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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.

Town of Bangor

Robert Mulder Jr. Estate to Colleen Mulder, $128,000.

Town of Burns

Timothy and Todd Michaels to Elizabeth Michaels, N5056 Hwy. 162, $139,600.

Elizabeth Michaels to Elizabeth Michaels Irrevocable Trust, N5056 Hwy. 162, $139,600.

James and Joan Cook and Joseph and Katie Cook, N8858 Hwy. 162, $160,200.

Town of Campbell

Bobbi and Jeffrey Wiedman to Bobbi Wiedman, 2613 Thomas St., $199,100.

Alan Heilman Estate to Robert Heilman, 202 Sky Harbour Drive, $818,000.

Pamela Runningen and Jerry Salomonsen to Stephnie Mick and Benjamin Valley, 3129 Youngdale Drive, $187,000.

Cheryl Leisher and Ann Rendler to Emily and Shawn Gallagher, 316 Olivet St., $241,000.

Town of Farmington

Henry and Yvonne Meyer to John Forbes, W5408 Baker Road, $299,900.

Andrew, Caleb, Martin and Pamela Olson to Devan Christopherson, $49,000.

Town of Greenfield

Laura and Levi Krampert to Justin and Katheryn Smith, W4040 Hwy. 14/61, $280,000.

Andrew and Molly Mader to Kathryn and Ronald Guenther, N2185 Hwy. OA, $245,000.

KST LLC to Hathea and Michael Lewandowski, $40,000.

Anita Grana to Glen and Peggy Benson, N791 East Hills Road, $380,000.

Town of Hamilton

Kurt and Ona Childs to Jameson and Jessica Childs and Abby Hemmerich, W2975 Pleasant Valley Road, $433,900.

Debra and Roger McDowell to Courtney and Daniel Kloss, $8,500.

Donald and Karen Dunham to Joann and Terry Foellmi, W5393 Bahr Road, $305,000.

Town of Holland

Town & Country Homes LLC to Abby and Peter Durnil, N7043 Oak St., $498,146.

Richard Kane to Megan Mill and Erick Smith, W7465 Hwy. T, $130,000.

Jennifer and Josh Reynolds to Josh Reynolds, N8427 McWain Drive, $215,000.

David, Merle and Peggy Everson and Donna Hoffman to Darcee and John Netzer, W7485 Sylvester Road, $295,000.

David Gajafsky and Geraldine Leipzigp-Gajafsky, N8667 Hanson Drive, $426,000.

Jo and Michael Bistodeau to Ashley and Isaiah Kuban, W7831 Country Ave., $298,500.

Kelly Baerwaldt and Samuel Finney to Anthony Decker, W7941 Tulip Lane, $359,900.

Sharon Waldenberger Estate to Matthew and Scott Waldenberger, W7584 E. McHugh Court, $144,800.


Cortni and Jesse Berger to Darrell and Sharyl Schlieckau, 3211 Horton St., $327,500.

Amory and Taylor Vanwinkle to Richard Thorson, 1202 Pioneer Drive, $300,000.

Karla and Mark Snyder to Kymi and Peng Moua, 302 Mallard Drive, $254,600.

Joshua Bever to Derik and Paige Kreibich, 1604 Viking Ave., $195,700.

Jerry and Kathy Lokken to Kenneth Smerud, 1508 Sand Lake Road, $193,500.

Luanne and Honer-Carrimon to Briar Nothaus and Amber Peters, 204 E. Wall St., $200,000.

Yvonne Cade to 801 Evergreen LLC, 801 Evergreen Drive, Apts. 1 and 2, $166,800.

Arlene Prichett to Favre Real Estate LLC, 127 E. Legion St., $134,000.

Ann and Kelly Knauss to John Sullivan, 2803 S. Pleasant Drive, $199,900.

Andrew Schwanbeck to Shawn Vanert, 409 Walnut Drive, $189,700.

Gabrielle and Joseph Lujan to Melissa Cochran, 316 N. Cherry Lane, $245,000.

La Crosse

Bryant Neises to Julie and Steven Churchill, 2111 S. 14th St., $152,900.

Christene Breininger to Thomas Young, 2842 S. 22nd St., $41,050.

Thomas Young to Colleen Hogan and Brandon Strittmater, 2842 S. 22nd St., $117,500.

Kathy and Thomas Zieja to Kathy Cassidy-Zieja Revocable Trust and Thomas Zieja Revocable Trust, 14 Copeland Ave., Units 40 and 311, $172,100.

Moonstone Meadow LLC to Joseph Liegel, 2003 Mississippi St., $145,500.

Cynthia Calogero to Diane Forster, 1355 Hyde Ave., $129,900.

Spencer Niebur to Goliath Companies LLC, 653 N. 22nd St., $157,000.

Brianna Lessard to Dianna Cina and Derek Olson, 1428 Adams St., $141,500.

Renee Dettmann to David and Krista Kulig, 1527 S. 30th St., $159,900.

Janine Bina Revocable Living Trust to Mark and Rodney Bina, Kathy Fitzsimmons and J&G Sampson Trust, 1225 and 1227 Park Ave., $27,900.

William Hart to Sean Sullivan, 2137 Green Bay St., $92,000.

Roberta Draheim to David and Stephanie Bentzen, 2015 Kane St., $112,000.

Debra Trussoni to Joann and Leland Germanson, 415 N. Losey Blvd., $189,900.

Rosica Dzikova to Dimitar Dzikova, 1507 Barlow St., $100,500.

Theresa Schafer to Alex and Kelli Jerve, 302 S. 23rd St., $165,000.

Sandra Schroeder to Jose Le Toscano, 1125 S. Fourth St., Units 1 and 2, $52,000.

Susan Worden to Andrew Myhre, 1928 S. 20th St., $128,500.

Arthur and Diane Melby to Goliath Companies LLC, 206 and 208 N. Eighth St., $165,000.

Warm & Cozy LLC to Brandon, Eugene, Mikayla and Tammy Simmons, 1602 Market St., $255,000.

William Katra to STeven Eide, 711 Winnebago St., $59,000.

Bridget Karl to Paula and Shirley Block, 1100 26th St., $125,000.

Ezekiel Koonce to Ezekiel and Morgan Koonce, 4823 Hwy. B., $172,000.

Kathleen Gallagher to Toni Parish, 2232 Charles St., $50,000.

Toni Parish to LP & Associates, 2232 Charles St.

Brad and Heather Schomberg to NRE Properties LLC, 1313 and 1315 Green Bay St., $85,000.

Mark Olson to Amanda and Jeffery Rood, 2414 Wood St., $124,000.

Spies Construction LLC to Courtney and Joseph Smith, 815 S. Sixth St., $269,067.

John Swanbeck to Lisa Gale, 2318 Mississippi St., $115,900.

Lisa Gale to Daniel Elsen, 2318 Mississippi St., $140,500.

Arlene Sikorski Estate to Judith Guengerich, 528 S. 17th Place, $110,000.

Lisa Montague to Lisa and Randall Montague, 1526 Hyde Ave., $117,000.

Kellsie and Mathias Harter to Scott Bjurquist and Angelica Roth, 1338 Caledonia St., $170,000.

AMAK Properties LLC to Brian Elsen and Carrie Ihle-Elsen, 770 N. Second St., $105,900.

Jeff and Kimberly Wing to David and Mitzi Krantz, 2334 Kane St., $138,900.

Graham Investments LLC to David and Deborah Jambois, 2403 Losey Blvd. S., $159,900.

Melissa Hanson to Emily and Jordan Cerny, 213 S. 22nd St., $324,900.

Ashley Dockry and Brian Jenks to Zari Averbeck and Nicholas Ragner, 2214 Jackson St., $135,000.

Nelson Johnson to Theresa Kivi, 1501 Rose St., $75,900.

Justin and Kathryn Smith to Kelsey Grinna, 1625 Travis St., $154,700.

Mary Lehrman to Bauer Estates LLC, 1625 Market St., $74,750.

Joan and Michael Solberg to Nolan Hensley, 1427 and 1429 Avon St., $173,900.

Dennis and Marjorie Havard Trust Agreement to Douglas and Wendy Sullivan, 533 Losey Blvd. N., $262,000.

Leland Diersen Estate to Steven Eide, 726 and 728 Gould St., $45,000.

Saddlecreek Properties LLC to Citizens State Bank La Crosse, 118 and 122 S. Seventh St., $660,000.

Vilas Street Property Management Group LLC to Kelly Demarino, 1902 and 1904 Kane St.

Aerosat Acquisitions LLC to City of La Crosse, 942, 944 and 946 Johnson St., $96,100.

Catherine Lavallee-Welch and Charles Welch to Heather Galster, 421 S. 23rd St., $182,900.

Margaret Sandmire to Joshua Bench and Lisa Kruse, 2849 Brook Court, $182,000.

Michael and Patricia Madden to Jill Schuller-Weisbrod and Lawrence Weisbrod, 2537 Edgewood Place, $266,000.

Douglas and Wendy Sullivan to Asma Arayan and Justin Everson, 4801 Stanley Court, $339,000.

Rise Properties LLC to Jason Stratman, 828 Island St. and 429 Liberty St., $110,000.

Joshua Bench and Lisa Kruse to Dillon and Katie Beyer, 1560 Denton St., $175,000.

Matthew Zielke to Emily and Hans Wagner, 5521 Mormon Coulee Road, $131,900.

Corinne and Richard Huber and Huber Cedar Park Apartments LLC to River Valley Partners LLC, 1910 and 1920 Sunset Lane, $200,000.

Ryan Krause to Kylle Miller and Alexis Vaningan, 4942 Hwy. B, $67,500.

Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare I to Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration Inc., 929 Market St., $916,000.

Joann and William Hampel to Karen Arentz and William Miller, 1604 S. 10th St. and 940 Denton St., $139,000.

Julie and Michael Marthaler to Joshua Krzych, 2118 S. 22nd St., $195,000.

Vanessa Hegge to City of La Crosse, 730 Charles St., $57,900.

Town of Medary

Elizabeth Buchner Estate to David and Sue McCann, W5204 Hwy. B, $150,000.

Floyd and Patsy Nelson to Evergreens Condominium Development, N3565 Unit Unit 44 and N3567 Unit 43, $19,900.

Cheryl and Jon Reavis to Sean and Shawnna Bortz, N4533 Meadow Wood Road, $247,000.

J. Beyer Estate LLC to ENS Investments LLC, N4629 and N4631, E. Timber Crest Drive, $215,000.


Diane and Eric Bisping to Tammy Polodna, 529 La Crosse St., $135,000.

Peter Fuhrman to Grant Morgan, 562 Pralle Road, $249,000.

Peter and Susan Servais Revocable Trust to Alan and Odetta Ross, 1392 Rosewood Trail, $230,000.

Barry and Susan Schaller to Jo and Michael Bistodeau, 2909 Cheyenne Drive, $357,500.

Katherine Rick to Renee Stroinski, 118 Third Ave. N., $158,000.

Jillian and Michael Sylla to Emily Balfanz, 1051 Green Bay St., $175,000.

ART Acquisitions Holmen LLC to Christopher and Rachel Richgels, 1105 Maple Shade Court, $79,900.

John Weibel to Donald and Dorothy Hitchins, 621 Sand Lake Road, $169,900.

Peter Fuhrman and Courtney Wilson to Grant Morgan, 562 Pralle Rod, $249,000.

Rebecca Ziolek to Beth and Brent Swan, 619 Oak Ave. N., $180,000.

Anthony Decker to Brandon Collins and Emily Pedretti, 305 16th Ave. N., $190,000.

Gina and Robert Gollnik to Nicholas Swanson, 635 Hanson Court, $199,900.

Corey and Katherine Harris to Jason and Stacie Lince, 1311 Kingswood Lane, $252,000.

Suzan Campbell to Shannon Campbell, W8184 Old Hwy. NA, $124,100.

John Snyder Living Trust to Rosemary and Scott Schultz, 1644 Keller Court, $252,400.

Prestige Custom Builders LLC to Sandra Drendel, 1528 Crockett Drive and 1704 Bridger Drive, $372,707.

State of Wisconsin DOT to City of Onalaska, 1005 Second Ave. N., $1.

Megan and Michael Burns, 416 Country Club Lane, $849,900.

Rebecca Lockington to Carlie and Jason Rowe, 1611 Sand Lake Road, $223,000.

Astrid and Robert Anderton to Robert and Astrid Anderton Revocable Trust, 1341 Lauderdale Place, $137,200.

Mark and Maureen Neuville to Karla Peterson, 1005 Oak Ave. N., $228,000.

Town of Onalaska

Earl and Ruth Pedretti to Anthony and Kimberly Tome, W7796 Hwy. ZN, $245,000.

John Marshall Estate to Peter Fuhrman, W8666 Hwy. Z, $235,000.

Patrick and Rebecca Brockman to Mark and Xiaozan Anderson, N5550 Moos Road, $472,500.

Fricke Joint Revocable Trust to Elliott Immerfall, N5399 Innsbruck Road, $320,000.

Lifetime Design Homes to Christopher and Heidi Petree, W6465 and W6467 Oakwood Circle, $336,850.

Diane Schaller and La Crosse County Sheriff to Dustin Berg, W8275 Tower St., $76,000.

Town of Shelby

June Kim to June Kim Revocable Trust, 3733 Ebner Coulee Road.

Peter Niemann to Ru Di Chen and Fei Mei Yang, N2009 Orchard Valley Drive, $265,000.

Nancy Molstad to St. Joseph Shop LLC, $4,500.

Christine and Steven Molstad to Todd Guentner and St. Joseph Shop LLC, 2809 S. 28th St., $170,000.

Scheffner Joint Revocable Trust to Mark and Maureen Neuville, W5830 Coulee Springs Lane, $248,000.

West Salem

Theresa Drake and Aaron Zimmerman to Kelly Blaha, 345 Buol Road, $185,000.

Karen Day, Joanne Diestelhorst, Barbara Jepsen and Richard Morgan to Austin and Olivia Jones, 637 W. Elm St., $149,900.

Fossum Management to Robert and Timothy Schneider, 136 E. Elm St., $82,000.

Chad Seberg and Jennifer Viner to Jena Christopherson, 854 N. Mark St., $370,000.

Joann and Terry Foellmi to Susan Stelter, 424 E. Franklin St., $160,000.


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