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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Grant and Stephanie Chapman to Jami and Spencer Temperly, 1415 Oak St., $127,400.

Jessica and Kurt Heyroth to Caitlin Anderson, 818 Meadow View St., $260,000.

Town of Burns

Eugene Streeton Revocable Living Trust and Hildreth Streeton Revocable Farm Trust to Dale Streeton, N5660 Hwy. E., $100.

Town of Farmington

Cindy Adamson to Timothy Adamson, N7731 Wanlass Road, $95,100.

Cindy Adamson to Timothy Adamson, N7745 Wanlass Road, $89,100.

Cindy Adamson to Timothy Adamson, N7751 Wanlass Road, $98,400.

Cindy Adamson to Timothy Adamson, N7763 Wanlass Road, $44,600.

Cindy Adamson to Timothy Adamson, N7771 Wanlass Road, $92,600.

Cindy Adamson to Timothy Adamson, N7781 Wanlass Road, $94,500.

Town of Greenfield

Kirchner Realty LLC to Jill and William Raven, $25,000.


Brent Burkhardt and Bradley and Judy Olson to Judy Olson, 300 Cypress Circle Lane, $255,900.

Cindy Adamson to Timothy Adamson, 900 S. Holmen Drive, $9,200.

Daniel Storlie to Kathleen Schmitt, 125 E. Legion St., $179,400.

Adam Sandstrom to Kelly Mullarney Living Trust, 1906 Crooked Ave., $185,000.

Thomas Buck to Lois Leren, 319 Grant St., $169,900.

Caitlin Anderson to Donald and Jane Pestel, 923 Packer Drive, $230,000.

Chad LaFleur to Ariel Plumhoff, 510 Amanda Court, $97,500.

La Crosse

Edith Smith and Cody and Tanya Sunday to Yee Yang, 2522 Prospect St., $134,900.

Wells Fargo Bank to Lacrosse Investment Group LLC, 2540 S. 14th St., $117,500.

Alexandria and David Woodruff to Jeffrey and Kaleigh Nicksic, 4705 Hwy. B, $260,000.

Lake Acceptance Corp. to North Housing Inc., 4631 Hwy. B, Apts. 1-5, $337,500.

North Housing Inc. to JFH Properties, 4631 Hwy. B, Apts. 1-5, $291,113.

Marjorie Kallenbach to Enrique and Maria Valera, 2007 and 2009 Miller St., $85,000.

City of La Crosse to Ward Homes and Properties LLC, 1003 Fifth Ave. S., $15,000.

Great River Holding LLC to Margie Mason, 6008 River Run Road, $274,000.

Joel Reinhart to Jacob Larkin, 2107 Farnam St., $135,000.


Red Sails Resort Inc. to Ryan Wessel, 1124 10th Ave. N., $320,000.

Deborah Suhr to Carl Suhr III, 807 Tahoe Drive, $345,000.

Jeanne and Michael Dawson to Graw Family Trust, 4026 Pineview St., $430,000.

Douglas Hauser to Douglas and Rachael Hauser, 314 Royal St., $132,600.

Brent, Henry, Kent, Robert and Ruth Buehler and Julie Lawrence to Dean and Robin Lilleskov, 624 Eighth Ave. N., $204,900.

Kyle and Rachel Nyman to Alison Felt and Andrew Loken, 321 Third Ave. N., $147,900.

Town of Onalaska

Timothy Clements to Bo and Julie Nelson, W5969 Hwy. S., $157,500.

Ronald and Sara Olson to Ronald and Sara Olson Revocable Trust, N6813 Johnson Coulee Road, $507,400.


Shelly Hurd to Greg Benzing, 200 E. Main St., $44,850.

Town of Shelby

Herbert and Phyllis Kramer Family Living Trust to Dillon Mader, N1074 Bloomer Mill Road, $150,000.


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