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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Debra Halderson and Steven Wehrs to David and Johanna Sampson, 1305 Pearl St., $115,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank to Darron and Melissa Fanning, 1504 Labus Drive, $130,000.

Town of Bangor

Charles and Rhonda Antony to Charles and Rhonda Antony Revocable Trust, N3559 Darling Road and N3407 Coleman Road, $332,000.

Town of Campbell

Jamie Fischer, Jennifer Kuklok and Erin Thompson to Cheryl and Donald Brenengen, 3127 Edgewater Driver, $10,000.

Town of Farmington

Gregory Hamm and Gregory Hamm 2005 Declaration of Trust to William Gallagher and Daniel Loud, W1300 Hwy. A, $100,000.

Town of Hamilton

Gloria Gensch and Larry and Bonnie Gensch Irrevocable Living Trust to James Shurson Revocable Trust, W4182 Hwy. B, $1,325,000.

Henry and Renee Horstman Revocable Trust to Aaron, Chand, Henry and Karl Horstman and Tamara Ripahn, W4380 Gills Coulee Road, $167,400.

Debra and Robert Allen to Robert and Debra Allen Trust, W3676 Fennigkoh Road, $148,700.

Bonita and John Beck to Ryan Pelowski, N5219 First Ave., $191,100.

La Crosse

Thomas and Jozella Bruha Revocable Trust to Jozella Bruha, 5053 Hwy. B., $194,900.

Jozella Bruha to Douglas Bruha and Treena Schneyer, 5053 Hwy. B, $194,900.

Andrew and Sara Meyers to Collin and Elissa Coffield, 1609 S. 30th St., $145,000.

LaCrosse Investment Group LLC to Caleb Miller, 1402 S. 29th St., $126,000.

Navy Federal Credit Union to Secretary of Veterans Affairs USA, 3008 Lincoln Ave., $192,300.

Norbert Schaefer Restated Revocable Trust, 124 Rose St., $402,167.

Frederic and Roxanne Stair to Buchner Properties LLC, 503 Caledonia St., and 631 and 623 Island St., $60,000.

B&B Mullenbach Trust to Jennifer and Joseph Smader, 3326 S. 28th St., $170,000.

Brooks Locations LLC to Nathan Brooks, 709 and 711 N. Ninth St., $125,600.

Nathan Brooks to PE Rentals LLC, 709 and 711 N. Ninth St., $125,600.

TNA Property Management LLC to Nathan Brooks, 421 N. 10th St., and 215, 217, 219 and 221 Avon St., $513,800.

Nathan Brooks to PE Rentals, 421 N. 10th St., and 215, 217, 219 and 221 Avon St., $513,800.

Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development USA, 3048 S. 23rd St., $98,100.

Tru 2005 RE I LLC to Wedgewood Investment LLC and Weiss Commercial Real Estate LLC, 2906 Market Place, $2,500,000.

Adam Bezemek to Kory Beerkircher, 229 and 231 S. 22nd St., $201,300.

Dianne Pogreba to Joshua Pogreba, 614 S. Sixth St., $148,100.

Joseph Hengel to Adam and Kelsey Lyons, 1612 S. 10th St., $225,700.

Marlene McElroy to Svetlana Ott, 5049 Hwy. B., $189,000.

Michael and Patricia Marco to Lauren and Nicholas Jankowski, 2156 S. 21st Terrace, $169,000.

Waterhouse Properties LLC to Hawkeye LLC, 1807 Main St., 1919 State St. and 133 S. 22nd St., $340,000.


Donald and Dorothy Hitchens to Christine Buhrow and Lloyd Campbell, 621 Sand Lake Road, $177,000.

Karen and Matthew Mattes to Mattes Special Trust, 2024 Evenson Drive, $200,000.

Weber Holdings LLC to Morries Lacrosse RE LLC, 331 Theater Road, $3,484,800.

Joseph Etten and Katie Tacke to Alison and Brandon Harris, 1017 Parkridge Drive, $245,000.

Town of Onalaska

Emily Clobes to Brett Presnal, W6017 Schultz Lane, $246,200.

James and Theresa Gamroth Revocable Trust to Theresa Gamroth Survivors Trust, N5901 Walden Court, $775,000.

Theresa Gamroth Survivors Trust to Holmen Investments LLC, N5901 Walden Court, $775,000.

Town of Shelby

Laurie and Mark Nelson to Town of Shelby, $112,500.

Gerald Verhagen to Diane Cleveland, Joyce Low and Sharon Miller, 2524 W. Burr Oak St., $179,900.

Ronald Hammersley and Robert Schreier to Ronald Hammersley Revocable Trust and Robert Schreier Revocable Trust, N2264 Pammel Pass, $389,900.

West Salem

Bruce and Gail Radde to Bruce and Gail Radde Revocable Trust, 330 Driftwood St., $295,900.

Daniel Wee to Gulbrand Wee, 130 S. Leonard St., $62,875.

Theresa Davis Estate to Theresa Davis Declaration of Trust, 134 S. Rosewood Lane, $175,000.

Theresa Davis Declaration of Trust to Mary Servais, 134 S. Rosewood Lane, $175,000.

Town of Washington

Ellen Caulum and Michael and Patrick Hundt to Randall Silha, W1125 Hwy. H.


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