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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Annette Faller and Todd Phillips to Mark and Mary Spears, $40,000.

Town of Barre

Todd Solberg to Dean Sorenson, W4212 W. Bridge Road, $69,000.

Town of Burns

Jason Hauser to Jason Hauser Revocable Trust, N5764 Hwy. 162, W1644 Kastenschmidt Road, $500,000.

Beth Hoth to Jeffrey and Leigha Saxton, $316,995.

Kimmi and Ricky Muellenberg to Pederson Family Living Trust, N5978 Hwy. DE, $215,000.

Beth Hoth Trust to Matthew Hoth, N7103 Hwy. EE and N7189 Christopherson Coulee Road, $281,800.

Wendy Hoth to Matt Hoth, N7130 Hwy. EE, $186,900.

Wendy Hoth to Matt Hoth, N7103 Hwy. EE and N7189 Christopherson Coulee Road, $281,800.

Town of Campbell

Bruce and Robin Melby to Bruce and Robin Melby Revocable Trust, 1727 Bainbridge St., $55,125.

1426 Island LLC to Bayfront Properties LLC, 1426, 1430 and 1514 Bainbridge St., and 116 Dorn Place, $975,000.

Town of Farmington

John and Kimberly Hollis to John and Julie Kendhammer, $71,000.

Town of Greenfield

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development USA to Bank of America, W3947 Hwy. M, $102,200.

Sherry and Timothy Wuebben to Timothy and Sherry Wuebben Revocable Trust, N1967 Hillview Drive, $1,300.

Town of Hamilton

Jeanette and Ronald Hoyer to Jody and Kevin Hoyer, N5545 Jordson Coulee Road, $300,000.

Sandra McDaniel to Randy McDaniel, N4361 Ruby Lane.

Jennifer Bloomfield and Gregory Sprehn to Bonnie Bloomfield, N5395 State Road, $130,000.

Adam and Jennifer Hyer to Natalie and Travis Dunn, N5140 Shady Birch Lane, $3,250,000.

Town of Holland

lorie Bednarek and Adrian and Keith Lee to Brienne Shaker, W6977 Glomstad Road, $195,100.

Todd Hanson Revocable Trust to Audrey Lowe Revocable Trust and William Lowe Revocable Trust, N8670 Hanson Drive, $366,000.

KMSST LLC to Amanda and Tyler McCoy, $1,898.

Mathew Mergenthaler to Joshua Bever and Krysta Millis, W7847 Park Ave., $260,000.

KMSST LLC to Christopher and Jennie Staige, $1,898.

KMSST LLC to Heidi and Justin Kleinsmith, $2,871.

Melissa and Timothy Holtan to Amy and Matthew McNally, W8059 August Ave., $449,900.


Jesse and Kessia Schmidt to Jeffrey Senn, 312 Grant St., $250,000.

Derrick and Katie Schillinger to Nicholas Thienes, 1703 Pinecrest Ave., $216,511.

Paul Christianson Estate to Donovan, Grace and Laan Christianson, 303 Irene Place, $180,000.

Donovan, Grace and Laan Christianson to Dan and Jennifer Waters, $180,000.

Dale and Josie Grosz to Christopher Richgels, 2028 and 2030 Crooked Ave., $370,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development USA to Mark Smith Construction LLC, 1910 Viking Ave., $180,000.

La Crosse

Jeffrey Martinson to Jacquelynn and Mark Karau, 4604 Cliffside Drive, $242,900.

Augustine Gibran to Caitlyn and Lee Konze, 2921 Glendale Ave., $192,500.

B&J Deflorian Trust to Julie Keitel Trust, 2605 Main St., $159,000.

Mary and Ronald Collins to Amy and Burt Kendrick, 1909 Prospect St., $105,000.

Jane and Martin Frank to Winnebago Valley Ventures LLC, 308 N. 22nd St., $134,000.

Faith United Methodist Church to Providence School Inc., 1020 and 1006 Caledonia St., $300,000.

Eric and Sherry Anderson to Eric Huegel, 1620 Wood St., $64,900.

Linnea Rowley Estate to Herman Wiersgalla, 833 S. 20th St., $131,900.

Bruce and Robin Melby to Bruce and Robin Melby Revocable Trust, 2008 Oak St., $119,272.

Diomira and Shelby Marti to Goehner Investments LLC, 2917 E. Fairchild St., $55,000.

David Ekern and Jennifer Parks to Jennifer Parks Revocable Living Trust, 1912 King St., $165,900.

Barbara and Eric Sorenson to Wisco Property Group LLC, 1905 and 1907 Liberty St., $92,000.

Wisco Property Group LLC to Bo and Julie Nelson, 1905 and 1907 Liberty St., $107,500.

Nicole Bernard to Michael Bernard, 2525 Hass St., $137,700.

MTGLQ Investors LP to Jeannette and Taylor Schreier, 1812 Losey Blvd. S., $119,500.

Sherry and Timothy Wuebben to Timothy and Sherry Wuebben Revocable Trust, 4720 Southfield Green, $464,300.

Mary Affeldt, Carol Holseth and David and Debra Walling to Kerry Kost and Alix Travline, 1702 Adams St., $130,000.

Lou McCloud Jr. to Gregory nott, 2135 Market St., $118,000.

Bonnie Bloomfield to Clarence Smith, 2611 Harvey St., $135,000.

Amy Goede and Chad Kolbe to Justin Delong, 828 Kane St., $95,000.

NHT Properties LLC to Matthew and Stacey Nikolay, 1604 Main St., $121,000.

Becker & Newcomb Properties LLC to Becker and Steiger Properties LLC, 808, 812 and 814 Copeland Ave., $310,000.

Gerald Ruoff Living Trust to Bluffview Holdings LLC, 1114, 1116, 1118 and 1120 State St., $300,000.

Cedar Hill Multi-Family Properties LLC to Western Technical College, 712 and 714 La Crosse St., $250,000.

Michael Breckel and Rita Wachuta-Breckel to Mary and Serena Kolkind, Jeremy Marshall and William Moore, 1407 and 1409 S. Eighth St., $105,000.

Grand Investments LLC to Evelle LLC, 1721 Miller St., $620,000.

Caitlyn and Lee Konze to Christopher and Dawn Hoins, 512 Winnebago St., $112,500.

Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Medical Center to Viterbo University, 621 S. Ninth St., $1,600,000.

Brian and Stephanie Sullivan to Kenneth Atkinson, 1237 S. 19th St., $174,000.

Top Property LLC to Michelle Monks, 1126 S. Seventh St., $109,000.

First Time Rental to JR Anderson Holdings LLC, 400 and 402 S. Sixth St., $340,000.

Town of Medary

Julie Keitel to Kathy and Steven Sierp, W5640 Stone Hill Road, $340,000.

Audrey and James Lloyd to James and Audrey Lloyd Joint Revocable Trust, W5750 Hwy. OS and N2829 Demlow Road, $298,700.


Joel and Roxanne Guberud to Lindsey Prul and Michael Rutten, 502 Birdie Court, $355,000.

Johnny and Rebecca Wollman to Justin and Mallory Johnson, 1023 and 1025 Lincoln St., $219,900.

Justin and Mallory Johnson to Martina Kneifl and Jordan Litsheim, 934 Green Bay St., $149,900.

Robert Stephan to Thomas Brewer, 850 Barson Court, $183,000.

City of Onalaska to Skogenheim LLC, 200 Main St. and 209 Irvin St., $1.

Laura Lee to Nichole Henry, 219 13th Court, $180,500.

Paul Skogen to Kathleen Linaker, 203 and 211 Third Ave. S., $210,000.

Shawn Harper to Tanya Henke, 505 11th Ave. S., $175,000.

Lindy and Weston Meyers to Christopher and Kelli Lois, 903 Wilson St., $175,000.

David and Donna Hawthorne Revocable Living Trust to Janet Hess, 3206 Emerald Valley Drive, $650,000.

Daryl and Debra Lancour to Joshua and Rebecca Lancour, 213 Fourth Ave. S., $158,000.

Brinae and Jeremy Lawrence to James Jr. and Natalie Deboer, 1500 Cliffview Ave., $310,000.

Monica Campbell to George Davies Revocable Trust, 1303 Lauderdale Place, $234,000.

Town of Onalaska

Daniel and Susan Ryan to Caroline and William Stiff, N5630 Moos Road, $249,900.

Keith and Laura Rosenthal to PCG Living Trust, N5040 Green Coulee Lane, $250,000.

Twin Springs LLC to Charles and Heather Nolte, W6399 Riverview Drive, $1,200,000.

Charles and Heather Nolte to Erin Donlin and Robert Enwinkel, W6399 Riverview Drive, $1,200,000.

Preston and Jeannette Pierce Trust to Alana and Keevin Speckman, N6052 Summerglow Trail, $265,000.

Mary and Mikell Martin to Daniel Waters, W7897 Hwy. ZN, $115,000.

Town of Shelby

Brian Dahl and Kristin Mattes to Jennifer Fassbinder, 2609 Williams Place, $129,900.

West Salem

Matthew Johnson to MB Johnson LLC, 352 Van Ness St., $107,700.

Jesse and Michael McKinney to Adam and Jennifer Hyer, 821 Saddlewood Court, $440,000.


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