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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday May 19, 2019

La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday May 19, 2019

From the La Crosse County public records: Building permits, property transfers, marriage licenses, births and divorces series

The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


State of Wisconsin DOT to Eagle Bay Properties, 2552 Rose St.

Bonnie and Steven Brown to Southside 12 LLC, 1041 Green Bay St. and 2022 14th St. S.

Bonnie Brown to Northside 12 LLC, 801 George St.

Bonnie and Steven Brown to Northside 13 LLC, 1812 Caledonia St.

Rebecca and Todd Miller to Miller Family Trust, 2038 Avon St.

Rodney Ofte to Steven Lucht, 2211 and 2213 16th St. S., $132,000.

Brian and Kristin Kahnke to Aidan Brown, 3178 29th St. S., $174,000.

Jennifer and Scott Tanke to Bridget and Michael Ender, 1720 Cass St., $223,000.

April Brown, Trevor Laws, and La Crosse County Sheriff to Wells Fargo Bank, 1830 Green Bay St.

Michael Euler and La Crosse County Sheriff to US Bank, 413 Liberty St.

Diane Peterson Estate and La Crosse County Sheriff to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, 1235 Green Bay St.

Joel Bahr to Sage Realty LLC, 2840 21st Place S., $300,000.

Diane and James Engh to REcovery Investment Property LLC, 2918 Losey Blvd. S.

Jacob McLees to Brad and Rachel Carter, 1335 27th St. S., $166,000.

Angel and Robert Smith to Michael Filla, 2215 23rd St. S., $186,500.

Karen Corona-Londre and Steven Londre to David Belluck and Sally Benjamin, 2515 Smith Valley road, $253,500.

JJ Henger Construction LLC to Joseph Hengel, 2640 Seventh St. S.

Thomas Lien to Goehner Investments LLC, 821 Hagar St., $56,000.

Brittany Beaston to Daniel Huber, 1201 Fifth Ave., $100,250.

Laurie and Timothy Hamilton to Miranda Cadmus and Richard Hamilton, 1701 21st St. S., $116,000.

Water Place One LLC to Cathy and Mike Juran, 636 Pettibone Point Way, $576,283.

Guy and Melissa Thooft to Tyler Henry-Avery, 1628 Adams St., $109,000.

Michael Dhondt to Michael Dhondt and Sarah Thomas, 943 Farnam St., $184,000.

Bruce Sitts to Joseph and Kendal Roraff, 1424 and 1426 Johnson St., $120,000.

PE Rentals LLC to Bullseye Property Investments LLC, 321,323, and 325 Jackson St., $127,000.

Rustan and Beth Wiersma Revocable Trust to Steven Londre, 5241 Brackenwood Court, $420,000.

Patrick Cavadini to Daniel Usgaard, 110 23rd St. S., $192,000.

Kevin and Pamela Fisher to Aaron Wickesberg, 3222 and 3224 29th Court S., $170,000.

Joseph Doperalski and Jacqueline Marcou to Sandra and Todd Graves, 208 Ninth St. S., $265,000.

Madison Revolving Trust 2017 to Seth Nururdin, 1310 10th St. S., $58,800.

Cynthia and Thomas Haas to Kelsey Klawiter and Skyler McQuiston, 1207 Bainbridge St., $160,800.

TLSC Trust to Jeffrey and Kristin Trohkimoinen, 136 20th St. S., $375,000.

Sean Sullivan to Traci and Trenton Davis, 2137 Green Bay St., $179,000.

Amber Leer to Corrie Bartle, 1415 Barlow St.

Gerald and Shirley Ruoff to G&S Ruoff Joint Revocable Trust, 1123 Main St., $144,400.

Shirley Ruoff Living Trust to Shirley Ruoff, 3427 and 3429 Kenton St.

Shirley Ruoff to G&S Ruoff Joint Revocable Trust, 3427 and 3429 Kenton St.

Bennetts Lawncare & Landscaping LLC to Enrique Valera, 1202, 1204 West Ave. S. and 1114 Adams St., $47,000.

Robert tooley to Phillip Tooley, 2226 Onalaska Ave., $37,000.

Sylvia Firary to Sylvia Firary Revocable Trust, 210 24th St. N., $245,000.

Jennifer Day to Stephanie Guth, 2114 East Ave. S., $140,000.

Bratager Properties LLC to Norman and Judith Jambois Trust, 2505 14th St. S., $71,500.

Jack and Jaclyn Peterson to Jake and Katlyn Karst, 2139 Losey Blvd. S., $155,000.

Carla Graham to Alyssa Boardman, 2150 Hyde Ave., $135,000.

Colin and Jill Fleming to Nathaniel Ferkey and Alexis Hess, 1211 Fifth Ave. S., $131,750.

Bernett Family Living Trust to Chloe Trainor, 5103 33rd St. S., $140,000.

Marian Sake to Susan Brinker, Amy Mastain, Daniel, Michael, and Patrick Sake, 1219 26th St. S.

Becki and Stephen Bamber to Kelly and Melissa Longtine, 2126 Winnebago St., $168,000.

Great River Homes LLC to Carol Lee, 6015 River Run Road, $266,060.

Kimberly Bakalars to Dalton Lee and Jewel Pientok, 1920 16th St. S., $155,900.

RWR Properties LLC to Berger Plumbing LLC, 1521 and 1523 Caledonia St., $183,900.

Bonnie and Wayne Oliver to Rotering Enterprises LLC, 2201 and 2203 Charles St., $121,000.

Benson Properties LLC to Barbara and Brian Benson, 326 West Ave. N.

Barbara and Brian Benson to Pine Street Properties LLC, 312, 314, 316, and 326 West Ave. N.

United State Bank West Salem to Kayin Xiong and Wacha Yang, 514 and 516 Lang Drive, $65,000.

City of La Crosse to Kyle Tranberg, 920 Liberty St.

Moonstone Meadow LLC to Nicholas Hernandez and Kaylee Stuckey, 1232 Adams St., $174,900.

Allan Tiedt Estate to Penny Tiedt, 1823 Avon St.

Delores and Raymond Spies to Batter Up Investments LLC, 918 St. James St., $55,000.

Wallace Jones to Ann Servais, 2326 Madison St., $171,000.

D&M Stokes Trust to Mary and William Anderson, 1225 Seiler Lane, $299,000.

George Oehrle Estate to Robin Oehrle, 2211 Market St.

Erik Culver to ENS Investments LLC, 1225 Jackson St.

Shoua and Xang Xiong to Courtney and Gregory Kirkeeng, 2209 Prospect St., $112,500.

Morgan and Tyler Swanson to Andrew Swenson, 3408 Birch St., $198,000.

Christopher and Tara Albers to Christopher and Tara Albers, 1642 Avon St.

Gregory Trussoni to Karl Keller, 3319 Meadow Lane Place, $175,000.


Gloralene and Zachary Bauer to Jeffery Olson, 461 Court Road, $262,000.

Cynthia and Kirk bey to Samuel Hellerude, 601 gilster St., $173,000.

Brian and Susan Fiegen to Donna Evans, 2825 Prairie Clover Place, $398,000.

Jill and Michael Veitz to Onalaska Rentals LLC, 803 and 805 Vilas St., $221,000.

Richard and Marlene Merfeld Living Trusts to Cheryl and Gary Robbins, 118 Heritage Lane, $237,500.

Glen and Joan Ward to Sue Prinsen, 911 Northern Sands Place, $170,000.

David and Steven Davies to Cynthia and Kirk Bey, 1008 Well St., $175,000.

Nathan and Vicky Weissenberger to Kris Ericson-Howe and Dean Howe, 947 Garden Place, $245,000.

Mark and Sally Searing to Jonah Rieber, 935 Wilson St., $155,500.

Wendi Franke to Andrew Kimberly Mellon, 1605 Johnson St., $299,900.

Skogenheim LLC to School District of Onalaska, 325 Second Ave. S., $52,500.

Amy and Donald Richmond to Wayne Vankauwenbergh, 211 Heritage Lane, $204,000.

Betty Stellpflug to Teresa and Todd Nedegaard, 910 Fourth Ave. N., $150,000.

William Vandervennet Jr. Living Trust to RR Ridge LLC, 583 and 543 Oakhill Court, 544 Pine Valley Court, $1,250,000.

John Richards to Emily Adams, 917 Lake St., $290,000.


Ryan Rushton to Nancy Tooley, $229,900.


Carol and James Schank to Andrew Campbell, $273,000.

John and Lacy Zimmerman to Andrew Buisman and Paige Wehling, $175,000.

Lee and Tricia Johnson to Gerra Galle and Miracle Pierre, $234,900.

Janice Russell to Jesse Russel, $131,500.

Art Acquisitions Holmen LLC to TN Thompson Enterprises, $59,900.

Art Acquisitions Holmen LLC to TN Thompson Enterprises, $59,900.

Robert Johnson and Susan Wright to CT Kustom LLC, $840,000.

S&J Properties of La Crosse LLC to Todd and Tonia Wright, $44,900.

Jay Just to Matthew and Sarah Thompson, $285,000.

Rosewood Development of Holmen to Village of Holmen, $1.

Kathryn Alden to Robert Hosch, $11,600.

Dennis Sather Estate to Laura Lang and Christopher Sather.

Favre Real Estate LLc to David Woodruff, $147,000.

Thorud Development LLC to Jay Just, $49,900.


Towner Construction LLC to Debra DelMedico, $212,000.


Jessica and Wilbert Steinborn to Scott and Whitney Custer, $240,000.


Jeanette Niemeier to Ramon Niemeier.


Todd Swenson to Joel Gerke, $415,000.


Steven Brown to Iland Tool & Die LLC.

Russell Lenser Estate to Gregory and Lisa Russell, $112,000.

Hoffer LLC to Courtney Sallee, $166,900.

Richard McKee to Steven and Tammy Diamond, $280,000.

Amanda and Kurtis Larson to Zachary Kubal, $189,000.

Barbara and Donald Vanderhoff to Donald Vanderhoff.


Brad and Rachel Carter to Kelly and Mitchell Fenske, $180,000.

Erin and Scott Ludmer, La Crosse County Sheriff to USAA Federal Savings Bank, $223,600.

USAA Federal Savings Bank to Secretary of Veteran Affairs and the USA, $223,600.

Mary Pfaff to Jonathan Towles, $72,500.


KST LLC to Anthony and Kim Locknane, $41,000.

Wilma Meyers to Kathryn Block, Joann Cotterman, Joyce Houghtaling, Diane Sesvold, Thomas and William Meyers, $122,500.

Kathryn Block, Joann Cotterman, Joyce Houghtaling, Diane Sesvold, Thomas and William Meyers to Adam Meyers, $122,500.

Kory and Leanna Duerst to Bryce Lampman, $400,000.


Cassy Lueck to Jeremy Lueck.


Mark Neumann and Mary Oldenburg to Edwin Haeuser, $82,000.

Amy and Jonathan Danielson to Brett Meddaugh, $280,000.

American Transmission Co. LLC, ATC Management Inc., Dairyland Power Cooperative, Northern States Power Co., SMMPA Wisconsin LLC, WPPI Energy, Xcel Energy to Broadway Properties LLC, $156,000.

Larry Oliver Estate to Kelsey Taylor and Cody Urban, $177,000.

Anne Koch to Connor Ische, $195,000.

Patrick and Rebecca Brockman to Diana and Terry Rysewyk.

Diana and Terry Rysewyk to Patrick and Rebecca Brockman, $500.

Jennifer and Lucas Forbess to Benjamin and Samantha Dilger, $340,000.

Kris Ericson-Howe and Dean Howe to Nathan and Vicky Weissenberger, $338,500.


Richard Staff to Nancy Gerrard.

Nancy Gerrard to Nancy Gerrard Revocable Trust.

Joan Douglas and Roland Dyck to Susan and William Pence, $365,000.


Luke and Stacy Abar to Donna Jendersee Living Trust, $53,500.

Gavaghan LLC to Lifetime Design Homes and NTM Enterprises, $55,000.

Matthew and Sarah Thompson to Meghan and Nathaniel Brown, $214,900.

Megan and Travis Seiltz to Dayna Walchak, $213,000.

William Wilson to Ryan Rushton, $210,500.

American Home Mortgage Assets Trust to Brian and Patricia Kiesling, $218,500.


Patricia and Thomas Johnson to Patricia Johnson.

Patricia and Thomas Johnson to Patricia Johnson Qualified Personal Residence Trust.

James and Judith Gull Living Trust to Jacob and Stephanie Martin, $425,000.

Linzi and Michael Washtock to Jennifer Olinger, $153,000.

Gerald and Shirley Ruoff to G&S Ruoff Joint Revocable Trust, $326,000.

River Bank to Roger Croell, $50,000.

Dennis Wood Trust to Melanie and Robert Bush, $277,100.


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