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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Cindy and Damion Plymesser to Chad Wehrs Properties LLC , 301 17th Ave. N., $124,900.

Town of Barre

Jeffrey and Johanna Berg to Union State Bank of West Salem, W3471 County, W3471 Hwy. M, $870,000.

Michael Hoppens to Moonstone Meadow LLC, $39,900.

Town of Burns

Beth Hoth to Shannon Nyhus and Hunter Stingl, $199,900.

Town of Farmington

Anita and Mark Ames to Amber Corcoran and Nicholas Yanske, N8086 Hwy. C, $254,900.

Julie and Philip Kish to Philip and Julie Kish Trust, N7834 Skoy Coulee Road, N7828 Hwy. M and W2688 Hwy. T., $711,100.

George and Dorothy Litchfield Irrevocable Trust to Amanda and Brian Kreibich, W5336 Hwy. D., $160,000.

Town of Hamilton

Hestedalen LLC to James Shurson Revocable Trust, N5943 Hwy. C., $1,025,000.

Town of Holland

Debra and Randall Flury to Paul and Shelby Davison, N7134 Walnut St., $270,000.

Judith McHugh to Donna and Richard Vaaler, $1,500.


Chad and Karen McCathie to Amanda and Travis Dash, 3200 Horton St., $377,000.

Eric and Stacey Anderson to Jack and Kailey Walter, 301 Lilac Lane, $260,000.

Harvey and Lois Larsen to Joanna and Michael Grochowski, 405 E. Walden Place, $220,000.

Fletcher Construction Inc. to MacKensi Brion, 1204 Huntington St., $285,000.

RME Developments LLC to Fred and Patricia Lezpona, 319 and 321 Rivers Drive, $79,900.

Choice Construction LLC to Jacqueline and Joseph Triplett, 1615 S. Cherry Lane, $319,900.

Allen and Chia Yang to Song Thao and Sher Ziong, 800 Saddlewood St., $250,000.

La Crosse

Pete’s Real Estate LLC to Monica Campbell, 1501 Rose St. No. 12, $79,700.

Monsoor Properties LLC to B&B Werner Properties LLC, 2908 Airport Road, $310,000.

Brooke Greeno to Joshua Toltzman, 2037 Charles St., $49,200.

Alex Helland to Kyle Seubert, 1516 Hyde Ave., $175,900.

Frederick Main Street Investments LLC to Trail Destinations LLC, 139 and 141 S. 21st Street., $165,000.

Arlo and Caroline Teegarden Joint Revocable Trust to Pamela and Steven Hammes, 4477 El Camino Real Drive, $334,900.

EQK Bridgeview Plaza LLC to Eagle Bay Properties LLC, 1124 W. George St., 2420, 2430, 2434, 2400, 2424, 2536, 2532, 2402, 2406, 2416, 2408, 2410, 2418, 2422 and 2432 Rose St., $430,000.

Nathaniel Hadley to NRE Properties, 1111 Gohres St., $60,000.

Marissa Crocker to Wisco Property Group LLC, 2124 Liberty St., $40,000.

Heather and James Schurhammer and La Crosse County Sheriff to Madison Revolving Trust 2017, 1310 S. 10th St., $88,400.

Adam and Stephani Crowell, Kim Hall and Gregory Nibbelink to Niki Paisley, 1927 S. 28th St., $95,000.

Russell Allen, Roberta Dickson and Leatrice Zuleger to B&R Fitness, 724 Moore St., $164,900.

Ashley and Lloyd Turner to Mitchell Beckendorf, 1445 Redfield St., $161,000.

Frederick Main Street Investments LLC to MAT Properties, 403 and 405 N. 11th Street, 1025 and 1027 Pine St., $307,569.

Bonnie Motz to Kari and Ryan DeLong, 1908 State St., $133,200.

Kayla and Travis Oppelt to Stephen and Tammy Kniess, 1146 Tyler St., $80,000.

Donald and Loretta Clarkin Trust to Linda Mettille, 617, 619, 621 and 623 N. Ninth St., $250,000.

Corey, Randal, Scott and Timothy Besl to James and Shirley Besl, 2026 and 2024 Wood St., $121,900.

Elwood Harebo to Sarah Larkin, 1317 Gohres St., $65,000.

Donna and Rustin Lee to Stephaney Rodriguez, 231 Caledonia St., $125,000.

Selma Kulcinski to James Buchner, 2522 S. Seventh St., $185,000.

Stephan Johnson to Glen Gibbons, 2808 Harvey St., $40,000.

Finnian and Leslee Cullen to Finnian Cullen, 1410 S. 22nd St., $90,200.


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development USA to Christian and Mariah Shaw, 513 King St., $100,000.

Kathy and Steven Sierp to Brook Whitman, 100 Calla Court, $349,900.

Ben and Leslie Miller to Scott Butler and Rachel Karpinsky, 2535 Spring Hill Way, $76,400.

Dean and Joan Bluske to Shannon and Thomas Groth, 4034 Beverly Drive, $365,000.

Robert and Bobbette Boomer Joint Revocable Trust to Bobbette Boomer, 1124 Johnson St., $262,000.

Steven Jirsa to Steven and Wendy Jirsa, 1024 Monroe St., $175,000.

Dean and Michelene Hollenbeck to Dean Hollenbeck, 973 Eighth Ave. N., $215,500.

Town of Onalaska

Pamela and Roger Foegen to Dominick and Jacklyn Berg, W6306 Winesap Drive, $239,700.

Mary Brown to Karen Corcoran, W8144 Fairview St., $130,500.

Evelyn Christianson and La Crosse County Sheriff to Ace Securities Corp. Home Equity Loan Trust, W7876 Hwy. Z, $143,800.


Duaine Dregne to Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area Inc., $19,900.

Town of Shelby

Elaine Brudos to Brent Brudos, N1125 Brookside Drive, $395,600.

Marilyn Wood to Marie Agren, 4180 Easter Road, $300,000.

Naomi and Preston Whitaker to Caroline and Peter Wilker, N1982 Orchard Valley Drive, $285,000.

Deborah and Roger Werner to Roger and Deborah Werner Revocable Trust, N214 and N291 W. Werner Road and N3460 Hwy. II, $454,200.

Matthew Morey to Ashley Dockry and Brian Jenks, N1100 Bloomer Mill Road, $220,000.

Town of Washington

Elaine Brudos to Brent Brudos, $36,300.

Mary Sedevie Revocable Trust and Raymond Sedevie Revocable Trust to Dustin Evenstad and Devan Mashak, $148,500.

West Salem

R&E Thorud Trust to Allen Real Estate Holdings LLC, 860 N. Mill St., $830,000.

Eric and Heather Roellig to Michael McKinney, 114 N. Youlon St., $185,000.

Rachel and Wayne Sackett to Wayne Sackett, 439 Lee Drive, $203,000.

La Crosse County Economic Development Fund Inc. to River Valley Cold Storage LLC, $1.

La Crosse County Economic Development Fund Inc. to Truss Properties LLC, $1.

Valerie Nelson Revocable Living Trust to Valerie Nelson, 1440 Waterloo Ave., $232,800.

Angela and Darin Bishop to Matthew Morey and Ashley Pitzer, 359 Driftwood St., $329,900.


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