FILE -- Sears at Valley View Mall

Sears in the Valley View Mall.

The Sears store at Valley View Mall has been spared from the latest round of store closures.

Sears Holding Corp. announced plans to close 63 Sears and Kmart locations Thursday as part of a plan to make the company profitable. The stores are expected to close by the end of September.

The news came as the company announced first quarter losses of $424 million. Sears reported a $1.3 billion decline in revenue compared with the first three months of 2017, two-thirds of which it attributed to the closure of stores.

Over the past 15 months, the company has closed 123 Sears stores and 303 Kmart locations — including the State Road Kmart, which closed in September after 52 years. Sears says it has identified about 100 unprofitable locations and will continue to evaluate and “make further adjustments as needed and as warranted.”

Sears operates five other stores in Wisconsin, in Appleton, Eau Claire, Janesville and Madison. Stores in Green Bay and Brookfield were among 39 Sears and 64 Kmart locations closed earlier this year.

With the closure of Herberger’s later this summer, Sears will be one of only two remaining anchor stores at Valley View Mall.

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Last month the Bon Ton department store chain announced plans to liquidate its holdings and close some 267 stores, including the La Crosse Herberger’s, which moved last September into the anchor space left vacant when Macy’s closed.

PREIT, the Philadelphia-based company that has owned and managed Valley View Mall for the past 15 years, said in April that the company has had interest in the Herberger’s location, although it has not announced a new tenant. Company representatives did not respond to messages left Thursday.

Sears Roebuck owns the Sears space in Valley View Mall, while the original Herberger’s location is owned by Nellis Corp., a private investment company based in Maryland specializing in commercial properties.

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I find it amazing that people don't shop at Sears. They have always been the 'go-to' store in the area. They have always carried QUALITY goods, from clothing for everyone for every occasion down to high quality tools, home furnishings and electronics. Granted it has really been on a slide. That is what happens when corporations forget about THE CUSTOMER and start measuring their success ONLY by the ability to guarantee return for INVESTORS. That thinking is what destroys successful companies around the world. Today, if you have a problem with a product it's impossible to contact the MAKER to resolve an issue - products that have a problem are simply thrown to the trash heap/landfill. I recently ordered some expensive shoes online and had a minor issue with them - I was told they would replace them but I should destroy the ones I had rather than return them - YIKES! There wasn't anything wrong that deemed them unusable by someone else. What a wasteful, selfish way corporations have come to do business! I am increasingly refusing to shop at and eat at big corporate establishments including franchises - going instead to locally owned businesses. I am willing to pay a bit extra for better quality and customer service where I can deal with owners - who probably pay employees better as well. Yes, I do shop at Sears and generally find what I need and I would encourage others to give that a try. They don't have all the wasteful do-dads the Targets, Walmarts, Sams Clubs have packaged in quantities you will never use. Going to these BIG stores loaded with 'stuff' you really don't need and are tempted into laying down your hard earned money for is so out of control - just look at the overflowing trash bins on garbage day - I take mine out once or twice a month.


I hope amazon buys valley view mall, la crosse needs prime pantry. I’m tired of leaving my house to go grocery shopping.


Seriously? Wouldn't you like to see what you are buying at the grocery and every other store? Wow, how Americans have been hoodwinked into thinking that big corporations should do everything for them. Giving up all your choices freely - this is insane. Then when the government wants to come and take away your final few choices in life you will simply say, OK? This thinking is really scary to me.

LaCrosse Lady

But it’s only a matter of time - all of them will be closing.

Even now some items are not being restocked on shelves and the store has more salespeople than customers.


Yep. Ours will be lucky to make it until next year...

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