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Monsoor's Sport Shop

Roger and Patty Wendling have operated Monsoor’s Sport Shop at 517 Copeland Ave. on La Crosse’s North Side since 1982. The couple has announced they are going into semi-retirement and will reduce their business hours from five days a week to two starting Tuesday, March 15.

Thirty-seven years after they bought the business, Roger and Patty Wendling will begin their “semi-retirement” this week at Monsoor’s Sport Shop at 517 Copeland Ave. in La Crosse.

Starting this week, the sports shop will be open Tuesdays and Wednesdays only, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It also will be open at other times by appointment. The business previously was open Tuesday through Saturday.

Roger, who is 70 years old, and Patty (who added that she isn’t 70) said in an interview that they’re trying “semi-retirement” because they need to slow down.

For one thing, Patty said, “I need new knees.”

“She needs to have her knees replaced,” Roger added.

Roger’s brother, Steve Wendling, who has worked at the store ever since Roger and Patty bought it in 1982, is retiring.

Monsoor's Sport Shop

Ammunition and safes are displayed in the showroom at Monsoor’s Sport Shop. Accessories and many other items  have been on sale at Monsoor’s during their inventory reduction sale.

The store will continue, but the scope of the merchandise that will be available will be smaller, after an inventory reduction sale that began Feb. 3. The Wendlings are eliminating such products as hunting apparel, artwork and accessories.

Going forward, the store will specialize in firearms, gun safes and automatic knives, and will continue to offer Internet sales. It also will sell scopes, ammunition and reloading supplies. And it will continue to offer sales and service for automatic traps for trap shooting.

Monsoor’s Sport Shop will even increase its selection of gun safes, Roger said. “We’ll have over 40 of them on display,” he said. “We’ll have the largest selection of gun safes in the area. They’ve been a good seller for us. We have better quality safes than you’ll find at the box stores.”

Monsoor’s Sport Shop has also always been known for high-quality firearms.

“Most of our guns (sell for) $1,000 to $10,000, and they range in price up to $75,000,” Roger said. The store’s firearms are prized for their machinery, woodwork, engraving and durability.

Monsoor’s even offers its own custom Browning BT-99 AR trap shotgun made exclusively for the store.

The La Crosse store ships products to all 50 states. And customers drive to the business from as far away at Minneapolis, Chicago and the Quad Cities.

“Our busiest time of year is the Christmas season,” Roger said, when people are buying holiday gifts. Tax-refund season is the second-busiest time of year at the store, he said.

Roger said that he and Patty enjoy visiting with customers. “And knowing that they got the right product for what they want to use it for,” he added.

Bill and Margie Monsoor started the business in 1949, and the Wendlings bought the business in 1982. The sport shop began in a building across the street that’s now part of The Board Store complex, and moved to its current location in 1968.


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I am not against hunters hunting or even law-abiding citizens protecting themselves. I haven’t been inside this business nor have I spent time in the gun aisles of big box stores. So, I must admit, I was baffled to read about ‘automatic knives’ in the article. Teach me about this form of weaponry, please.




"The La Crosse store ships products to all 50 states. And customers drive to the business from as far away at Minneapolis, Chicago and the Quad Cities."

I may be mistaken here, but isn't it illegal to go across state lines to buy guns? Isn't that why Chicago has so many illegal guns... people going to Indiana and Wisconsin to buy and import guns?


A person from out of state can buy the gun here, they just can't take possession of it here. They'd have it shipped to an FFL in their home state who will run the background check and complete the transfer. It's not the most convenient process, but if you find what you're looking for, it's worth it.


No, that is not why Chicago has illegal guns. Maybe Chicagoans have guns because they legally bought them in an adjacent state, but they aren't illegal because of that. Chicago, like Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, etc., has guns illegally bought off the street.

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