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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.

Town of Barre

Fred and Elizabeth Schomberg to Carrie and Matthew Quick, N2834 Hwy. OA, $200.

Fred and Elizabeth Schomberg to Casandra and Eric Grube, $38,300.

Town of Campbell

Robert Mathison to Bobby Bendel and Jane Deal, 2734 Grand Ave., $226,100.

Daniel and Timothy Gerleman to Tanner Hageman, 2524 Second Ave. E., $140,000.

Barbara Barr to Alicia Bourke and Lucas Clift, 803 Lakeview Drive, $178,000.

Adam Hoffer to Hoffer LLC, 1107 La Crescent St., $106,500.

Town of Farmington

Terry Knothe to Douglas, Jodi and Michael Hutzenbuehler, Susan Lee, Tonya McCabe and Patricia Meixelsperger, W2280 Hwy. A, $100.

Douglas, Jodi and Michael Hutzenbuehler, Susan Lee, Tonya McCabe and Patricia Meixelsperger to Brenda and Kevin Gagermeier, W2280 Hwy. A, $235,000.

Melrose-Mindoro School District to Hixton Mall LLC, N8244 Hwy. C, $32,500.

Melrose-Mindoro School District to David Rucker, N8254 Hwy. C, $30,100.

Town of Greenfield

Samuel Morris and Jennifer Schmaltz to Carola and Philip Weissenberger, $40,000.

KST LLC to Keith and Sue Lee, $33,000.

Town of Hamilton

Michelle Allen, Dennis Loomis and La Crosse Sheriff, W4018 Gills Coulee Road, $97,500.

John King to Lisa King, W4246 Ceresa Drive, $232,600.

Michelle and Perry McClellan to Daines Investments LLC, W3233 Old Hwy. 16, $500.

Lynn and Steven Knudson to Steven and Lynn Knudson Irrevocable Trust, W2904 M. Knudson Road, $140,700.

Town of Holland

Merrilee Connell Estate to Jeannette and Peter Moe, W8188 Old Hwy. NA, $80,000.

Katie and William Glanville to James and Lori Nelson, N6977 Sunrise Lane, $220,000.

Broadway Properties LLC to Jill and Paul Zuberbier, W7731 Colbe Place, $268,659.

Jill and Paul Zuberbier to Paul and Jill Zuberbier Revocable Living Trust, W7731 Colbe Place.

Jordan and Ryan Jones to Beth and Kevin Roose, W8124 Maple St., $196,000.


Kari and Mark Lee to Jeffrey and Karen O’Reilly, 807 Eastwood St., $238,000.

Philip and Grace Smith Trust to Badoglio Rivera, 304 Park St., $197,000.

NLH Trust to Richard Janick, 9 Commerce St., $19,900.

Marjory Mickschl to Cheryl and Gregory Ewald, 3207 S. Meadow Lark Lane, $223,000.

Tony Holzer to Bette and Richard Pedretti, 425 N. Main St., $145,000.

Scott and Sharon Jones to Deacon Jones, W6990 Wolfe Road, $308,800.

Town of Greenfield

Your Dream Home Builder LLC to Jeffrey and Marsha Thurston, W7585 Castle Heights Drive, $367,000.

Melissa Meinking to Melissa Meinking and Benjamin Morgan, N1691 Breidel Coulee Road, $63,000.

La Crosse

Courtney and Maxwell Smith to Rachelle Hagen and Malika Heiller, 1307 Winnebago St., $138,100.

Beverly Saalig to Annette Valeo, 1620 Travis St., $120,000.

Anthony Heil to Wells Properties LLC, 1712 State St., $181,500.

La Crosse Investment Group LLC to Samantha Behrens, 1211 Bainbridge St., $123,000.

Joseph CHase to Mitchell and Sylvia Wiltgen, 621 Caledonia St., $160,000.

Dean Kokott Trust to Pack N Pay LLC, 633 Livingston St., $20,000.

Randy and Sara Jarvis to David and Erika Ritter, 709 16th St., $74,900.

Geoffrey Moss to NRE Properties, 1812 Madison St., $62,300.

JHGV LLC to Scheonone and Rosensweig LLC, 3519 Morman Coulee Road, $2,000,000.

Blais and Rachel Portner to Bridget Wampole, 3029 Glendale Ave., $169,000.

Charles, James and John Bantle, Julie Fiers and Emily Greene to Aaron Sill, 3728 Elm Drive, $164,900.

John and Lisa Hoops and La Crosse County Sheriff to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, 1603 Liberty St., $71,000.

Fritz and Kathryn Nicklaus to Fritz and Kathryn Nicklaus Revocable Trust, 907 S. 28th St., $234,300.

Beverly Remis to Seth and Tamra Nururdin, 2026 and 2028 S. 29th St., $234,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Anthony Krenzke, 2306 Onalaska Ave., $52,500.

CTH B Development LLC to CRZ Holdings LLC, 4931 Hwy. B, $189,000.

PLS Property Management of Wisconsin LLC to 4009 MCR Partners LLC, 4009 and 4015 Mormon Coulee Road, $350,000.

Zachary Woods to Bethany Aloisi, 2147 Jackson St., $130,000.

Walnut Grove Properties LLC to James and Sheri Hawkins, 4121 Cliffside Drive, $162,500.

David Truax to RRJ Holdings LLC, 815 and 817 Rose St., $57,000.

Donald and Dorie Earley to City of La Crosse, 2918 S. 21st Terrace, $66,100.

Albert Miller Trust to Cedar Hill Multi-Family Properties LLC, 67 Kraft St., $325,000.

Daniel and Julia Gerke to Christopher Gerke, 2122 Johnson St., $168,750.

Scott Schwieder to Eileen Kennedy, 1302 S. Eighth St., $114,000.

Stacy Ellefson and La Crosse County Sheriff to Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust, 3048 S. 23rd St., $98,100.

Casey Carder, Andrew Sanchez and La Crosse County Sheriff to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 2504 Prospect St., $76,000.

Jean Burrows to Ian Zoerb, 1220 Avon St., $145,000.

Mary Lecher to Sara Honadel, 1821 Weston St., $119,500.

Cynthia Nichols to Joseph Doperalski, 2814 Leonard St., $160,000.

Tamaine Gaul to Robert and Tamaine Gaul, 3221 S. 27th St., $135,700.

Keith Miller to Angela Greene and Brett Johnson, 2432 Highland St., $138,000.

Melissa Boswell to Scott Gamroth, 2301 Kane St., $130,000.

Joseph and Mary Robertson Revocable Trust to Mary Lecher, 1205 S. 28th St., $169,000.

Cory Carter to Free Time LLC, 4643 S. 23rd St., $169,900.

Mary Wanatka Estate to Cody Cavallin, 3132 S. 28th St., $134,900.

Ralph Geary to Geary Family Trust, 1733 Loomis St., $137,300.

Chelsea Ale and Adam Offer to Hoffer LLC, 216 S. 16th St. and 409, 411 and 417 West Ave. S., $465,400.

Martin Mosher and Sheriff La Crosse County to Wells Fargo Bank, 2540 S. 14th St., $111,800.

Joseph and Mary Farmer to Aimee and Jack Zabrowski, 2225 Pine St., $200,000.

Cynthia Meyer to Gerald and Pamela Conley, 2610 Onalaska Ave., $116,000.

Debra and William Storey to Nicholas and Victoria Theobald, 2704 Birch St., $219,500.

Tia and Troy Davis to Joseph Navratil, 1812 Cass. St., $195,000.

TNA Property Management LLC to Nathan Brooks, 144, 146, 148 and 150 S. Seventh St., and 629 and 231 King St., $272,300.

Brooks Locations LLC to Nathan Brooks, 127, 129, 131 and 135 S. Sixth St., 128, 130, 132 and 134 Seventh St., $539,600.

Nathan Brooks to PE Rentals LLC, 127, 129, 131 and 135 S. Sixth St., 128, 132, 134, 144, 146, 148 and 150 S. Seventh St., and 629 and 631 King St., $811,900.

Geraldine Cina Revocable Trust to Patricia and Robert Formanek, 3540 East Ave. S., Unit B, $112,000.

Bonnie Ban, Carol Burwitz, Sharon Fedele, Rebecca Henning, David Hofer, Rite Knutson, David, Elaine and Mark Kohlwey, George Schrabeck and Laird and Carolyn Sloggy Revocable Trust to Lisa and Ronald Rader, 2830 Harvey St., $110,000.

Brenda and Brian Miller to Thomas Brewer, 609 S. 13th St., $180,000.

City of La Crosse to Amy and Matthew Nelson, 2223 East Ave. S.

Julia McDermid to La Crosse Investment Group LLC, 1402 S. 29th St., 1402 S. 29th St., $85,000.

Cassandra Lohse to Marissa Eirich, 1232 S. 16th St., $98,500.

Stephaney and Lidia Rodriguez to Luis and Stephaney Rodriguez, 231 Caledonia St., $125,000.

Town of Medary

Brittany and Cody Deml to Brent Moser, W4950 Hwy. B, $240,000.

Barbara and Kenneth Feehan to Brittany and Cody Deml, W5267 Hwy. B, $275,000.

Ellen and Steven Kruser to Jeremy Stendalen, N4560 Cotton Wood Drive, $239,900.


Lee and Linnette Fehr to Nathaniel and Sarah Loeffelholz, 617 Hanson Court, 617 Hanson Court, $235,000.

Dennis and Donald Lee, Lavonne Olson, Aaron Swiggum and Faye Thielke to Ronald May and Robert Moore, 415 Ninth Ave. N., $179,900.

Harvey and Suzanne Bertrand to Michael Borgen and Nicole Nelson, 3334 Augusta Lane, $585,000.

Nathan Hill Estates LLC to Jon and Sharon Garon, 450 Coronado Circle, $219,900.

Acre Five LLC to State of Wisconsin DOT, 1409 Hwy. SS, $2,400.

Gregory Shuda to Coulee Rentals LLC, 623 13th Ave. S., $60,000.

David and Sandra Balduzzi to Weijia Huang and Chan Li, 2818 Morning Gloria Place, $280,000.

Michael and Susan Richards to Deng Vue, 2214 Krause Road, $299,900.

Angie and Cory Cossette to Jay and Laurie Wiltsie, 718 Tillman Drive, $150,700.

Duane Welke Estate to Pamela Welke, 707 Second Ave. S., $90,600.

Raju and Renuka Ailiani to Raju and Renuka Ailiani Family Trust, 322 W. Larkspur Lane, $429,900.

Laura Storandt-Yehle to Kang Lor and Ge Vang, 788 St. Paul St., $272,000.

Ashley and Isaiah Kuban to Brian and Sherry Nichols, 1316 Cliffview Ave., $245,000.

Thomas Howe to HNT Properties, 324 Ninth Ave. S., $103,000.

Andrew and Jill Goltz to Sherri and Hansen and Cynthia Meyer, 914 Packer Drive, $264,900.

Town of Onalaska

Bernice and Randall Koula to Randall and Bernice Koula Revocable Trust, W7849 Prairie Lane, $245,500.

State of Wisconsin DOT to Martha and Wendy Groth, $800.

Sheriff La Crosse County and Thomas Wuensch to American Home Mortgage Assets Trust, W7333 Hwy. Z, $220,000.

Darren Thompson to Tariann Thompson, N5144 Green Coulee Road, $242,000.

Darren Thompson to Tariann Thompson, N5144 Green Coulee Road, $300.

Danny Waters to Benjamin Fiers, W7897 Hwy. ZN, $139,900.


Daniel Fagan to Jack Miller, 220 Sarah’s Circle, $163,200.

Mathison Rentals and Property Management LLC to Jean and Matthew Mathison, 103 S. Portland St., $72,000.

Town of Shelby

ALT Investment LLC to David and Sharon Schulz, $90,0000.

Elaine Brudos to Brent Brudos, N1125 Brookside Drive, $395,600.

Bruce and Sharon Bion to Beth and Bradley Wieman, $120,200.

Christopher and Samantha Bernadot to Steven Zietlow Living Trust, N2448 Terry Court, $207,000.

West Salem

Gregory Streeton to Jerry Sr. and Sharon Mason, 208 Oak Ave. N., $225,000.

Rodney Bogusz Estate to Tiffany Everson and Stephen Helming, 917 W. Franklin St., $169,900.

Larry and Marie Root, 621 Campfire Drive, $150,300.


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