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The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Andrew and Dawn Lyga to Dawn and Thomas Reichert, 306 Hattan St., $210,000.

Town of Burns

Beth Hoth to Beth Hoth Trust, $10,300.

Tamara and Emma Johnson Irrevocable Trust to Luke Frederick, N7348 Hwy. 162, $138,000.

Town of Campbell

Zachary Burk to George Simdars and Jessica Waller-Simdars, 2616 Hibbard Court, $126,000.

Karen Miller to Jennifer Newman and Lori Vernetti, 206 Olivet St., $184,000.

Town of Farmington

Scott Sedevie to Crystal Sedevie, N8607 Kramer Road, $320,000.

Jason Smith to Bryce and Molly Appleman, N9324 McIntosh Road, $178,500.

Town of Hamilton

Emily Adams to Christopher Adams, N5198 Innsbruck Road, $485,800.

Town of Holland

Patrick and Rebecca Brockman to Thomas and Vickie Ciokiewicz, N8691 Hanson Drive, $87,500.

Broadway Properties LLC to Robert Benson, W7733 Colbe Place, $238,310.


Thorud Development to TEK Rentals LLC, N7618 Hans Brinker Lane, $119,800.

Thorud Development LLC to HG Holdings Group LLC., N7618 Hans Brinker Lane, $119,800.

Michael and Rhonda Noble to Amber and Even Londergan, 1920 Independence Ave., $250,000.

Thorud Development to LREC Properties LLC, N7618 Hans Brinker Lane, $119,800.

Thorud Development to Jay Just, N7618 Hans Brinker Lane, $49,900.

Thorud Development LLC to Leslie Kolbo, N7618 Hans Brinker Lane, $59,900.

Thorud Development LLC to Lezpona Investments LLP, N7618 Hans Brinker Lane, $119,800.

Thorud Development LLC to JKC Construction LLC, N7618 Hans Brinker Lane, $419,300.

Thorud Development LLC to Jule Alexander, N7618 Hans Brinker Lane, $59,900.

Edwin Kjornes Estate to Jayme Horstman, 302 Park Lane, $143,900.

Janet and Tony Lippert to Stacey Everson and Todd Kurtzhals, 802 Granum Circle, $550,000.

La Crosse

Bradley Baerwaldt to CB Property Management LLC, 2810 and 2812 Onalaska Ave., $155,500.

Duane and Joyce Steien to Steien Properties LLC, 1700 and 1702 Onalaska Ave., $130,400.

Mary Barrett to Renee and Richard Chrz, 3329 E. Fairchild St., $165,000.

Adam Koehler to John and Kayla Scheevel, 1924 Cass St., $159,900.

George Kaczorowski, Roy Reaves and Christina Terrance to Concepcion Santillan, 3540 East Ave. S., Unit C12, $100,000.

John Sander Revocable Trust to David Oswald, 1008 Fifth Ave. S., $36,000.

Aldon, Angealic, Berclee, Lori and Rocklyn Kaye to Nancy Clift, 1326 Main St., $203,000.

Mary and Ronald Veglahn to Donald and Kelly Kamrowski, 317 Liberty st., $112,000.

Elaine and Joshua Wiegrefe to Julie and Matthew Regan, 1323 Adams St., $224,000.

Benjamin and Colleen Morrison to Kaija Sysimaki and Benjamin Towle, 325 S. 24th St., $173,400.

Evelyn Huebner to Evelyn Huebner Revocable Trust, 3028 Glendale Ave., $133,600.

Lakshmi Vaimpalli to David and Tammy Zoroufy, 4130 Fairway St., $275,000.

Albertsons LLC to Alec Brown, 1725 Market St., $133,750.

Nancy Peaslee to Jordan Koblitz, 2025 Loomis St., $115,000.

Capstone LLC to Acres Six LLC, 2713 Hemstock St., $1,500,000.

Gregory and Melinda Pupillo to Keith Belzer and Jane Klekamp, 225 S. Ninth St., $233,000.

City of La Crosse to Carl Rausch, 1632 Market St., $169,000.

Paula Baumgartner, Molly Davidson, Sandra Evans and Michael, Patrick and Timothy Mulrine to Duane Wildermuth, 911 La Crosse St., 911 La Crosse St., $177,000.

Ronald and Judy Ostreng Revocable Trust to Nacy and Stephen Rose, 4309 N. Mariah Drive, $266,000.

Frahm Investment LLC to Batter Up Investments LLC, 227, 229 and 231 S. Eighth St., $270,000.

Jack Schermerhorn to Barbara and Terry Dickman, 2517 and 2519 South Ave., $107,500.

Thiel Joint Revocable Living Trust to Mary Barrett, 3472 Woodbridge Court, $171,000.

Angela and Travis Tenkley, 521 and 523 Avon St., $125,000.

Deborah and Steve Michaels to Chun-Lung Huang and Aaron Rider, 4653 Cliffside Drive, $246,200.

Shana Williams to Jason Schuldt, 2527 Wood St., $73,000.

Ann and Steven Drazkowski to Meghan Groothousen, 1826 Green Bay St., $141,625.

Marlane Anderson and Keith Pierce to Jon King and Bryan Stillwell, 1618, 1620 and 1622 George St., $166,000.

Nichole Kimpton to Mary and Timothy Hertzfeldt, 2417 Loomis St., $135,000.

Kristy and Laith Gilbertson to Danielle Feldon, 2212 S. 13th St., $137,000.


Duane and Joyce Steien to Steien Properties LLC, 610 Pierce and 612 Pierce St., $151,700.

Duane and Joyce Steien to Steien Properties LLC, 915 and 917 Wilson Place, $155,000.

Robert Powell Revocable Trust to Elaine and Joshua Wiegrefe, 1552 W. Young Drive, $270,500.

Nicole and Steven Davies to Karen and Peter Hellerud, 115 17th Ave. S., $289,000.

Tina Meyer to Shawn Harper, 505 11th Ave. S., $115,200.

Town of Onalaska

Sarah and Scott Siefkes to Scott and Sarah Siefke Joint Revocable Trust, N5344 Carefree Drive, $139,700.

Vaalers Investment Properties LLC to John Jr. and Zachary Parshall, $39,900.

Anne and Connor Hayes to Brett Betsinger and Myra Brodnax, W8118 Beacon St., $253,000.

Richard Jones Estate to Kasey and Lucas Pomeroy, W7886 Hwy. Z, $143,000.

Joseph and Katie Wiersgalla to Kayla and Nicholas Stoa, N6766 McCurdy Road, $225,000.

Town of Shelby

Michael Callahan to Cathleen Callahan, 2511 W. Burr Oak St., $23,000.

West Salem

Duane and Joyce Steien to Steien Properties LLC, 165 and 167 S. Harmony St., $127,700.

Michelle Hoffman to Patrick Melby, 338 W. Franklin St., $202,500.

Curtis and Kim Eckelberg to Amanda and Jonathan Eckelberg, 363 N. Clark St., $229,000.

Thomas Bauer and Jodi Degidio to Brian Elsen and Carrie Ihle-Elsen, 340 Driftwood St., $89,000.


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