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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Matthew and Tyffany Gasper to Kory and Olivia Freeberg, 2107 Henry Johns Blvd., $196,000.

Karen Leis, Teri Meyer and Kim Reedich to Sydney Freitag, 1215 Cardinal St., $92,700.

Krista Beron Estate and La Crosse County Sheriff to JPMorgan Chase Bank, 1504 Labus Drive, $99,900.

Town of Barre

Donald and Phyllis Fuller Joint Revocable Trust to C&O Farms, N2825 Demlow Road, $366,460.

Travis Herbst to Steven Herbst, $20,000.

Town of Campbell

Bruce Melby to Bruce and Robin Melby, 1727 Bainbridge St., $55,125.

Town of Greenfield

Kirchner Realty LLC to Michael Ott, W2684 Clarence Court, $20,000.

Town of Hamilton

James and Leonard Bahl and Rose Peterson to Michael Grant, N4962 Briarcliffe Court, $125,000.

Town of Holland

Douglas Dammen to Erika and Nicholas Layland, W7427 Hwy. MH, $252,500.


Amanda and Brian Kreibich to Helen and Robert Hodson, 701 Marlin St., $262,500.

Dean and Nancy McHugh to Jodi and Jonathan Rastall, 1103 Pioneer Drive, $349,000.

Choice Construction LLC to Jason and Melissa Russell, 1609 S. Cherry Lane, $304,1000.

Thorud Development LLC to Constat LLC, N7618 Hans Brinker Lane, $442,292.

Julianne Wopat Estate to Terri Fischer-Low and Allen Low, 1930 Crooked Ave., $184,000.

La Crosse

James and Marlene Hufford to Sara Osterlie, 3025 S. 23rd St., $110,000.

Dylan Weigel to Chanel Kansier, 2119 Jackson St., $115,000.

William Wittenberg to Austin Coop, 1453 and 1455 George St., $90,400.

Chuck and Molly Schlegel to Marah Strickland and Jon Vallancourt, 2529 S. 14th St., $150,000.

Tara Witte to Aaron Witte, 2402 S. 14th St., $114,800.

Hub on 6th LLC to Jesse and Kessia Schmidt, 415 N. Sixth St., No. 18, $240,000.

Dennis Jandt to Dennis and Claire Jandt Joint Revocable Trust, 215 Coutnry Club Court, 4239 Mormon Coulee Road, 121 and 123 N. Youlon St. (West Salem), 102 Hattan St. (Bangor), $2,484,500.

James and Jayne Henke Joint Revocable Trust to Dean and Nancy McHugh, 1417 Moorings Drive, $400,000.

Connie Stach to Nicholas Martin, 1527 Adams St., $107,000.

City of La Crosse to Trueblood Properties LLC, 604 S. Second St., $136,000.

Brian and Lynne Nelson to Steven Whitford and Stephanie Whitford-Hawkins, 423 S. 20th St., $129,900.

Three Rivers Fellowship Church to Hoffer LLC, 1452 George St., $140,000.

Jonathan Berkich to Elizebeth and Josh Ystenes, 1718 Hagar St., $139,900.

Teddi-Ann Carini to Johnathon Manke, 1923 Adams St., $55,550.

Cathy and Michael Fischer to Nathan King and Megan Tarman, 1902 Redfield St., $178,000.

Dawn Herren-Wegman and Joseph Wegman to Emily Johansen, 732 N. 23rd St., $106,000.

Lindsay and Mathew Schober to Joab and Kaitlyn Chase, 1821 Loomis St., $142,000.

Schock Rental Properties LLC to PE Rentals LLC, 2917 S. Marion Road, $132,000.

Margaret Olsen to True Blue Farm LLC , 505 S. 28th St., $159,000.

Derek and Tarl Kaio to Tarl Kaio, 2541 S. 17th St., $105,000.

Erik and Kathleen Leaver to John and Sangeetha Kelly, 2402 Main St., $44,000.

Amber and Joseph Krump to Galadriel Krump, 1050 Denton St., $100,000.

Bruce Melby to Bruce and Robin Melby, 2008 Oak St., $119,272.

Raymond Hengel Estate to Corrina Kettner, 1916 Fanell Drive, $82,000.

2nd and Main LLC to Boot Coat LLC, 113, 115, 117 S. Fourth St., $283,000.

Zi Ren and Zi Shi Zhang to Goehner Investments LLC, 1507 and 1509 Avon St., $70,000.

Lisa Smith to Martin Anderson and Renee Stolpa, 2141 Redfield St., $157,000.

Katie and William Favre to Favre Real Estate LLC, 104 S. 17th Place, $145,700.

Brittany and Jacob Brown to Amber and Joseph Krump, 2218 Hyde Ave., $179,900.

Brunos Properties LLC to OT LLC, 2133 Losey Blvd. S., $121,170.

Janice and Robert Gaustad to Brent Howe, 829 Gould St., $3,000.

Darrell Ehrike Jr. and Brent Nolte to Noltehrike Properties LLC, 815 West Ave. S., $169,300.

Brent Nolte to Etlon Properties LLC, 2737 Harvey St., $77,200.

Darrell Ehrike Jr. to DDEJR Properties LLC, 805 and 807 West Ave. S., $149,700.

Anthony Krenske to Scott Ferrier, 2013 Sunset Lane, $42,000.

Carol Stoeh Revocable Trust to 1302 Losey Blvd. LLC, 1302 Losey Blvd. S., $125,500.

Renee Stolpa to Mikiko and Yoichi Aminaka, 1820 Travis St., $85,000.

Haley and Matthew Schneider to Zachary Dockham, 2219 Jackson St., $146,000.

Coty and Savanna Tonne to Debra and Gordon Reberry, 2028 Strong Ave., $193,500.

Heidi and James Powell to Catherine and Jay Zabel, 131 S. 16th St., $280,000.

Town of Medary

Roberta and Wayne Holler to Michael Holler, N2995 Smith Valley Road, $301,400.


Ray Javenkoski to Jean Javenkoski, 434 French Road Unit 14, $289,200.

Anthony and Cindy Freybler to Marvin and Laura Jonasen Living Trust, 1033 Canary Lane, $356,000.

Niccole and Nicholas Cavitt to Sara Haar, 525 S. 20th Ave., $229,900.

James and Jeffrey Cullen to Anthony and Stephanie Campbell, 1213 Green Bay St., $155,000.

Clara Peterson Trust and Donald Peterson Trust to Lindsay and Mathew Schober, 1403 Cedar Place, $219,000.

LA Novak Trust to APD Holdings LLC, 1221, 1223, 1229 and 1231 Lake St., $360,000.

Michael Anderson to Victoria Rahn, 833 Sixth Ave. N., $185,000.

Bradley Burke to Kimberly Burke, 1090 Windsong Lane, $123,250.

James Darnell to Legacy Holdings LLC, 215 N. 15th Ave., $120,000.

Kelly and Stacey Komperud to Marisa and Nicholas Swanson, 971 Tahoe Drive, $356,000.

Clarence and Shirley Newberry to Clarence and Shirley Newberry Joint Revocable Trust, 2610 East Ave. N., $165,000.

Amanda and Andrew Martell to Lakeside Investment Properties LLC, 635 S. Oak St., $93,000.

Stace Spencer Holdings LLC to CDG Onalaska LLC, 2551 E. Main St., $950,000.

Duane Wildermuth to Chuchi and Duane Wildermuth, 911 La Crosse St., $177,000.

Ira Brown to Sarah and Ty Edwards, 525 Ninth Ave. S., $110,000.

Marlene Emery Revocable Trust, 1123 Pierce St., $161,500.

Town of Onalaska

Allen and Jane Haugen to Callie and Jonathan Hanks, N6576 Forest Court, $422,000.

Christine and Todd Olson to Todd and Christine Olson Revocable Trust, W6676 Schilling Road, $252,300.

David Wall to David Wall Revocable Trust, $98,500.

Jason and Melissa Russell to Myriah Borofka and Christopher Casey, N5273 Clover Court, $233,000.

Angeline Haug to Konie Williams, N5896 Hwy. XX, $145,000.

Debra and Gordon Reberry to Alyssa Gostonszik and Patrick McDonald, W7910 Hwy. ZB, $182,000.


Dean, Hillary and Kenneth Nedvidek and Jolyn Oelfke to Jean and Matthew Mathison, 108 S. Portland St., $9,400.

Town of Shelby

Timothy and Sabrina Harbst to Timothy Harbst, W5740 Hwy. K, $346,000.

Leon and Patricia Sheehan Joint Revocable Trust to Margaret and Priamo Paulino, $44,000.

Wayne Holler to Christine Krueger and Heidi Pederson, W5792 Hwy. 33, $132,500.

Bryan and Reta Pahl to Brittany and Kevin Nelson, W907 Hwy. K, $3,100.

Leon and Patricia Sheehan Joint Revocable Trust to Margaret and Priamo Paulino, N2457 Briarwood Ave., $225,000.

West Salem

Jandt Funeral Home to Dennis Jandt, 107 N. Youlon St., $9,536.

Richard, Thomas and William Griswold to Aaron Wessel, $344,750.

Sean Smith to John and Robin Steiner, 829 Winchester St., $325,000.

James Erickson and Peggy Wick to Nicholas Garbers, 481 N. Leonard St., $130,000.


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