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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.

Town of Bangor

William and Kathleen Hayman Living Trust to Wade and Erika Olson 2018 Revocable Trust, N2677 Hwy. 162, $570,000.

Northern States Power Co. to Kim and Lauren Thicke, N4897 Hwy. J, $760.

Town of Barre

Ana and Duane Schaper to Charles and Stacy Bossingham, W4583 Hwy. B., $250,000.

Caila and Mathew Radke to Kari and Mark Lee, W4154 Hwy. O., $231,900.

Jason Lindvig to Jason Lindvig Revocable Trust, W4576 Hwy. O., $259,300.

Town of Campbell

Peggy Bemis, Helen Kotlarz and Cheryl Miller to Donald Vanderhoff, 1725 Caroline St., $55,000.

Kevin Glaunert and Maryanne Kircher to David Boyette and Michelle Johnson, 715 Kime St., $165,000.

Town of Greenfield

Lynda and Norman Nordstrom to Michael Padesky, W4020 Jason Lane, $305,000.

Town of Hamilton

Gloria Fennigkoh to Anne and David Fennigkoh, W3297 and W3298 Fennigkoh Road, $240,000.

Benjamin and Stephanie Knutson to Brooklyn and Craig Larson, W4212 Ceresa Drive, $238,900.

Arlene Oldenburg to Cynth, Jenelle, Richard and Ronald Oldenburg, $253,700.

Jenelle and Richard Oldenburg to Cynthia and Ronald Oldenburg, $57,300.

Cynthia and Ronald Oldenburg to Jenelle and Richard Oldenburg, $55,800.

Jenelle and Richard Oldenburg to Cynthia and Ronald Oldenburg, $87,750.

Town of Holland

Gregory Carey to David and Tiffany Lein, N6855 Sand Prairie Court, $358,900.

April and Robert Senn to Carolyn and Daniel Schams, W7725 Volendam St., $375,000.


James Stoeckly III to James III and Jeanne Stoeckly, 213 Long Coulee Road, $167,199.

Kristie Klawitter to Brady and Jolyssa Pederson, 913 Deerfield St., $234,900.

La Crosse

Cynthia and Laurie Arauz to Kelly Garrity and Nicholas Gilman, 3002 Losey Blvd. S., $125,000.

Diocese of La Crosse to Glen Twite, 514 Johnson St., $25,000.

Life Marathon Family Limited Partnership to Property Logic LLC, 3334 Mormon Coulee Road, $266,000.

Shared Health Services Corp. to Property Logic LLC, 2635 Hemstock St., $567,500.

Matthew Owens to Elizabeth and Kevin Brungraber, Jordan and Julia Marti, and Anthony and Michelle Nehring, 1426 Market St., $128,200.

Alacia Pierce to Shannon Buboltz and Paul Frederickson, 1226 S. 15th St., $159,900.

Richard W. Brown LLC to CIA SIAB Inc., 1825 Sunset Lanes, $260,000.

Dorinda Hawk Estate to John and Kathryn Hatlestad, 515 S. 15th St., $151,500.

Life Marathon Family Ltd. Partnership to Property Logic LLC, $311,125.

Jennifer Walden to Alacia Pierce, 1026 S. 28th St., $180,000.

Glen Twite to Seth Nururden, 514 Johnson St., $3,500.

James Ward J. Estate to Goehner Investments LLC, 2118 Kane St., $50,000.

Kyle Litsheim to Carl and Heather Happel, 1361 S. 26th St., $154,900.

Julie Miller to James and Joan Peterson, 2945 Leonard St., $123,300.

WISCO Property Group LLC to Joseph and Kendal Roraff, 2124 Liberty St., $40,000.

Dale Bohnert to Marlene McElroy, 5049 Hwy. B, $93,000.

Herman Wiersgalla to Jamie Nichols, 2136 Jackson St., $125,000.

Rochester Real Estate Company LLC to Life Marathon Family LLC to Life Marathon Family LP and Property Logic LLC, 2534 Hauser St., $2,470,000.

Kristina and Steven Follansbee to H&H Housing Enterprises LLC, 102 State St. and 128 and 130 N. 10th St., $152,000.

Maureen and Peter Schumacher to Ashley Iwanski and Matthew Sullivan, 2437 Wood St., $135,000.

True Blue Farm LLC to Shannon Rouleau, 505 S. 28th St., $163,900.

Vanguard Valley LLC to Christian Hanson and Louise Zamparutti, 1919 Adams St., $173,000.

Marlane Anderson and Keith Pierce to CD Taylor Holdings LLC, 1441 and 1443 George St., $132,500.

Mary and Thomas Stibbe to Andrew and Ashley Olson, 4010 Old Town Hall Road, $248,000.

Town of Medary

Robert Skemp Trust to Cedar Hill Multi-Family Properties LLC, $45,000.


Terry Weiland to Nathanial Ganrude and Emily Perry, 502 Birch St., $297,500.

Brandon and Elizabeth Knapp to Andrew and Lauren Stoffel, 1065 Charles Ave., $378,000.

Joanne Naughton to Joanne Naughton Trust, 1017 Kristy Lane, $172,200.

Elsen Construction LLC to Brian and Stacy Pierce, 218 Howard Drive, $310,000.

David and Patricia Olson to Frank and Ruth Vierling, $72,500.

Andrew and Frederick Hengst to John and Lydia Roe, 2407 Krause Road, $299,900.

John and Lydia Roe to Carmen and Tyler Adams, 219 16th Ave. S., $262,500.

John and Shareene Berti to Joseph Johnson, 916 12th Ave. S., $89,900.

Lance, Lee and Lisa Schmitt to J&K Brudos Trust, 1006 Wilson St., $210,000.

Adam and MacKenzie Goldbeck to Marissa and Matthew Haffemann, 917 Green Bay St., $175,000.

Town of Onalaska

Carl and Heather Happel to Abigail and Jeffrey Reichling, N5653 Mohican Trail, $222,500.

Gavaghan LLC to Richard Esterl and Lisa Knauf, $86,500.

Jean Schubert Estate to Paula Knutson, W7259 Northshore Lane, $200,000.

Wayne Wheeler Estate to Terry Gunderson, W7085 Cottonwood Place, $172,000.


Brian and Genel Olsen to Olsen Family Trust, 405 Mourning Dove St., $121,300.

Small Town Investments LLC to Andrew Overfelt, 1654 Birch St., $211,350.

Town of Shelby

Margaret and Priamo Paulino to Heather Bach, W5096 Boma Road, $400,000.

Steven Giese to VA Ventures LLC, $10,000.

ALT Investments LLC to Brooke and Paul Stanton, $185,000.

G&D Schneberger to Gregory and Kari Allen, W4915 Battlestone Station Road, $259,900.

Town of Washington

Kelsey and Nicholas Giraud to Cory Jerome, N2381 Antony Road, $211,700.

West Salem

Stanley and Fern Tyler Revocable Trust, 519 Lee Drive, $189,500.


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