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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, Nov. 3

La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, Nov. 3

From the La Crosse County public records: Building permits, property transfers, marriages licenses and divorces series

The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Jean and Thomas Scarseth to Thomas Scarseth, 613 24th St. N.

Cheryl and Michael Schuyler to Andrew Jennison-Scheler, 2028 King St., $200,000.

Withrow Properties LLC to Brandon Haugen, Brian Kelly and Kyle McKittrick, 1345, 1347 and 1349 Avon St., $170,000.

M&P Fosters LLC to Fenigor Group LLC, 528 Loomis St.

Jean Schmidt to Withrow Properties LLC, 3149 31st St. S., $150,000.

Ronald Brown to 4Nicks Investments LLC, 515 and 517 16th St. S., $257,500.

Tyler Skidmore and Aria Stone to Megan Richason, 2415 13th St. S., $175,000.

Delthe Schumacher to Andrew Theisen, 2416 Sunrise Drive, $125,000.

Mary Jacobs Revocable Trust to David and Nancy Imhoff, 5222 Brackenwood Court, $340,000.

Sandy Her and Tou Yang to Sunny Yang, 1917 Losey Blvd. S.

Lorraine Thesing to Nikki Johnson and Kenneth, Michael, Paul, Steven and Warren Thesing, 1520 11th St. S.

Rudolph Thesing Jr. to Nikki Johnson and Kenneth, Michael, Paul, Steven and Warren Thesing, 1520 11th St. S.

Karen Tower to Barbara Smitherman, 1402 Hyde Ave., $180,500.

Joseph Zoellner to Adriana Candia, 2225 Park Ave., $110,900.

Nikki Johnson and Kenneth, Paul, Steven and Warren Thesing to Michael Thesing, 1520 11th St. S., $50,400.

Aland Baldwin to Ivan Parcher, 1430, 1432 and 1434 Liberty St., $195,000.

City of La Crosse to Kari Lanzel, 1120 Liberty St.

Hope and Steven Hampe to Calvin and Rebecca Erickson Joint Revocable Trust, 2215 George St., $169,900.

Bryan Stillwell and Joshua Marler, 3205 and 3207 Losey Blvd. S., $147,000.

Chastity Gordon and Patrick Wuensch to Chastity Gordon, 617 Hagar St.

Wisco Property Group LLC to Swing Enterprises LLC, 116 and 118 24th St. S., $270,000.

Penny Stone Estate to Ann and Jeremy Yardley, 3515 Kenton St., $143,000.

Mary Coady, Fullcircle Properties LLC and David Holthaus to Little White Church House LLC, 1323, 1325, 1427, 1329 and 1333 Gillette St., $285,000.

David and Linda Janusheske to Amy Hansen, Brian Janusheske, Lisa Spann and Jill Taylor, 2606 Sunrise Drive.

Charles Northup Estate to Jon and Nolan Northup, 2316, 2318, 2320 and 2322 State Road, 1319 and 1321 23rd St. S.

Emily and John Coates to Christopher Geary, 3122 29th Court S., $161,900.

David Vaslow to 421 Jay St. LLC, 421, 423 and 425 Jay St., $89,500.

Connie and Mark Flottmeier to Jenna Vanlinn, 1818 Green Bay St., $167,500.

Lori and Scot Niebuhr to Mark Vonruden, 1906 and 1908 Hyde Ave., $125,500.

Due North LLC to H&H Real Estate LLC, 1414 State St., $201,500.

Joan Woods Estate to Jacob Woods, 1316 26th St. S., $124,000.

Andrew Gleason to Ian and Jennifer Walker, 2111 21st Terrace S., $195,000.

Susan Kennedy to Mark Hamilton, 2101 Charles St., $69,000.

Ashley and Brent Gies to Stephanie Johnson and Alex Stekel, 2708 Ray Place, $180,000.

Michael Meier to Christine Kakuska, 2917 Broadview Place, $158,000.


JBT Hotels LLC to CLT Investments LLC, 1223 Crossing Meadow Drive, $2,620,000.

Colleen and Robert Swenson to Melissa and Timothy Boecher, 200 Larkspur Lane W., $349,900.

Jordan and Presley Rhode to John and Maryann Abendroth, 631 Oak Ave. S., $189,900.

Nicole Didomenico to Daniel Traastad, 412 Fourth Ave. N., $128,000.

Winifred Solberg Trust to Alan Baldwin, 1216 East Ave. N., $195,000.

Adam Aspenson to Sand Lake Condos LLC, 1171 Rolling Oaks Drive, 1631 and 1641 Sand Lake Road.

Traditional Trades Inc. to Adam Aspenson, 1171 Rolling Oaks Drive, 1631 and 1641 Sand Lake Road.


S&J Properties of La Crosse LLC to Todd and Tonia Wright, $85,800.

Brian and Nicole Ricard to Brian Ricard.

Art Acquisitions Holmen LLC to McCathie Investments LLC, $59,900.

HG Holdings Group LLC to HG Group LLC, $262,900.

HG Group LLC to Andrew and Connie Gronholz, $262,900.

Rose Flick and Sally Hagen to Michelle Hassani, $249,900.

Jaime and Jeffrey Powell to Kevin and Susan Engstad, 1122 Newport Lane, $310,000.

Lauri Metz to Rose Flick and Sally Hagen, $215,000.

Todd and Tonia Wright to Barbara and Royce McVay, $322,534.

Deborah and Lester Giesler Jr. to Nancy Gilbertson, $225,000.

Dawn and Kimberly Lueck to Jacob and Tiffany Waters, $242,900.

S&J Properties of La Crosse LLC to JKC Construction LLC, $24,000.

Angela and Keith Togerud to Justin and Stephanie O’Driscoll, $362,502.


Steven Tabor Estate to Rachel Tabor.

Teresa Fennigkoh to Jordan Fennigkoh.

Robert and Mary Huggard Joint Revocable Trust to Jeremy and Katy Weber, $270,000.

Mary Wojcik to Alan Wojcik Jr.

Southdale Hills Associates LLP to Moonstone Meadows LLC, $30,000.


Cathryn and Cole Howland to Jon and Lori Dumars, $76,000.

Daniel and Tina McWain to Patricia Shurson, $50,000.


Phyllis Shepard to Rebecca Kerby and Devin McClain, $62,800.

Erik and Randy Shepard to Rebecca Kerby and Devin McClain, $85,200.

Cheri Kosler to Rebecca Kerby and Devin McClain, $42,500.

Debra Huber Special Needs Trust to Rebecca Kerby and Devin McClain, $42,500.


Barbara and Douglas Drogseth to Barbara, Douglas and Miles Drogseth.

Taylor Calvetti and Taylor Olson to Collin Blom, $37,500.


Jennifer Fema to Brian and Laurie Taylor, $250,000.

Darris and Deidra Gustin to Annette and William Waughtal, $437,000.

Patricia Shurson to Daniel and Tina McWain, $330,000.

Gerrold and Joan Ewing to Brian and Camille Lusk, $310,000.

Thompson Joint Revocable Trust to Kyle and Sara Olson, $292,000.


Andrew and Connie Gronholz Joint Revocable Trust to Jonathan Danielson, $38,500.


James Jesmer to Julie Groth and James Jesmer, $73,300.

Jill and Timothy Jones to Beth and Robert Pischke, $380,000.


Deborah Cowan to Brea and Isaac Grace, $260,000.

The Douglas La Fleur Trust and Rodney Lafleur Trust to Peter Dobbs.


Paula and Timothy Betlach to the Betlach Joint Revocable Trust.

Vanguard Valley LLC to Robert Scarth and Jennifer Short, $228,000.


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