In its stores, Kwik Trip customers may see baskets of muffins, a cooler with white and chocolate milk and a case that holds salads and sandwiches. But on a 120-acre corporate campus in La Crosse, food production is measured in the millions. Here's a look inside Kwik Trip's production machine.

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Rick Czeczok

Personally I have never had a problem with KT service. People are always polite and nice as well as more then happy to help. I have stood in lines much more often at the big grocery stores. Try them again, as maybe they had some turn over at that store.

LSE tax-payer

They need to step up their customer service before I will start coming back in.

They use to have signs up that said I C 3 at 5th and Cass, but I stopped going into their store after standing in LONG lines several times when employees are on the computers or stocking shelfs instead of waiting on customers!
Thank god for the coop!

kwik trip is anything but quick!

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