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La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, September 15

La Crosse County real estate transfers for Sunday, September 15

From the La Crosse County public records: Building permits, property transfers, marriages licenses and divorces series

The following are real estate transfers filed in La Crosse County. By law, some transfers are exempt from transfer fees; these properties are listed without prices.


Tyrus Bischoff III to Lauren Journot, 1511 Loomis St., $169,900.

Mary and William Anderson to Robert Marzolf and Abigail Stauder, 2159 Redfield St., $195,000.

Spies construction LLC to Colleen and Lawrence Weibel, 1723 Wisconsin Court, $259,000.

Heidi and Kyle Reimann to Matthew McMullen, 1212 Moore St., $107,000.

Earl McConnell Jr and the Earl McConnell Jr Revocable Trust to Andrew and Melinda Ashby, 1914 Mississippi St., $76,000.

Amanda McConnell and the Amanda McConnell Revocable Trust to Andrew and Melinda Ashby, 1914 Mississippi St., $76,000.

Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area Inc. to Shallan Rhea, 900 Farnam St., $128,000.

Kristen Anderson to Dana Boehmke, 1617 Barlow St., $154,000.

Mary Juen to Dustin Benzing, 217 29th St. S., $155,500.

Beverly and Theodore Rohde to James Allen Revocable Trust, 1920 Fanell Drive, $70,000.

Lynn and Charles Smader Jr. to WISCO Property Group LLC, 1620 and 1622 Main St., $215,500.

Betty and Harold Ehlo to Lori and Russell Ehlo, 1927 Kane St., $123,500.

Sandra Warthan to Hannah and Quentin Kagel, 1010 and 1012 13th St. S., $150,000.

Karl, Kurt, Michael and Robert Lenser to Ann Vanatta, 2021 King St., $174,000.

Therese Johnson to Terry Johnson, 1122 Nancy Court.

AKD Petroleum LLC to the City of La Crosse, 1914 State Road.

Maldon Laitinen to the City of La Crosse, 2159 Farnam St.

David Wrobel to Vincent Wrobel, 1446 and 1448 Kane St., $178,500.

Heather Tourville to Renee Heintz, 1407 Winnebago St., $146,400.

Clifford and Mackenzie Atkinson and Garrett Watson to Meagan Madigan, 2515 Hackberry Lane, $209,000.

Jeffery and Joan Beirne to the City of La Crosse, 2111 Adams St.

James and Shirley Atchison and the Sheriff of La Crosse County to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, 2910 23rd St. S., $58,500.

Darren and dione Dannhoff to the City of La Crosse, 930 Sixth St. S., $2,100.

NRE Properties LLC to Goehner Investments LLC, 1812 Madison St., $84,500.

Terry Johnson to Kayla and Kevin Sipley, 1122 Nancy Court, $122,500.

Jeanne and Richard Kinder to Jason and Rachel Gregory, 2424 Wood St., $133,000.

Leighton and Ronald Lee to NRE Properties LLC, 210 and 212 Caledonia St., $50,500.

Brandon and Lisa Ulberg to Robin Oliver, 3144 25th St. S., $140,000.

Big Cat Real Estate LLC to Kevin and Sarah Stanton, 1528 and 1530 Denton St., $113,500.

BLP Holdings LLC to La Crosse Windows Property LLC, 2726 Larson St., $525,000.

Richard Doyle to Richard Doyle and Kimberly Kramer, 3101 Marion Road N., $126,000.

Amy Hillebrand to William Ale and Adam Hoffer, 2807 and 2809 South Ave., $122,500.

John and Marilyn Hempstead to Joshua and Katherine Sargent, 2511 16th St. S., $120,000.

Carol Madson to Cheryl Peters, 1023 25th St. S., $99,500.

C&C Legacy Properties LLC to South Properties LLC, 1624 and 1626 Ferry St., $194,000.

Vicky Pasch to Colin and Jill Fleming, 1239 Winnebago St., $75,000.


Gerald and Marianne Collins to Michael Murphy, 2114 Golfview Lane, $308,500.

Robin Grasse to Jenny Wegner, 939 Sunset Place, $145,000.

Laura and Marcene Monsoor and Anne Sanders to Diane Martinek, 1254 Red Cedar Court, $228,000.

Bryan and Cheryl Vanriper to Casey and Jaclyn Stadler Revocable Trust, 1122 Aspen Valley Drive, $465,000.

Kristian and Russell Hammer to Kristian Hammer, 208 Fifth Ave. N., $150,000.

Connie Schroeder to the Connie Schroeder Trust, 950 Eighth Ave. N.

Stone Point Properties LLC to Casey Ernst, 1922 Franklin St., $172,000.

Refind Homes LLC to Craig Borden and Alisa Feller, 1111 Aspen Valley Drive, $737,000.

Susan Gutierrez and James Strasser to Gary and Rachelle Wright, 1636 Cliffview Ave., $255,000.

Paul Robinson to MP-Onalaska LLC, $105,150.

Erin and Nathan Heiden to Amanda Thiel, 521 Third Ave. N., $159,000.

David and Kathryn Edel to Jeremy and Rebecca Thompson, 815 Fourth Ave. N., $188,500.

Lisa and Ronald Rader to Luke Rosenbaum, 1110 Schafer Drive, $169,900.

Crystal Mclees to Crystal and Jesse Mclees, 1024 Wilson St., $138,900.

David and Theresa Lee Revocable Trust to David and Theresa Lee, 1016 and 1018 Terrace Drive, $163,300.

David and Teresa Lee to DT Lee Onalaska LLC, 1016 and 1018 Terrace Drive.

Stone Point Properties LLC to Nolan Mulrine, 1920 Franklin St., $169,000.


Thorud Development LLC to Integrity Construction of La Crosse LLC, $125,000.

Lynn Hulburt to Vickie Hulburt.

Amy and Matthew McNally to Maya Thao and Yang Xiong, 1517 Crockett Drive, $324,900.

Susan Haag to Robin Parlow, $91,500.

Dustin Granum and Robyn Roberts to Jimmy and Shoua Xiong, $237,000.

S&J Properties of La Crosse LLC to MMO LLC, $44,900.


Gilbert Symons to Kory Massoth, $75,977.


Sara and Timothy Griffin to Anthony Kress, $244,900.


James Blake to Scott Mohr and Anastasia Weber, $55,000.


Ferdinand Jaworski and Cheryl Mackay to Brad and Inga Strain, $345,000.

Sally and Warren Uhl to Jason Steines, $289,900.


KST LLC to George Hanna and Tommie Tollackson, $43,000.

KST LLC to Herbert and Rita Roberts, $73,000.


Roberta Horstman to Debra Chesebro and Steven and Tamie Rice, $36,318.


Nicole Wohlrab to Scott Wohlrab, $90,800.


Casey and Jaclyn Stadler Revocable Trust to Perianne Olson, $219,900.

Charles and Gloria Stenberg to Paisley LLC, 4001 Glenhaven Drive, $151,280.

Keri Farrish and Michael Kuklinski to Kristen Reierson, $235,000.


Jeffery Hundt to Rick and Tina Schermerhorn.

Rick and Tina Schermerhorn to Anna and Dustin Karasek, $92,000.

David and Darlene Hansen Revocable Trust, $240,000.


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