The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


  • Cheryl and James Ward to Scott Hahn and Karrie Zielke, 3306 Robinsdale Ave., $220,000.
  • Karrie Zielke to Rachel Vilim, 2140 Losey Blvd. S., $137,500.
  • Leeann and Scott Dobson to Top Property LLC, 210 21st St. N., $170,000.
  • Dawn Feherty, Bronwyn McMullin, Jane Riddle and Erin Wuchina to Marvel Faherty, 1415 Salem Road.
  • Heather and Tony Reyerson to Cameron Smith, 1245 Redfield St., $134,000.
  • Chad and Shannon Blumentstein to Sheryl Kortbein, 1235 21st St. S., $130,000.
  • Barbara Newburg to Kate Brevik, 2535 14th St. S., $130,000.
  • Kelsey and Shawn McClone to Brooke Boisvert, 2157 Jackson St., $171,000.
  • Annika and Benjamin Haskin to Benjamin Faga, 2604 15th St. S., $128,000.
  • Frederick and Jane Beseler to Chad and Shannon Blumenstein, 1619 Cass St., $283,000.
  • Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Elizabeth Brague, 1235 Green Bay St., $88,600.
  • Amelia and Chet Tharpe to Virginia Cress, 2022 State St., $203,500.
  • Tippetts Rentals LLC to JMS Property Management LLC, 210 Avon St., $477,500.
  • Heather and Jason Gillett to Christopher, Gloria and Sam Grode, 2107 15th St. S., $160,000.
  • Jason and Krist Cobb to Jason and Krista Cobb Revocable Trust, 1705 and 1715 Ohlsun Court.
  • Jason and Krist Cobb to Mina Investments LLC, 1127 Avon St.
  • La Crosse Community Housing Development Organization to Hanna Stiehl, 1226 Park Ave., $160,000.
  • Western Technical College to Richard and Sara Kujak, 751 24th St. N., $385,000.
  • Danielle and Evan Wurtzel to Erica and Mize Joseph, 771 Losey Blvd. N., $174,900.
  • Terry Goyette to Amanda and Eric Peterson, 2927 Robinsdale Ave., $140,000.
  • Debrah Revels to Randy Stephens, 1506 Caledonia St.
  • Marianne Ganzon and Jason Schoen to Avery Straub, 2933 Birch St., $164,000.


  • Olive Stern to Scott Guenther and Debra Medema, 1016 Whispering Winds Place, $170,000.
  • The City of Onalaska to Community Development Authority of the City of Onalaska, 200, 300 and 400 Court St. S.
  • Kenneth Tschumper to Anne and Scott Kuzma, 1212 Red Cedar Court, $437,500.
  • Joseph and Katie Poterucha to Joshua Jurrens and Beth Vanderwielen, 997 Stonebridge Ave. and 990 Green Coulee Road, $630,000.
  • Erika and Jordan Hansen to Jennifer and Marc Mally, 713 Madison St., $169,000.
  • Elisabeth and Jonathon Mueller to Diane Cavis, 1907 Evenson Drive, $285,000.
  • Grace and Ronald Rindfleisch to Ronald and Grace Rindfleisch Revocable Trust, 742 Oak Timber Drive.
  • Chad and Heather Betsinger to Archie and Deborah Wicka, 1075 Hickory St., $199,900.
  • Rebecca Emery to GHF LLC, 220 Third Ave. N.
  • Betty and Thomas Best to James and Marsha Jordan, 1830 Pine Ridge Drive, $361,500.
  • Betty and Ervin Dwyer to Dylan and Melissa Chandler, 612 10th Court, $238,000.
  • Kothe Family Irrevocable Trust to David and Deborah Allen, 816 Park Ave., $209,000.


  • Chelsea and Paul Manning to Annika and Benjamin Haskin, $185,000.


  • Britni and Timothy Ruppert to Theodore Steebs, $169,000.
  • S&J Properties of La Crosse LLC to Leroy Custom Flooring LLC, $44,900.
  • Kevin and Mandy Scholze to Kory and Kristine Scholze.
  • Rebecca Hinton to Debra Flury, 207 Main St. N., $149,000.
  • Jessie and Raymond Otto to David and Melissa Greco, $244,000.
  • Diane and James Allen to Anthony and Maili Xiong, $211,000.
  • Brenda and Bruce Sperbeck to Brenda Sperbeck.
  • Benjamin Everson Estate to Jessica Everson.
  • Benjamin and Kimberly Thorud to Johnathan and Tanya Lerch, $400,000.


  • Tricia Storandt to Dana and Spenser Nickelatti, $395,000.
  • Beverly Jandt to Beverly Jandt Irrevoca
  • ble Trust.
  • Matthew Peterson and Brenda Wedig to Danielle and Evan Wurtzel, $240,000.


  • Edward Konetchy to Kathleen and Scott Swenson, $30,000.

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  • Debra and Donald Kane to Carlotta Norman Revocable Trust and Richard Norman Revocable Trust, $2,311.
  • Carlotta Norman Revocable Trust and Richard Norman Revocable Trust to Debra and Donald Kane, $1,230.
  • Dennis Ofstedahl to Barbara and Richard Anderson, $500.
  • Barbara Anderson to Barbara and Richard Anderson.


  • James and Rita Hesselberg to the James and Rita Hesselberg Revocable Trust.


  • Jane and Scott Halbrucker to Shaun and Tara Whitacre, $199,200.


  • Beaver Properties LLC to Town and Country Homes LLC, $42,000.
  • DAB Howard LLC to La Crosse County.
  • Jeannette and Peter Moe to Rebecca Redsten, $155,000.
  • Mark and Trisha Lafleur to Jessica and Tyler Kussman, $374,900.
  • David and Tricia Gibbons to Christopher and Miranda Delupo, $182,500.
  • Ammerman Family Trust to David and Tricia Gibbons.


  • Richard and Nancy Bina Joint Revocable Trust to Jeffrey Zelley, $329,000.


  • Jeanna and Scott Jones to Kathryn Vorbau, $449,900.
  • Midwest Concrete Professionals LLC to MCP Properties LLC, $200,000.
  • HP River Rock LLC to Blair Hill, W8288 County Road Z, $67,500.
  • Jean and John Nash to John and Jean Nash Revocable Trust.
  • Anne Heasley to Joseph Lamere and Sharon Lucarelli, $301,000.
  • Joseph Lamere and Sharon Lucarelli to Brittany and Joseph Lamere.
  • Kathleen Grapes to Terry Grapes.
  • Joan Mueller to Mark and Trisha Lafleur, $194,000.

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