The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.

Town of Barre

Adam and Holly Hansen to Kelsey Clarke and Norman Yackle, N2546 Hwy. M, $280,000.

Town of Campbell

Interstate Development of La Crosse LLC to Remain French Island LLC, 2316, 2402 and 2320 Bainbridge St., $840,000.

Ronald Schnick Family Trust to Rosalie Schnick Survivors Trust, 3040 Edgewater Lane, $119,000.

Town of Farmington

Douglas and Melissa Godlewski to Jordan and Ryan Jones, W3875 Harvey Lane, $270,000.

Hixton Mall LLC to Melrose-Mindoro School District, $32,500.

Town of Greenfield

Christina and James Bertelsen to Chad and Tara Johnson, N2209 Huntington Court, $320,000.

Town of Hamilton

Elizabeth and Kevin Stay to Christopher and Emily Adams, $84,000.

Anita Froegel Revocable Trust to Gregory Froegel, N5670 Grasby Road, $75,000.

Thomas Ceresa to Ryan and Kaitlin Endthoff, W4127 Ceresa Drive, $245,000.

Eugene Linse to Property Logic LLC, $185,000.

Town of Holland

Chad and Tara Johnson to Jeremie and Tamara Zabel, W7419 Sylvester Road, $225,000.


Sara Schneider and Damian Wera to Damian and Sara Wera, 1505 Cliffview Drive, $160,000.

GH Group LLC to Susan Phillippi Revocable Trust, 3114 Horton St., $359,900.

Stephen and Victoria to Alexandra and Carson Konkol, 124 Mill St., $181,000.

Kong Vue to Timekeep Property LLC, 300 Ryan St., $123,900.

Brando Bruette to Deborah Bortz, 416 Second Ave. E., $160,000.

Bernice Rieple to Adam and Kristin Pateris, 1906 Pinecrest Ave., $230,000.

La Crosse

James Jr. and Natalie DeBoer to Joseph Dwyer, 2126 Green Bay St., $168,000.

Jack McCormick to Forbarna Properties LLC, 2226, and 2228 S. 15th St., $160,000.

Henry and Olga Hoesley Living Trust to Kelly McCormack, 2423 Chase St., $149,000.

Moorings Homeowners Association Inc. to City of La Crosse, 1410 Moorings Drive, $700.

Moorings Homeowners Association Inc. to City of La Crosse, 1410 and 1421, Moorings Drive, $700.

Marilyn Kleppe to Robert and Travis Curti, 708 Winnebago St., $23,000.

Neil McDonah to Andrew and Scott Tyink, 203 and 205 S. Ninth St., $225,000.

Suzanne Miller and Daniel, Sharon and Steven Radtke to Joshua Ford, 1107 S. 25th St., $105,000.

Nicki Kramer to Zachary Juen, 2523 Prospect St., $145,000.

Robert Kivi to Jared and Liane Smith, 2344 Sisson Drive, $192,500.

Paul and Suzanne Weibel Revocable Trust to Judy Hanley 2009 Revocable Trust and Carol Redmann 2009 Revocable Trust, 1802 Denton St., $112,000.

Johnson Real Estate LLC to Cornerstone Flats LLC 3540 East Ave. S., Unit D, $100,000.

Adam and Kristin Pasteris to Theresa Knothe, 2603 Prospect St., $132,000.

Colin and Melissa Riley to Brittney and Tyler Metzig, 1614 West St., $144,900.

Melvin and Eileen Hanson Family Trust to Karen Mitchell, 2012 Onalaska Court, $121,700.

Geary Investment LLC to Track II RE LLC, 714 and 718 Gillette St., $200,000.

Eric and Heath Voves to Brent and Kim Hildebrand, 1929 State St., $144,900.

CTH B Development LLC to Bryan Line and Patti McQueen, 5051 Hwy. B, $189,000.

Lisa Wolfe to Anne and Caleb Pearson, 2949 S. 21st Terrace, $158,900.

Anita Froegel Revocable Trust to Phillip Froegel, 900 Milson Court, $161,500.

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Susan McIntyre to 1 Schilling Properties, 410 Main St., $24,833.

Mary Steiner to Ingrid VanDuyne, 428 S. 21st St., $219,000.

Brooks Locations LLC to Nathan Brooks, 610 Mississippi St. and 2601 Cottage Grove Ave., $167,900.

Nathan Brooks to PE Rentals LLC, 610 Mississippi St. and 2601 Cottage Grove Ave., $167,900.

Danielle and Melissa Devine to Andrew Bjorkman, 2823 S. 21st Terrace, $110,000.

Bayfield Properties LLC to H&H Housing Enterprises LLC, 128 N. Ninth St., $199,500.

Bryan and Vicki Leisso to Joseph and Kendal Roraff, 801, 803 and 805 S. Seventh St., $131,250.

Patrick Schwartz to Kerry Baardseth and Joan McDonah, 312, 314, 316 and 318 S. Sixth St., $145,000.

Water Place One LLC to Susan Quillin Amended and Restated Revocable Trust, 629 Pettibone Pointe Way, $681,439.

Water Place One LLC to T&G Schams Trust, 625 Pettibone Pointe Way, $575,591.

Wm. Scheuer LLC to Mary and William Scheuer, 130 and 132 S. 21st St., $175,000.

Mary and William Scheuer to Heidi Weatherford, 130 and 132 S. 21st St., $175,000.

Heidi Weatherford to 21st St. S. LLC, 130 and 132 S. 21st St., $175,000.

Water Place One LLC to Lynn and Timothy Golden, 621 Pettibone Pointe Way, $689,193.

Brett Sawyer Properties LLC to Brett Sawyer, 1229 State St. and 707 N. 11th St., $728,000.

Olson Rental Properties LLC to John Stuttgen, 1709 Prospect St., $109,000.

Justin Jenson to Bullzeye Properties LLC, 1013 and 3015 Maple Drive, $174,300.

Town of Medary

Eric Loeding to Colin and Melissa Riley, N4544 Cotton Wood Drive, $250,000.


Dennis Cox to Izabelle Properties LLC, 1008 and 1010 Terrace Drive, $175,000.

Michelle Jambois and Kyle Wagner to Michelle Jambois, 928 Green Bay St., $85,000.

Jerry and Karen Ferguson to Carol and James Schank, 702 Oak Timber Drive, $349,900.

Bradley Engh and Ricky Niemeier to Adam Quast and Dawn Wood-Quast, 937 Sunset Place, $132,000.

Rande Ray Estate and La Crosse County Sheriff to Kenneth Tschumper, 1210 Meadow Lane, $163,100.

Cary and Dianne Miller to Keith and Mary Isaacs, 612 L. Hauser Road, $415,000.

PE Rentals LLC to M&R Apartments LLC, 127, 129, 131 and 135 S. Sixth St.; 128, 130, 132, 134, 136, 138, 142, 144, 146, 148 and 150 S. Seventh St.; and 629 and 631 King St., $1,450,000.

Spenser Nickelatti to NRE Properties LLC, 523 Market St., $61,950.

Beth and Troy Limberg to Sam Sabbagh, 533 21st Ave. S., $240,000.

Ona 90 LLC to Oak Manor Apartments LLC, 843 Oak Ave. N., $5,800,000.

Elmwood Partners Limited Partnership to DNC Holdings LLC, 9522 and 9530 E. 16 Frontage Road, $520,000.

Town of Onalaska

Christopher and Emily Adams to Jade and Travis Mikshowsky, $84,000.

Ace Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust to Roland Helmreich, W7876 Hwy. Z, $120,750.

Susan Formanek, Laurie Haas, and Larry and Randy Thompson to Andrew Konichek, 634 Second Ave., $116,000.

Cheri and Jamie Zelm to Kao Vue and Ma Yang, N6674 Forest Court, $398,000.


Towner Construction LLC to Adrian and Angela Risch, 1419 and 1421 Maple Drive, $208,314.

Town of Shelby

Priscilla Bassett Revocable Trust to Lisa Wolfe, W5831 Cedar Road, $238,000.

Glenn and Lesley Stugelmayer to Alissa Minten-VanWassenhoven and James VanWassenhoven, N2309 W. Willow Way, $270,000.

Jason Harden and Carrie Wuensch-Harden to Jessica Burnett and Jonathan Mason, W5763 Sherwood Drive, $180,000.

West Salem

Joseph and Nicole Veglahn to Michelle Harris, 237 W. Hamilton St., $195,000.

Eric and Jamie Ristey to Adam and Holly Hansen, 562 and 610 N. Leonard S., No. 4, $336,950.

Jennifer Demorest to Adam and Mackenzie Goldbeck, 1532 Waterloo Ave., $212,500.


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