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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Lisa Dow, Lori, Patricia, Ralph and Ronald Gjertsen, and Lynda Johnson to Jeremiah Johnson, 1622 Fairview St., $183,000.

Jeffrey and Kathryn Schmidt to Matthew and Moriah Stroh, 104 14th Ave. N., $154,000.

Debra Wamsley to Jacob Brandt, 1809 Nathan Drive, $175,000.

Ann Benz and Paul and Todd Schaller to Ryan Schroeder, 1207 Cardinal St., $105,000.

Town of Bangor

Dorothy Seab to DC Xing LLC, $400,000.

Town of Barre

Jeffrey and Johanna Berg to Curtis, Matthew and Pamela Berg, $115,230.

Lynelle Hinkley to Lynelle Hinkley and Zachary Stagman, $18,000.

Mitch Muller to Hannah and Mitch Muller, N3354 Daisy Drive, $39,100.

Town of Farmington

Bruce Stumlin Revocable Trust to Michael Niedfeldt, $50,000.

Darcie and Joshua Marks to Ellicia and Richard Klett, W5216 Hwy. T, $183,000.

Town of Greenfield

Thomas Tremain Family Trust to William Tremain, W3010 Hintgen Road, $3,700.

James Lusk to Alan and Dina Cavadini, N1657 Servais Colleran Road, $168,500.

Susan and William Varnum to William and Susan Varnum Irrevocable Trust, N2365 Hwy. OA, $382,300.

Town of Hamilton

Lisa and Robert Armstrong to Wendy Hoth, $43,750.

Wildhaven Farms Inc. to Matthew and Sarah Sweet, $96,000.

Joel and Kristin Hirschboeck to Amory and Taylor Vanwinkle, W5420 Innsbruck Road, $870,000.

Hollowtwin Farms to Richard and Ronald Oldenburg, $363,900.

Carol and Kenneth Hiles to Jesse and Kayla Waite, N6703 Hwy. 108, $124,000.

Ronald Oldenburg to Ronald and Cynthia Oldenburg, $363,800.

Richard Oldenburg to Jenelle and Richard Oldenburg, $363,800.

Town of Holland

Karen Matushek to Amy Hembd and Paul Matushek, N6825 Amy Drive, $162,200.

Jason and Stacie Lince to Lindsey and Ryan Hellenbrand, $33,000.


Travis Gaarder and Tracey Socha to Riley Holte, 407 Morris St., $149,900.

Julia and Steve Gabor to Julia Gabor, 901 S. Cherry Lane, $264,000.

ART Acquisitions Holmen LLC to Knadle Family Trust, $59,900.

Michael and Nancy Kroening to David Helgerson, 702 Liberty Lane, $258,000.

Maria Strong to Joan Lenox, 2026 Crooked Ave., $195,000.

Mitchell Denall to Jenna Brandt, 508 Amanda Court, $216,750.

Thorud Development LLC to Integrity Construction of La Crosse LLC, N7618 Hans Brinker Lane, $125,000.

Carrie Johnson to Laurel Jacobson and Nicholas Stingl, 3114 S. Martin Lane, $170,000.

Jeffrey and Michelle Schroeder to John and Sonja Sowders, 905 Eastwood St., $226,000.

Jason Etrheim to Jason and Tara Etrheim, 1109 Maple Shade Court, $40,450.

Abby and Peter Durnil to Nicholas Hendricks and Stefanie Smith, 1009 Deerfield St., $267,000.

David Gramling to Robert Jones, 205 Marie Drive, $357,400.

La Crosse

Rebekah Fitzsimmons to Barbara and Daniel Fitzsimmons, 1303 S. Sixth St., $20,833.

Andrew Larson to Andlars Properties LLC, 916 Tyler St., $61,100.

Rita Chandler to Sandra McDaniel, 2338 George St., $120,000.

Riley Holte to Peter Bell, 312 Avon St., $87,500.

Nancy and Paul Mueller to Water Place One LLC, 645 Pettibone Pointe Way, $674,900.

Kathleen Germain to Jose Rivera, 1403 West Ave. S., $127,500.

LaVonne Berger Estate to Jeffrey Cramer, 135 S. 24th St., $159,500.

Janet and Kent Koppelman to Janet and Kent Koppelman Revocable Trust, 1017 West Ave. S., $173,100.

Earl Steele to Steven Eide, 410 Mississippi St., $27,000.

Benjamin and Diane Helke to Angela and Brooks Kvalheim, 4349 Mormon Coulee Road, $129,000.

Christopher and Julie Pinkowski to Cynthia Kobi, 1932 Loomis St., $115,000.

Todd Carr to Health Carr, 2121 Losey Blvd. St., $131,300.

Charles and Wendy Linnell to Jeffery and Susan Bodenschatz, 4710 Southfield Green, $364,900.

Bank of America to Brian and Kristin Kahnke, 3178 S. 29th St., $85,500.

Matthew and Megan Binsfeld to Matthew and Megan Binsfeld Revocable Trust, 1839 Cherokee Ave., $624,300.

Fleming Commercial Investments LLC to Colin and Jill Fleming, 608 and 610 Gould St., $96,700.

Florence Moe Estate to Katherine and Marlin Ghelfi, 2110 S. 22nd, $153,000.

Abby Wiedman to Donald and Susan Otten, 4935 Hwy. B, $169,900.

Lindsay and Louis Ferguson to Jane Benzschawel and Kasmier Wawrzaszek, 1624 Johnson St., $162,000.

Kevin and Michelle Shirel to Emily Loe, 515 Losey Blvd. N., $301,500.

Kathleen and Larry Wagner to Larry and Kathleen Wagner Joint Revocable Trust, 1303 Moorings Road, $291,100.

Patricia Vinson to Gary Derr, 2725 Grand Ave., $155,000.

Karen and Ronald French to Joshua Becker, 929 Hagar St., $49,600.

Lynn Kruse to LWK Enterprises, 3325 Mormon Coulee Road, $125,700.

Karla Peterson to Jeanette, Mark and Timothy Foss, 901 Avon St., $132,000.

Cajun Commercial Holdings LLC to Mark Abitz, 2731 Lincoln Ave., $132,500.

Jneane Young to Debra Trussoni, 1400 Redfield St. No. 9, $91,900.

Adam Schneider to Abby Wiedman, 937 Milson Court, $203,000.

James Nguyen and Tina Niedfeldt to James Nguyen, 315 Losey Blvd. S., $154,000.

Trent Jacobs to Sena Ellenz, 1521 Travis St., $134,900.

Aric and Colleen Hoeschen to Adam Schneider, 2102 Grandview Place, $162,000.

Emily and Jordan Cerny to Aric and Colleen Hoeschen, 137 S. 22nd St., $234,000.

John and Marilyn Hempstead Revocable Trust to Dennie Jax and Paige Schneider, 1108 S. Seventh St., $113,000.

Kathryn and Steven Carter to Bruce Paulson, 1303 Green Bay St., $162,500.

Mary Berger to Jerry and Kathy Lokken, 3305 Rosehill Place, $165,000.

Carl Kirschner to Robert Massena, 933, 935 and 937 Division St., $70,000.

Stefanie Smith to Mary Berger, 1037 S. 28th St., $154,000.

Rodney Bina to RBCMB Trust, 1225 and 1227 Park Ave., $44,000.

Daniel Elsen to Beth Hoth, 4320 Cliffside Drive, $195,500.

Margelyn and Robert Berndt to Brian and Michelle Sampson, 2613 Hoeschler Drive, $185,200.

Rae Merritt to Katherine and Matthew Lawver, 1408 Caledonia St., $144,900.

Debra and Michael Faust to Zona Butterfield and John Haines, 207, 2009 and 2011 Loomis St., $110,000.

Dennis and Diane Myers to Luz and Paul Lathrop, 1914 Sharon St., $148,500.

Stephen Cottrell Revocable Trust to Driftless Outdoors LLC, 1810 State St., $150,000.

Town of Medary

Todd Zielke to Joseph Klingbeil, $3,300.


Jennifer and Nicolas Wiesjahn, 1004 Oak Timber Drive, $459,000.

La Crosse County to State of Wisconsin DOT, 1005 Second Ave. N., $100.

Dennis and Dorothy Graves to Bruce and Karen Torgerson, 201 Heritage Lane, $206,100.

Ann, Hans and John Vonweiss to Andrew and Rodney Eitland, 1263 Bentgrass Court, $325,000.

David Winiecki to Eric Zinck, 1048 and 1050 Terrace Drive, $212,000.

Elmwood Partners Ltd. Partnership to Tom and Jan Brock Trust, 3364 Emerald Valley Drive, $99,900.

Kong Vue to Timekeep Property LLC, 1115 Hickory St., $130,400.

Darrel and Judith Burkhardt to Jonathan Berkich, 216 Third Ave. S., $125,400.

Beverly Nelson to Keith and Laura Rosenthal, 1320 Wilson St., $260,000.

Lown Family Enterprises to Ironside Properties LLC, 980 and 984 12th Ave. S., $1,137,000.

Elizabeth and Mark Lakmann to Gloralene and Zachary Bauer, 461 Court Road, $239,900.

Gregory and Katie Aspenson to Karlie Hurlbert and Peter Mueller, 561 Court Road, $185,000.

Roger Chase Estate to Rachel Larsen and Riley Powers, 956 Westview Circle Drive, $230,000.

Nathaniel and Sarah Loeffelholz to Brock and John Macewen, 418 Ninth Ave. S., $153,000.

Susan and William Varnum to William and Susan Varnum Irrevocable Trust, W1236 Hwy. PH, $166,200.

Allison and Jonathan Kaatz to Brady Bornhauser, 1102 Schafer Drive, $186,000.

Robert Moe to Kathy Zietler, 2301 Franklin St., $65,000.

Bonnie and Michael Ritter to Angela and Lucas McEldowney, 1401 Pine St., $270,000.

Bee Vang and Anita Vue, 519 16th Ave. N., $110,000.

Town of Onalaska

Virginia Dale Estate to Douglas Dale, W7107 and W7121 Hwy. Z, $285,000.

Douglas Dale to Douglas and Mary Dale Joint Revocable Trust, W7107 and W7121 Hwy. Z, $285,000.

HP River Rock LLC to Robert Glise, W8288 Unit 3, Hwy. Z, $77,500.

Gavaghan LLC to Lisa and Richard Larson, $87,000.

Jean and John Nash to Heath Weissenberger, W7466 Hwy. Z, $195,000.


Towner Construction LLC to Brad and Heather Olson, 1501 and 1503 Maple Drive, $209,500.

Small Town Investments LLC to Kyle and Michele Burrows, 1659 Birch St., $245,000.

Small Town Investments LLC to Towner Construction LLC, 1507, 1509, 1513 and 1515 Maple Drive, $27,800.

Lindsey Bottem to Brandon Cody 1614 and 1702 Black Oak Drive, $95,950.

Town of Shelby

Lorin Hyslop to Hebenbarth Development LLC, 3440 Greenbriar Court, $115,000.

Town of Washington

Elaine Brudos to Brent Brudos, $36,300.

La Crosse County to Town of Washington, $100.

Carol and Donald Franke to Lisa and Russell Larson, N2315 Antony Road, $420,000.

West Salem

Eric and Stephanie Papenfuss to Rebecca McNulty, 221 N. Mill St., $155,000.

Ramona Jolivette to Ramona Jolivette Revocable Trust, 624 East Ave., $166,300.

Jay Justin to Marilyn Justin, 366 W. Hamilton St., $155,200.

Melissa Ertz-Rogge and Lawrence Kaatz to Rachel Sackett, 337 N. Leonard St., $160,000.

Charmaine Beulow, Dan and Gulbrand Wee to Heidi and Seth Tester, 411 N. Youlon St., $147,000.

Dennis Wee to Heidi and Seth Tester, 411 N. Youlon St., $49,000.


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