The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Kristi and Michael Nickelatti to 4Nicks Investments LLC, 518 and 520 17th St. S.

Guy Austin to Pieces of Nine Pieces of Nine Properties LLC, 750 Monitor St.

James Espe to Andrew Rommes, 2111 Redfield St., $107,500.

Kristopher and Megan Thingvold to Jennah Ender, 1401 Mississippi St., $134,900.

City of La Crosse to Mike and Tara Mihalek, 944 Johnson St.

Monsoor Properties LLC to Michelle and Taylor Droy, 2315 Winnebago St., $192,000.

Jamar of La Crosse LLC to Sam Chen, 215 and 217 13th St. N., $200,000.

Barbara Ranger to Paul Buchner, 1408 and 1410 Liberty St., $15,000.

City of La Crosse to City of La Crosse, 1004 Seventh St. S.

Jonathan Toomey to Tristan Groleau, 405 and 407 Caledonia St., $115,000.

Dawn Garms to Carol and Steven Smith, 134 22nd St. S., $215,000.

Sarah Scherber to Joy Craft and Cody Saphner, 2139 Adams St., $151,000.

Niki Paisley to Eddie Woody Sr., 1827 28th St. S., $222,100.

Steven Johnson Estate to Danica Gullicksrud, 1481 Redfield St., $128,000.

Schulte Properties LLC to SDA Pine St. Property LLC, 1018 Pine St., $480,000.

Baltic Avenue Investments of La Crosse LLC to Curtis Shattuck, 721 24th St. N., $93,000.

CTH B Development LLC to Joseph Gow, 4937 County Road B, $189,000.

CTH B Development LLC to Coulee Bancshares Inc., 5009 County Road B, $169,900.

Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area Inc. to Sarah Hicks, 912 Avon St., $189,000.

Carolyn and Erek Wodele to Emma Peterson, 2123 15th St. S., $165,000.

Kurt and Michele Weber to 1235 Ferry Street LLC, 1235 Ferry St., $200,000.

Great River Homes LLC to Gerald and Rita Dalzell, 6016 River Run Road, $271,700.

Nancy and Stephen Dotz to Marsha Kurth, 1644 and 1646 Travis St., $160,000.

Daniel and Gerianne Wettstein to Daniel Wettstein, 1503 Nakomis Ave.

David and Evelyn Crawford, Theresa Dobbe to Christopher and Krystal Steers, 1138 Maple St., $130,000.

Sara Scanlon and the Sheriff La Crosse County to Buchner Properties LLC, 1208 Rose St., $84,500.

Jeffrey and Kristin Sexton to Philip and Vera Yager, 620 22nd St. S., $120,000.

Allie and Brian Cossette to Samantha Nicklaus, 2302 Jackson St., $175,000.


Rivera Family Holdings LLC to BLP Holdings LLC, 9550 16 Frontage Road E., $1,234,250.

Douglas Farnsworth to Celine and Eric Lamont, 516 Willow St., $237,000.

Rodney Everson to Christina Stouvenel, 1614 Franklin St., $194,000.

Denise and Warren Loveland to Warren and Denise Loveland Joint Revocable Trust, 633 Fairway Creek Drive.

Johanna Field to James Eggen, 314 Second Ave. N., $75,000.

APD Holdings LLC to Zachary Dutton, 1054 Canary Lane, $305,000.

Wendy Celey, Nicole Craig and Sandra Loken to Megan Marks, 522 Ninth Ave. S., $157,000.

Suzanne Bartholomay and Scott Giesinger to Elisabeth and Jonathon Mueller, 2151 Maplewood Drive, $359,000.

Josh and Kristin Dewey to John and Yer Bowman, 820 Park Ave., $190,900.

NYMT Loan Trust 2014-RPI to New York Mortgage Funding LLC, 551 Court Road.

New York Mortgage Funding LLC to Donny and Stacie Hogan, 551 Court Road, $110,600.

Jeffrey and Jill Johnson to John and Julia Parsneau, $299,000.


Patricia Gjertsen to James and Stacey Whitaker, $280,000.

Althoff Properties LLC to Chad Wehrs Properties LLC, $79,900.

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Mary Manke Estate to Alexander Plenge, $125,000.


Kevin and Tami Schumacher to Hillary and Mark Hansen, $265,900.

HG Holdings Group LLC to HG Group LLC, $244,900.

HG Group LLC to Ariel Plumhoff, $244,900.

Davig Family Trust to Theresa and William Reed, $735,000.

Three RS Construction LLC to Matthew Honer and Sarah Scherber, $286,000.

Jane and Joseph Deml to Bridget Chadwick, $205,000.

Brad and Heather Schomberg to Heather Schomberg.

Todd and Nichole Benz to Todd Benz.

Elmwood Partners LTD Partnership to Choice Construction LLC, $63,900.

Andrew and Erin Seifert to Allie and Brian Cossette, $305,405.


Small Town Investments LLC to Small Town Rentals LLC, $388,900.


Carol and David Maulsby to Amber Maulsby, $125,000.


Teresa Nuttelman and James Seeger to Faith Pranno, $359,900.


Alan Topel to Daniel Brown, $188,000.


Beverly Bockenhauer to Amber and David Korish, $300,000.

Scott Fleckenstein, Brian Jacobson and Wendy Rabe to Cynthia and Emmanuel Jacobson.

Cynthia and Emmanuel Jacobson to Katelin and Nathan Weise, $315,000.

Judith McHugh Revocable Trust to David and Stacy Yellick, $10,000.

Kim Anderson-Carns and Edwin Carns to Jeremy and Krista Kirchner, $379,900.


James Winsand to Jan Doelle and James Winsand.

Gail and Greg See to David and Jeanette Baumgarn, $287,000.

Linda Arentz, Julie Deuel, Gerald, Jeffrey, Ronald and Steven Flick, Janice Page and Sandra Stoddard to David and Peggy Roberts, $237,000.

Diane Cavis to Eric and Kimberly Fonstad, $30,000.

Crystal and Daryl Hoeritz to Kalynn and Tyler Krueger, $228,000.


Stonehill Development LLC to Nadia and Younis Aneel, $40,000.

Jozef Mergan to Nikki Roland and the Richard and Julie Diermeier Joint Revocable Trust, $800,000.

Jatinder Kumar and Sukhwinder Singh, $55,000.


Wayne Wojciechowski to Michelle and Robert Ducharme, $237,000.

Jeannette and Steven Spilde to Jason and Joan Chodur, $420,000.

Patrick Gagermeier Estate to Christopher Cayler, $123,200.

Douglas and Gale Shefelbine to Douglas and Gale Shefelbine Revocable Trust.

Benjamin and Nanci Hanks to Elizabeth and Michael Hillger, N6552 Forest Court, $410,000.


Bluebird Ridge LLC, Gary and Michelle Susag to Gregory and Laura Cochrane, $1,105,000.

Dan and Marsha Harbin Living Trust to Luke and Whitney Andera, $485,000.

James Czechowicz Estate to Thomas Czechowicz.


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