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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.

Town of Bangor

Charles and Rhonda Antony Revocable Trust to Aloysius and Anna Antony, N3417 Coleman Road, $150,000.

Town of Barre

Fred and Elizabeth Schomberg Irrevocable Trust to Shelly and William Schieche, N2835 Hwy. OA, $2,500.

Town of Burns

Earl and Gladys Pralle Revocable Trust to RRJ Holdings LLC, $200,000.

Scott Pralle to RRJ Holdings LLC, $50,000.

Town of Campbell

Shelley Hafner to Brian and Shelley Hafner, 1812 Bainbridge Place, $90,000.

Richard Hauser to Suzanne Hauser, 2606 Lakeshore Drive, $52,000.

Michelle Jensen and Theodore Swan to Michelle Jensen, 512 Plainview Road, $77,500.

Town of Farmington

Brian Tonneson to Angela and Rocky Lockington, W3829 Lockington Road, $3,800.

Brian Tonneson to Heidi and Rocking Lockington, W3929 Lockington Road, $122,400.

Heidi and Randy Lockington to Brian Tonneson, W3929 Lockington Road, $122,400.

Brian Tonneson to Byron and Jennifer Kruger, W3929 Lockington Road, $120,000.

Town of Hamilton

Eugene Linse to Property Logic LLC, W2916 Hwy. B, $250,000.

Robert and Sharon Petry Revocable Trust to Douglas and Jennifer Hughes, N5065 Hwy. M., No. 26, $110,000.

Brien and Renee Plunkett to Kristine Halverson, W3043 Hwy. 16, $670,000.

Austen Dahl to Benjamin Dwyer and Jolene Schrader, W3785 Western Hills Drive, $217,500.

Town of Holland

Dan and Tina Wibralski to Timothy Johson and Kathrine Seibert, W7908 Van Loon Lane, $350,000.

La Crosse

Laverne and Madalyn Jonas to Nancy and Scott Swanson, 1915, 1917 and 1919 Kane St., $146,000.

Jodele Olson to City of La Crosse, 2833 Hamilton St. and 1720 Taylor St., $123,500.

Caryn Meinert to Krista Johnson, 2152 Victory St., $131,500.

Warren Tyson to Carol Zehms, 3304 Meadow Lane Place, $129,500.

Golden Key Properties LLC to Leo Properties LLC, 1212 S. Fourth St., Nos. 1-12, $290,000.

J&W Lacrosse LLC to E&S Lacrosse LLC, 2415 and 2505 State Road and 1352 S. 26th St., $3,900,000.

Bonnie Korish and James, John, Larry and Rodney Rohrer to Marissa Olson and Anthony Trahan, 2116 Prospect St., $134,000.

Gloria Bauch and Anna Maroon, 2019 Loomis St., $128,000.

Erwin Mikelson to Jenn Severson, 2923 Mesa Grande Place, $154,900.

Big Cat Real Estate LLC to Miyagi LLC, 908 and 910 S. Seventh St., $124,000.

Leland Dierson Estate to Robert Dierson, 313 Avon St., $20,000.

Mary Klismith Revocable Trust to I Schilling Properties LLP, 410 Main St., $24,833.

Diane and Robert Midland to Matthew West, 1916 Barlow St., $50,000.

Mary Clements to Anthony and Michelle Nehring, 1231 Johnson St., $135,000.

PR Valley View Limited Partnership to PR Valley View OP-TXRD LLC, 4310 Hwy. 16, $1,211,100.

PR Valley View Limite Partnership to PR Valley View OP-DSG/CEC LLC, 4400, 4424 and 4444 Hwy. 16, $6,518,700.

Karen and Steven Giese to 608 Properties LLC, 606, 612, 616, 620 and 624 Copeland Ave., $420,000.

I Schilling Properties LLP to Azara Properties LLC, 410 Main St., $149,000.

Hensel-Stroot Properties B LLC to Saddlecreek Properties LLC, 1808 E. Main St., $900,000.

Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development USA, 517 Avon St., $64,600.


Jared Wallace to Ashley and Jared Wallace, 302 N. 14th Ave., $136,000.

Louis and Janet Wolfe to Chelsea Ale and Adam Hoffer, 518 N. 13th Place, $198,000.

Carolyn Venn to Louie and Janet Wolfe Revocable Trust, 1049 Kristy Lane, $198,500.

Town of Onalaska

Kate and Thomas Marshall to Laura Stigen, W8616, W8618 and W8620 Lytle Road, $258,900.

Elmwood Partners Limited Partnership to Strupp Excavating Inc., $260,000.

Lifetime Design Homes and NTM Enterprises LLC to RL Dean Joint Revocable Living Trust and BJ Larson Joint Revocable Living Trust, W6467 Oakwood Circle, $332,500.


Wendy Whitney to Carrie and James Schmitt, 200 N. Oak St., $89,900.

Town of Shelby

Gary and Linda Werner Revocable Trust to Lori and Michael Roach, N425 Gronemus Road, $275,500.

Keith and Mary Isaacs to Andrew and Shannon Lesky, W4749 Cherrywood Drive, $322,000.

West Salem

Barbara and Mark Weibel to Barbara Weibel, 119 N. Rose St., $210,000.


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