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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, Oct. 6

La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, Oct. 6

From the La Crosse County public records: Building permits, property transfers, marriages licenses and divorces series

The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Benjamin Brickson to Carol Brickson, 3247 and 3249 29th Court S.

Danny Chesebro to Derek Chesebro and Devon Syrjanen, 2526 Wood St.

Jamey and Natalie Makepeace to Daniel and Moriah Pizzi, 1620 Winnebago St., $117,900.

Andrew Cook to Molly Hutson to Lane Schmidt, 719 19th St. S., $137,000.

Charles and Nancy Johnson, Cynthia Teale to David and Ellen Walle, 932 14th St. S., $159,000.

Donald and Dorothy Hitchins to Nathaniel Jackson, 2341 Winnebago St., $157,900.

Jenifer Bantle-felt and Gregory Felt to Stephen Pappas and Jamie Sabel, 1546 Travis St., $174,000.

James McDougle to Alexis Blom-Ferris and David Holthaus, 1311 Caledonia St., $123,000.

Marjorie Knoll to Mary Iverson, 1619 Johnson St., $94,000.

Gregg and Natalia Roberts to Mitchell and Nicholas Lasure, 2914 and 2916 23rd St. S., $93,500.

NRE Properties LLC to Spenser Nickelatti, 1313 and 1315 Green Bay St., $113,300.

Karen Kellesring to Robert Cormack and William Pugh, 403 Losey Blvd. N., $245,000.

Dimitar Dzikov and Kylie Mason to Rosica Dzikova, 1507 Barlow St.

Summit Real Estate Holdings LLC to Margaret Anderson-Chiraghdin, 929 and 931 16th St. S. and 1601 Jackson St.

LAX Properties A LLC to Justin Jenson, 801, 803 and 805 Seventh St. S., $155,000.

Robert Weldy to Kay Weldy, 1650 Barlow St.

Carl and Narcelle Schneider Family Trust to Diane Stockham, 2511 Cass St., $75,000.

Stephanie Fraase to the Stephanie Fraase Trust, 215 22nd St. N.

Julie Clipper to Julie and Todd Clipper, 2830 Hamilton St.

Kirk Laylan to Leslee and William Ricioppo, 2124 13th Place S., $176,000.

Ann and Bret Emmel to the Anne and Gret Emmel Trust, 1504 19th St. S.

Laurel Devitt Estate to Matthew Griffin, 817 Livingston St., $107,000.

Rebecca Baxter to Toni Hanson, 1524 Barlow St., $125,900.

Penny Tiedt to Dillon Parks, 1823 Avon St., $110,000.

Ashley and Christopher Callaway to Ryan Carter and Zoe Katrichis, 2605 26th St. S., $148,000.

2011 Collins Revocable Trust to Theodore Stanke, 2401 and 2411 La Crosse St, 707 Losey Blvd. N., $500,000.

Timothy Guth to Brian and Janeen Day, 410 Gillette St., $240,000.

Tracey Bratt Trust and Jared Linebarger Trust to Carolyn Gianellia, 5500 Hickory Nut Court, $355,000.

Gary and Jane Lawrynk to Jenna and Steven Krage, 3016 31st St. S., $191,000.

Jenna and Steven Krage to Thomas Hampton, 221 Caledonia St., $129,900.


Traditional Trade Inc. to Jill and Timothy Jones, 802 Oak Timber Drive, $398,900.

Deborah Talle to Onalaska Rentals LLC, 803 Quincy St., $147,000.

Paula Stoner to Bradley Stoner, 1412 East Ave. N.

Edward Tanke to Jacqueline Springer Trust, 325 French Road, $315,000.

Alexander and Jessie Scholten to Mallory Fulcher, 407 11th ave. N., $114,000.

Abigail and Thomas Mlsna to Nicholas Long, 800 Madison St., $210,000.

Sharon and Vincent Marco to Karolyn and Terence Collins, 1305 Lauderdale Place, $150,000.

Christopher and Katrina Hacker to Joseph Retzlaff and Lisa Savarese, 532 10th Ave. N., $369,900.


Lisa Dow, Lori, Patty, Ralph and Ronald Gjertsen and Lynda Johnson to Lisa Dow, Ralph and Ronald Gjertsen and Lynda Johnson, $2,400.


Kari Lazarescu to Chelsey George and Justin Opsahl, $213,000.

S&J Properties of La Crosse LLC, HG Group LLC, $44,900.

Genesis Properties LLC to David Wrobel, $169,900.

Thomas and Jane Richter Revocable Trust to 519 McHugh Road LLC, $160,000.

Thorud Development LLC to Laurie and Richard Roberts, $49,900.

Sally and Scott Safranski to the Scott and Sally Safranski Qualified Spousal Trust.

Gary and Sandra Luepke to Kevin and Megan Schueller, $247,000.

Bernard and Lydia Gauweiler to Patricia and Robert Luethi, $299,000.


David and Vickie Evenson Joint Revocable Trust to Robert and Mary Huggard Joint Revocable Trust, $469,900.

William Heider to David and Ann Skrove Family Revocable Trust.


Helen Vitale Survivors Trust to Philip Vitale.

Alan Turner to Alan and Elizabeth Turner.

Mary and Theodore Grabowski to Marie and Matthew Jaszewski, $200,000.

William Lockhart to Rachel and Thomas Chrisman, $280,000.


Laura and Randy Christopherson to Andrew Cook and Molly Hutson, $310,000.


Phillip Langston to Benjamin Langston, $40,000.

Jonah and Mikaela Haugley to Cody Sprain, $141,700,


John and Miranda Billings to Lauren Lommen and Wade Mickey, $445,000.

Guy Valiquette to Guy and Michelle Valiquette.

Steven and Susan Hartleip to Abigail and Thomas Mlsna, $339,000.

David Petranek Revocable Trust to Steven Petranek.


HP River Rock LLC to L&B Leis Trust, $71,000.

La Crosse Tranquility LLC to Carolyn and Nate Knapp, $277,000.


Cedar Valley Estates LLC to James and Natalie Makepeace, $153,000.

Charles and Connie O’Connor to the Richard Record Living Trust, $1,150,000.

Schmitz Family Trust to Eugene Schmitz, $100.


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