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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday June 23, 2019

La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday June 23, 2019

From the La Crosse County public records: Building permits, property transfers, marriages, births and divorces series

The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


PR La Crosse LLC to Michael Cafaro and Anthony Rausa, 401 King St., $100,000.

Michael Cafaro and Anthony Rausa to Roman Empire LLC, 401 King St., $100,000.

Ar and Ka Xiong to Doua Xion, 3404 Springbrook Way, $170,000.

Momentum Properties LLC to Brandon Haugen, Brian Kelly and Kyle McKittrick, 1312 and 1314 Kane St., $105,100.

PT Investments Group LLC to Goehner Investments LLC, 924 and 926 Farnam St., $164,800.

Brian and Kaitlyn Hundt to Margaret Rohrer, 1806 Charles St., $155,000.

Patricia Frechette to Mark and Janet Hemmersbach Revocable Living Trust, 3514 S. East Ave., $111,250.

RR Properties of the Midwest LLC to the City of La Crosse, 1121 Avon St., $38,000.

Kayin Xiong and Wacha Yang to LM Investments Properties LLC, 514 and 516 Lang Drive, $85,000.

Jamie and Phillip Tennant to B&D Korth Trust, 2360 Sablewood Road, $40,000.

George Brown to the School District of La Crosse, 228 S. Fifth Ave., $475,000.

Joseph Oxborrow to Gifford Guy and Kenneth Onsgard, 1513 Livingston St., $53,000.

Ross Luecke and Vanessa Pickar to James Cieminski, 2031 Charles St., $115,000.

Bonnie and Lee Hafemann to Kristopher Thingvold, 3430 Cliffside Drive, $140,000.

Amanda and Edward Clark III to Michelle and Randall Corcoran, 1634 Main St., $206,000.

PE Rentals LLC to CMKJ Properties LLC, 508 Island St., 119 and 121 S. Ninth St., 412 S. 11th St., 939 and 941 Adams St. and 610 Mississippi St., $970,000.

Michaela Smith to Jancyn Lepke, 410 S. 21st St., $126,000.

Enrico and Geraldine Depano to Kelsey and Nicholas Schmidt, 341 S. 20th St., $184,900.

Hjalti Gudmundsson Joint Revocable Trust and Katrin Haraldsdottir Joint Revocable Trust to Bradley Burrill and Teresa King, 4715 Meadow Pond Lane, $440,000.

Charles Campbell to Doug Clark, 411 Loomis St., $30,000.

Traci Low to Tyler Herricks, 1507 Liberty St., $36,250.

Terry Harpstreith to Phyllis Bey and Terry Harpstreith, 2014 S. 16th St.

Chelsea Pintz to Travis Bordeau and Britton Slowey, 343 S. 23rd St., $165,000.

Miller Family Trust to MPL Holdings LLC, 2038 Avon St., $65,000.

Richard Steven Estate to Charles and Nancy Johnson and Cynthia Teale, 932 S. 14th St., $115,000.

Kathryn Fredricks to La Crosse Investment Group LLC, 1935 S. 23rd St., $80,000.

Jaimie and Thomas Schmidt to Gregory and Sarah Ormes, 3015 Birch Drive, $215,000.

Wisconsin Business and Education Services LLC to Micah Anderson, 1106 and 1108 King St., $78,000.

Tamara Korish to David Korish, 2030 Liberty St.

Amber and David Korish to Brandon Cody, 2030 Liberty St., $135,000.

Gregory and Sarah Ormes to Jacob and Makensie LeQuire, 344 S. 22nd St., $194,900.

NRE Properties LLC to Stefano Fabiano and Paige Wigen, 2504 Prospect St., $160,000.

Craig and Stacy Evenson to Goehner Investments LLC, 1215 S. Fourth St., 1603, 1609 and 1611 S. West Ave., 1202 Redfield St., $450,000.

Ellen and Michael Montenero to Bobbi-Jo Crank and Victor River, 1650 Farnam St., $197,000.

Elena and Michael Byrne to William Breidel, 730 and 732 S. 15th S., $100,000.

Michael and Susan Worman to Amber McDonald, 1815 Hyde Ave., $142,500.

Melissa and Michael Goerlitz to Joseph Homola, 1612 Redfield St., $133,113.

Elizabeth Wuensch to Patti Keller, 5207 S. 33rd St., $134,500.

Anita Tanke to Rita and Steven Krueger, 1501 Rose St., $95,000.

Mildred Freng to Linda Palmer, 3528 S. East Ave., $117,000.

Laura Hundt to Gregory Hundt, 912 S. 26th St., $110,000.


Kenneth and Robin Tschumper to Colleen Cudo, 1210 Meadow Lane, $220,000.

Clarissa and Donovan Goetzke to Ross Luecke and Vanessa Pickar, 917 N. Sixth Ave., $200,000.

Daphne Monti, Kathryn Schmitz and Valorie Severtson to Olivia Delagrave, 1385 County Road SS, $169,900.

Richard and Julie Diermeier Joint Revocable Trust to Jamie and Jordan Thompson, 2301 Evenson Drive, $440,000.

Dianna and Geoffrey Hitchler to Alex and Karli Chandler, 527 Sand Lake Road, $200,000.

Rachel and Stewart Heaton to Marianne Ganzon and Jason Schoen, 1931 Evenson Drive, $281,000.


Brandon Gaethke to Erin Gaethke.


S&J Properties of La Crosse LLC to Shawn and Sirirak Meyer, $44,900.

Jamie and Justin Tranberg to Brooke and Wesley Fox, $374,900.

Alia and Ryan McCann to Andrew and Tory Larson, $225,000.

Ser Vang to Jordan and Micah McCann, $165,000.

Brad and Heather Schomberg to Heather Schomberg.

Elmwood Partners LTD Partnership to Joseph and Sara Buehrle, $69,900.

Damian and Dawn Levandoski to Jarrod and Kimberly Byers, $315,000.

Patti Keller to Brooke Nelson, $80,000.


Brandon and Melissa Fry to Joleen Hauser and Nicholas Reetz, $186,000.

Margaret and Michael Winters to Brandon and Melissa Fry, $279,000.

Gary and Linda Berg to Breanna Guttmacher and Daniel Plunkett, $254,000.


La Crosse County to Joseph Klingbeil.


Karla and Thomas Thurk to Gidget and James Gade.

Tyffany Gasper to Matthew Gasper.


Albert Miller Trust to Mississippi Valley Conservancy Inc.

Carrie and Kortney Kistler to Edward Taylor, $202,500.

Vernon Gander to Adrea and Bradley burr, $178,000.


Dana Sacia and Tami Schumacher, $450,000.


Catherine and Steven Christianson to Duwayne Knobloch, $47,000.

Aindrea and Brian Lindsay to Debra McCauley and Thomas Pollard, $400,000.


Scott Hinkel to Nicole and Scott Hinkel.

Leila and William Hutchens to John Reinhart, $130,000.


Donald Klimek to Dustin and Rhonda Berg, $60,000.

Beaver Properties LLC to Greg Carey, $42,000.


Gina and Steven Olson to Mary and Michael Paggi, $25,000.


Karl and Shauna Schilling to Benjamin and Kimberly Thorud, $650,000.

Carmon Jostad to Erin Hale.

Carmon and Emily Jostad to Megan Jostad-Myhre.


Daniel and Jill Coughlin to AJP Revocable Trust and BJP Revocable Trust, $450,000.


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