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I think they were likely given a choice to either clean their carpets or close their doors. Sheesh...filthy floors. Onalaska the same.

You don't know me

So someone may need to check facts on this as employees were not told they were making room for them but that they had to apply and interview if there were openings?! If you knew u were filing bankruptcy then why wouldn’t you give employees a much longer notice?! How do people get paid from there if they are filing bankruptcy for hours worked? Unemployment, until the hiring process is completed if at all? Why would you hire someone less than a month ago and have a sign up stating hiring 2nd n 3rd shift employees?! Filing bankruptcy isn’t just an up and oh were filing bankruptcy because last month was so bad... seriously something is wrong with all this info!!


I will back the "making room for..." I was at Perkins in Onalaska last night, These former Rose Street people are IN FACT having to apply for a position should one be available. I spoke with the property manager myself and asked how they were going to absorb all the employees for the other store. On that note, at least they have the opportunity to get rid of the non productive Rose Street employees. For instance the fool with the huge awful green diamond (?) neck tattoo who, instead of going to the front desk and asking for an application to fill out, sat at the table with 3 of his cronies and ask the manager to bring him out an application to his table. Yes, he did mention he worked at the Rose Street location. How about you present yourself in a better light than that, he is now an unemployed something from the Rose Street location ( I can only imagine a line cook or dishwasher because that huge diamond/lizard (?) I couldn't tell for sure, neck tattoo was not only ridiculous it was badly done at that. Also, Onalaska must not have been aware this was going to be happening as they were out of pies, out of cookies, super steady busy and not staffed for it. Onalaska has NO plans on being open 24 hours. It is keeping it's normal business hours, the only 24 hours with continue to be Fri and Sat. I feel awful that they hired you and had hiring posters in that location when they HAD to know it was closing. Good luck on your search for employment. Good luck getting your check you'll no doubt have to sue for it.


I used to refer to it as pukeins. Good riddance!!!!!!!!!

let it go

The Shopko offered to transfer my prescriptions to another Shopko and I declined and went to Walgreens. Soon there will be nothing left on the Northside.


But where will I go for disgusting food at suspiciously low prices!?


Halfway diner?

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