belzer and Jane Klekamp to Bryan and Jaclyn Morris, 2218 Cass St., $160,000.

Brandon and Jena Carlin to Lynn and Steve Ties, 2410 Prospect St., $105,000.

Rochester Real Estate LLC to Life Marathon Family LP and Property Logic LLC, 3213 George St., $622,250.

Rochester Real Estate LLC to Life Marathon Family LP and Property Logic LLC, 3334 Mormon Coulee Road, $532,000.

Anna and Eric Jordan to Jacob Beckel, 1643 Charles St., $105,000.

Nancy Schmid to Paige Wandling, 1107 Losey Blvd. S., $137,000.

Joan Berg to Dwain and Barbara Smith Revocable Trust, 3614 Parkwood Place, $170,000.

Margaret Klonecki Estate and La Crosse County Sheriff to Pennymac Loan Services LLC, 517 Avon St., $64,600.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Alejandro and Rebecca Absalon, 819 Division St., $85,100.

Curt Neuenkirk to Nicolas Lindsey and Melinda Mahnke, 2613 Losey Blvd. S., $139,900.

Susan Ferries to Jeffrey Grant, 1131 Caledonia St., $90,000.

Josph and Julie Besl to Amanda Aylsworth-Besl and Samuel Besl, 1029 S. 13th St., $93,000.

3 Rivers Properties LLC to Aptiv Foundation Inc., 1301 S. 28th St., $300,000.

Jeffrey Grant to Hacks Vintage LLC, 1131 Caledonia St., $124,000.

Jeffrey and Roxanne Nehring to Mark and Mary Gilmer, 344 S. 28th St., $230,000.

Margaret Taylor to Andrew Wiegand, 3400 Cliffside Drive, $42,109.

George Schrabeck to George Schrabeck Trust, 2310 Cunningham St., $185,150.

Karen Mitchell to City of La Crosse, 905 Fifth Ave. S., $70,000.

Natalie and Peter Duerkop to Anna and Eric Jordan, 3006 Birch Drive, $175,000.

Ruth Bedessem to Kevin Dobbs, 4508 Lexington Heights Drive, $150,000.

Graham Investments LLC to Benjamin and Mercades Wagoner, 3006 State Road, $164,900.

Eric and Tiffany Zweibohmer to Angelica Spinden, 3202 S. 34th St., $174,600.

Katherine Ebert and Jennifer, Todd and Tyler Heinz to Cynthia Lark, 2145 Cass St., $160,000.

Jack Jennerjahn Estate to Donald Pedretti, 2604 Thomas St., $174,900.

Lee Cravens to Anthony Norris, 1421 George St., $152,250.

Burton and Carolyn McDonald to Monica Campbell, 1501 Rose St., $93,000.

Dennis and Judy Gilbert to Sena Ellenz, 1231 Liberty St., $125,000.

Nancy Crook to Kenny Crook, 4648 Juniper St., $154,700.

Town of Medary

Kenneth Nelson Estate to Brandon Erickson, W5153 Hwy. B, $190,000.


Christina and Ryan Sherry to Jennifer and Ryan Berg, 614 Troy St., $238,400.

Debra and Donald Huff to Christina and Ryan Sherry, 220 Kevin Court, $295,000.

Jay and Dawn Jehnke 1998 Revocable Trust to Mary McClure and Nicholas Mutter, 505 Coulee Court, $507,000.

Laurie and William Riordan to David and Stephanie Bentzen, W5381 Hwy. W, $384,000.

Andrew and Lynda Moriarty to Lee Johnson, N5179 N. Innsbruck Road, $450,000.

Alan and Penny Wortman to Katherine and Stephen Shandera, 514 Green Coulee Road, $226,750.

Kenny Crook to Nancy Burfield, 1084 Kristy Lane, $185,000.

Town of Onalaska

Jostad Family Farm LLC to Carmon and Emily Jostad, N7271 Hwy. W, $130,800.

Carmon and Emily Jostad to Jostad Family Farm LLC, N7132 Hwy W and N7291 Ol Olson Road, $164,900.

Alice Vandewater Revocable Trust to Morgan and Ruth Jostad, N6610 Hwy. M, $40,000.

Leo and Marie Dummer to Alan and Randy Dummer, Cheryl Helmreich and Sheila Steck, N6500 Hwy. XX, $178,500.

Robert and Mary Mikkelson Revocable Trust to Kyle and Rachel Nyman, W7541 Hwy. ZB, $339,900.


Robert and Sheila Jensen to Katherine and Neil Olsen, 216 Sarahs Court, $210,000.

Town of Shelby

Embers Lacrosse LLC to Jon Nygren, N2012 E. Wedgewood Drive, $180,000.

Christopher Thompson to Jeramy and Meredith McKinney, W4194 Hwy. O, $467,500.

West Salem

Mulder Health Care Facility LLC to 713 North Leonard Street LLC, 713 N. Leonard St., $1,000,000.


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