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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.

Town of Bangor

Damaris and Larry Johnson to Kurt and Stacy Chapman, W2351 and W2344 Koltermann Road, $330,000.

Town of Burns

Gary and Paul Wheeler to Gary and Paula Wheeler Revocable Trust, N5924 Big Creek Road, $223,400.

Kevin and Wendy Korth to Travis Korth, N7248 Hwy. DE, $200,000.

Town of Campbell

Donald Pedretti to Sandra Bartosh and Jacob Hoff, 2604 Thomas St., $187,500.

Town of Greenfield

Sandra Brekke to Sandra Brekke Survivors Trust, W4125 Hwy. YY, $300,000.

Town of Hamilton

Leroy and Lynda Tauscher to Lisa Gray and David Tauscher, W4181 and W4185 Hwy. B, $178,500.

Jean Wiggert to Jean Wiggert Trust, N5845 Jordson Coulee Road, $641,900.

Cynthia and Ronald Oldenburg to David and Vickie Evenson Trust, $230,000.

Town of Holland

Jnell and Mark Goyette to Darlene and Dennis Evenson, $49,000.

Michael and Sue Buchner to Michael and Sue Buchner Trust, N8363 Amundson Coulee Road, $281,400.


A&L McCormick LLC to Linda Reedy, 1605 Pinecrest Ave., $196,000.

Brittney and Zachary Swenson to Jameson Sadowske, 1510 Cliffview Drive, $167,000.

La Crosse

Wade Tyo to Brian Boulanger and Donald and Sara Conway, 1917 Liberty St., $110,000.

Michael Salm, Michael and Patricia Salm Living Trust and Patricia Salm to Renee Miranda, 1110 S. 10th St., $50,000.

Renee Miranda to City of La Crosse, 1110 S. 10th St., $50,000.

Anthony Krenzke to Nathaniel Jones, 517 Winnebago St., $59,400.

Joshua and Richard Dudgeon to Rena and Stephani Greer, 1523 Adams St., $137,900.

Kluth Trust to Goodhart-Stacey 2001 Revocable Trust, 3478 Woodbridge Court, $215,111.

Sally Knobloch to Paul Bratsch, N2106 Irish Court, $195,000.

Karl Oldenburg to Darby Oldenburg, 122 Losey Boulevard N., $142,600.

Sheila Wirkus to Teddi-Ann Carini, 1400 S. 16th St., $155,000.

Anthony and Susan Tomashek to Kristen Peloski, 4613 S. 33rd St., $137,000.

Gregory Chenoweth to Gretchen Newberry, 2314 Winnebago St., $129,000.

CTH B Development LLC to Dawn Beal, 5039 Hwy. B., $189,000.

TKC Rentals LLC to Chileda Institute Inc., 3716 Mormon Coulee Road, $435,000.

Justin Kraemer to Wayne Bottner, 2324 Vine St., $279,900.

Joanne Boisvert Estate to Collin Koval, 413 Eighth St., $67,900.

Collins Joint Revocable Trust to Marjorie Collins, 135 Rose St., 3404 and 3530 Hwy. B, and 1822 Hwy. 16, $656,400.

Marjorie Collins to Pamperin Real Estate LLC, 135 Rose St., 3404 and 3530 Hwy. B, and 1822 Hwy. 16, $656,400.

Alethia and Gregory Kenworthy to Darbi and Michael Jeffries, 2625 Bayview Court, $325,000.

HS Properties of Monroe County LLC to Mikala Sund, 1610 Livingston St., $69,000.

Janean and Matthew Baker to Tina Pike and Daniel Sutton, 2410 Aspen Court, $630,000.

William Morrison to Audra and Joel House, 427 S. 20th St., $160,000.

Town of Medary

Alice Lenser Estate to Richard Hare and Alexis Stout, W5160 Hwy. B, $49,000.


Sheila Handahl to Lynn Frise, 3012 Wild Rose Lane, $565,000.

Nathan Hill Estates LLC to Yi Huang, 432 Coronado Circle, $219,900.

James and Ida Luhm Revocable Trust, 931 La Crosse St., $170,000.

Town of Onalaska

Mark Gabrielson to Thomas Krajewski, N5550 Hwy. Z, $254,000.

David Truax to DTG Properties LLC, W8288 Hwy. Z, Unit 26, $68,000.


First National Bank Bangor to Joshua Dummer, 402 Eagle Ave., $15,000.

Town of Shelby

Brian and Pamela Rotty to Brittany and Joseph Tristano, W5915 Hillcrest Drive, $285,000.

Terri Hamilton and Craig, Frank and Mark Levenick to Emily Howland and Jennifer Zielke, N2022 Valley Road, $169,000.

West Salem

Donna and Jeffrey Jerman to Jacob Ellefson and Leslie Thompson, 1040 Branding Iron Road, $199,500.


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