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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Samuel and Sandra Arentz to Arentz Family Irrevocable Trust, W698 Hwy JJ, $265,150.

Town of Barre

Michael Hoppens to Moonstone Meadow LLC, $30,100.

Town of Campbell

Kristy Abraham to Robert Abraham, 910 Steven Place, $372,300.

Town of Greenfield

Allen Radke to Joseph Hengel, N2192 Clements Road, $190,000.

Allen Radke to Town of Greenfield, $100.

Allen Radke to Britt Lund, N2192 Clements Road, $220,000.

Town of Hamilton

Reuben Hundt Estate to Jaymeson Urbick, N4919 Oakview Drive, $105,000.

Leighann and Ryan Wilkes to Teesha and Wade Willinger, N5076 Wildflower Lane, $525,000.

Thomas Nettell to Leighann Gooden and Ryan Wilkes, W5075 Quackenbush Road, $850,000.

Ryan Glaze to Jordan Wegner, W4177 Ceresa Drive, $139,900.

Town of Holland

Kenneth Schaldach Estate to David and Tricia Gibbons, N7811 Amsterdam Prairie Road, $168,900.


Clint Meyer Enterprises LLC to Richard and Sheryl Davison, 204 Marie Drive, $273,900.

Christopher Eickman to Michelle Biermeier, 210 E. Third Ave., $162,700.

JMQ Properties LLC to Riverland Energy Cooperative, $250,000.

Mary McLellan to Sandra Price, 706 Capitol Court, $126,100.

Sandra Price to Sandra Price Revocable Trust, 706 Capitol Court, $126,100.

Darwin Grosz to Thomas Nettell, 1500 Oakley Lane and 702 Judith Court, $350,000.

JMQ Properties LLC to Richard Johnson and Matthew Tolvstad, $147,777.

La Crosse

Daniel and Susan Price to Douglas and Jennifer Dwyer, 2405 Farnam St., $159,000.

H&K Rentals LLC to Craig and Stacy Masters, 314 and 316 Liberty St., $134,000.

Cynthia and Lawrence Brinkman to Nicks Rentals 4 LLC, 203 and 205 Bundy St., $125,000.

Laurie Sexauer to Cody Servais, 1527, 1529 and 1531 Kane St., $195,000.

Joan Gardner to Joan and Shelby Gardner, 1619 S. Ninth St., $46,700.

Katherine and Neil Olson to Sue Stevenson, 2012 S. 15th St., $123,400.

Michelle and Thomas McMorrow to Merideth and William Garcia, 2134 Cass St., $171,900.

Cecil and Emily Dayton to Benjamin Lubinski, 2015 Wood St., $127,885.

Parker Prestige Properties LLC to Jonathon Ames and Gabrielle Parker, 3529 and 3531 Easter Road, $270,000.

P&L Rentals LLC to Maria Walters, 911 Johnson St., $115,000.

Joshua and Stefanie Czys to Hilary Belter and Jonathan Garcia, 4118 Cardinal Lane, $211,000.

Geri and Tetyana Newbegin, 1007, 1009 and 1011 S. Seventh St., $145,000.

Town of Medary

Debra and Frederick Holtschlag too Kenny and Sonya Moafanua, W5224 Harter Drive, $302,375.

Lori Lentz and Sally Olson to Sally Olson, N2871 Smith Valley Road, $197,200.


Donna and Gary Kateley to Abbie Dittman, Angela Engebretson and Erin Malak, W7605 Hwy. ZB, $415,800.

Donna and Gary Kateley to Abbie Dittman, Angela Engebretson and Erin Malak, W7611 Hwy. ZB, $308,600.

Town of Onalaska

George and Anastasia Patros Revocable Grantor Trust to George and Anastasia Family Trust, 9372, 9374, 9376, 9378, 9380, 9382, 8386, 9390, 9394 and 9850 Hwy. 16, $3,725,000.

George and Anastasia Family Trust to East Town Plaza LLC, 9372, 9374, 9376, 9378, 9380, 9382, 8386, 9390, 9394 and 9850 Hwy. 16, $3,725,000.

Town of Shelby

Richard Masrud Revocable Trust to Julie Marthaler, N2194 Valley Road, $500,600.

Steven Jackson to Bonita and Robert Jackson, W5214 Hwy. F, $17,400.

Patrick and Teresa Mullaney to Patrick and Teresa Revocable Trust, W4931 Mill St., $242,200.

West Salem

Judy and Ronald Wehrs to Stanley and Stephanie Howe, 707 N. Mark St., $328,000.


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