A pharmaceutical drug supplier to Shopko says the Wisconsin-based retail chain is expected to file for bankruptcy next week, and there is concern that at least one of the three La Crosse-area stores is expected to close.

La Crosse Common Council member Andrea Richmond said she was told Wednesday by the manager of the Shopko in Bridgeview Plaza that the store was scheduled to close as early as April 7 and that a liquidation sale was expected to begin Friday, with signs posted Thursday.

Shopko officials in La Crosse referred inquiries to the corporate office, which did not respond.

In addition to the Bridgeview store, Shopko has stores on Mormon Coulee Road in South La Crosse and on Hwy. 16 in Onalaska.

McKesson Corp. says it supplied Shopko with $67 million in drugs since Nov. 11 but has not been paid since early December. McKesson this week asked a judge for a restraining order to keep Shopko from selling the medications it has supplied. McKesson attorney Jeff Garfinkle said during a court hearing that Shopko is expected to file for bankruptcy protection Jan. 15.

Press-Gazette Media says Shopko attorney Stephen Hackney says a restraining order would require the retailer to close its pharmacies and would harm patients who need the medications.

Brown County Circuit Judge William Atkinson rejected McKesson’s request.

Neither Shopko, nor its parent company, Sun Capital Partners, returned calls for comment.

1971: Bridgeview Plaza Shopping Center

A groundbreaking was held in October 1971 for Bridgeview Plaza Shopping Center on the city's far North Side. The $2.5 million development opened with a SuperValu Supermarket, which later closed, and a Shopko discount store, which is expected to close in 2019.


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Rick Czeczok

Another one falls to Amazon. When will the government use the anti trust rules on this company? If Amazon falls it will be at a great cost to the country, if allowed to continue taking competition down. We seen it with Enron, Bernie Madoff, and locally with the brewery. There are people out there that will do anything for power and money. I stated this two years ago on this board and look at what has happened since then. Stop Amazon or we will all pay the cost.


I thought you loved capitalism?

Rick Czeczok

What an absolute ridiculous statement. Like everything else we are a country of laws and regulations. Some laws are just followed more then others and money does all the talking.
Doesn't make it right though does it? Now go back under your rock, as you don't count. Give your real name if your brave enough to talk smart big shot. I didn't think so, coward.


It was a question and now you are back to insults again? Can't you be honest about anything without resorting to insults and this creepy notion of wanting to know who everyone is? That's just plain creepy Czeczok. You were going to reveal who kingman was almost a year ago because you claimed to know who it was. Why haven't you? You claim to know that cassandra2 isn't a woman but won't tell us how. You won't even tell us where you were an instructor and what you taught. Why do you keep on with the insults and lies?

Rick Czeczok

Creepycruser, take your own advise, after all, your group started this type of commentary. As soon as you stop I will, I have tried on several occasions just to have you clowns start it up again. Your a group of socialist activist who are doing this disruptive reporting and commentary on purpose. It is being done all over the US just like this and the messages all follow one another. So please, stop pretending like your group is a bunch of alter boys. The gig is up.


You just can't help yourself can you? You even started your last comment with an insult. Can't you ever be honest? I'm surprised the Trib hasn't banned you for bullying yet. You can't get through and discussion without insults or asking who people "really are". The gig is up all right. You are a phony who can't back up what he says.


Jeff Bezos is busy at the moment.

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