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It's evolution, I guess. Herbergers and some other retailers seem stuck in antiquity when it comes to fashion and what consumers want. Add to that the convenience of online shopping and it's a deadly combination.
The last time I was in Herberger's I thought the clothing choices were more befitting my mother than myself or anyone in my age bracket. Their apparent target demographic is rapidly dying off.

Bill Payer

Inevitable I suppose, given the fact so many stores exist that sell the same merchandise. Competition under capitalism would (theoretically) lead to lower prices, but for too long these retailers differentiated themselves on things other than price.
If you are standing in the mall parking lot, there are multitudes of stores within a short radius that sell the same product at roughly the same price. Why would I buy a pair of Levi's at Herberger's instead of Penney's or Kohl's, etc. Or, is there really that big of a price difference in a box of Kleenex between Walmart and Target

Buggs Raplin

If Herbergers goes, what a tsunami for the mall. Sear's and Penney's are also in trouble. Stay tuned...


It's not good, the brick and mortar stores are quickly disappearing along with local jobs. Online purchases currently do not pay sales tax which gives amazon and others an unfair advantage not to mention the revenue the states miss out on.


Liar. Online purchases, particularly from larger retailers, pay plenty of sales tax in states that require it. Quit repeating the nonsense that you read in Trump's tweets because it simply isn't true.

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