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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Donald Rackow to Donald and Rania Rackow, 1203 Cardinal St., $107,000.

Town of Barre

Peter Kothe to Peter Kothe Trust, $24,933.

Town of Campbell

RTLJ Enterprises LLC to PE Rentals LLC, 1709 1711, 1715, 1716, 1719, 1722, 1723 and 1725 La Crescent St., $3,250,000.

R. Todd and Linda Jones I Charitable Remainder Unitrust to PE Rentals LLC, 1701, 1705, 1729 and 1734 La Crescent St. and 1749 Bainbridge St., $2,200,000.

Town of Farmington

Schlifer Development LLC to Amanda and Travis Zeman, W3815 Harvey Lane, $34,999.

Town of Greenfield

Bruce Nuttall and Mary Thompson to Mary Thompson, N1606 Meadow Ridge Road, $240,300.

John and Shirlee Miller to John and Shirlee Miller Revocable Trust, N1478 Miller Road, $475,000.

Allen Radke to Katey and Nathan Warnberg, $7,500.

Town of Hamilton

Christopher Parry to Sarah Pederson, W4475 G. Romskog Road, $171,400.

John Anderson Revocable Trust to Cheryl Komisarek, $174,000.

John Anderson Revocable Trust to Barbara Gilbertson, N5756 Hwy. M., $195,100.

John Anderson Revocable Trust to Patricia Manke, $18,700.

Town of Holland

Gordon Sween to Gordon Sween Revocable Trust, $51,900.

Broadway Properties LLC to Bonnie Bernacchi, W7715 Colbe Place, $220,625.

Broadway Properties LLC to April and Todd Church, W7749 Parcher Court, $262,510.


Judith McHugh to JMQ Properties, 1900 Old Hwy. 93, $200,000.

Barbara Laga to Patti Dubois and Stan Revals, 33 Commerce St., $54,800.

Diane and Dwain Novak to Sharri Larson and Heather Schultz, 233 E. Gaarder Road, $139,100.

Joyce Urbanek to Scott Urbanek, 1009 S. Holmen Drive, $169,100.

Golden Heights 1201 LLC and Golden Heights 1205 LLC to Onalaska Rentals LLC, 1201 and 1205 Eastwood St., $1,364,900.

ART Acquisitions Holmen LLC to McCathie Investments LLC, 607 Forest View Drive, $64,900.

La Crosse

Amber Miller-Yang to Vayou Yang, 2930 South Ave., $111,900.

Fowler and Hammer Inc. to Susan Christopherson and James Fowler, 157, 201 and 209 Sumner St. and 313 Monitor St., $1,175,200.

Susan Christopherson and James Fowler to Spock Enterprises LLC, 157, 201 and 209 Sumner St., and 313 Monitor St., $1,175,200.

Karen Baker to James Lasater, 3721 S. 33rd St., $99,900.

Barbara Schultz to Barbara Shultz Trust, 2400 S. 30th St., $151,900.

La Crosse Community Housing Development Organization to Jenna Bright, 926, 928 and 930 Fifth Ave. S., $155,000.

Shawn Ward to Xue Yang, 1106 S. 11th St., $209,500.

La Crosse Community Housing Development Organization to Renee Russell, 926, 928 and 930 Fifth Ave. S., $160,000.

Kevin Kellogg to Gwendolen and Jake Brockway, 2617 and 2619 S. 13th Place, $235,000.

Joshua and Richard Dudgeon to Matthew Michener, 1229 S. 16th St., $159,700.

Roger King to Amy and Bradley Olson, 2110 Mississippi St., $89,901.

Gordon and Katherin Roesler to Joseph Johnson, 616 S. Ninth St., $168,940.

Great Dayne Third Street Properties LLC to Big Al’s Properties LLC, 111 and 115 S. Third St., $650,000.

Eric Swan Estate to Zona Elder, 534 S. 17th St., $134,300.

Town of Medary

James and Julie Rasmusson to James and Julie Rasmusson Joint Revocable Trust, W5562 Stone Hill Road, $331,000.


Camilla Grimme to Terry Grimme, 730 Braund St., $138,100.

Nathan Hill Estates LLC to Melissa Sample, 412 Coronado Circle, $200,000.

Town of Onalaska

John Warnecke to Carol and Jack Christnovich, $253,835.

Peter Kothe to Peter Kothe Trust, N5487 Hwy. ZM, $143,000.


Amber and Nathan Hamilton to Christopher and Gina Chmelka, 1705 Black Oak Drive, $245,000.

Town of Shelby

Joshua and Richard Dudgeon, N2319 Briarwood Ave., $218,000.

James Hartig Sr. Estate to Thomas Tyler, 3221 Farnam St., $105,000.

West Salem

Therese Pudenz to Therese Pudenz Revocable Trust, 252, 480 and 482 E. Hamlin St., $330,900.

Alyse and Harrison Hundt to Haefs Homes LLC, 134 and 136 Rhyme St., $235,000.

Kay and Richard Petry to Village of West Salem, 119 Greenfield Lane, $155,000.


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