It’s not just the recycling that’s dynamic, it’s also the partnership.

That’s what Miles Harter and Curt Greeno, who co-own Dynamic Recycling, bring to the business, and it’s one of the main reasons the pair were nominated together as Rising Stars Under 40.

“It’s like a marriage, right?” said Harter, who serves as the company’s CEO.

And it works, said Greeno, who serves as Dynamic’s president, because their goals, ethics and morals are aligned so well.

“It’s all the people’s lives we touch every day,” Greeno said. “That’s what we hang our hats on.”

That includes the culture of their work environment, as well as the clients they serve. Apart from the recycling aspect, which caters to services previously not found in the area, the pair serve as mentors, educators and coaches.

“I usually keep my nose to the grindstone,” said Harter, who started work as a paperboy at an early age, and eventually joined his family’s business. It’s a work ethic that also serves as a model for those around him, which became part of the culture at Dynamic Recycling.

“At Dynamic,” Greeno said, “we try to create a culture of integrity, excellence through innovation, self-discipline, service, humility and fun, our six core values, and it’s our team living these every day that makes work enjoyable.”

Greeno’s also been active in the community, coaching for the Jr. Knights Football middle school program, teaching Sunday School at St. John’s in Barre Mills and serving on many nonprofit boards during the past decade, including Marine Credit Union Board, Christ-St. John’s School Board, Citizens Board of Review for the city of La Crosse, the Advisory Board for Viterbo University’s School of Business, and a delegate for Luther High School’s Conference of Delegates.

As a business, Dynamic also gives back to the community through donations, free collection events and volunteering.

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Alicia Suessmith, who nominated the pair for Rising Stars Under 40, praised their leadership skills, and explained her enthusiasm for their joint recognition.

“Ten years ago,” Suessmith said, “they took a risk and set out to build what is Dynamic Recycling today. The company has added hundreds of jobs to the region and created once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for professionals in our area. The company’s mission is unique from the more common customer, or profit-based, missions, in that it surrounds empowering individuals to better themselves, their families and others. The mission is lived through the business decisions they make each day. These business decisions take into account people and team before bottom line. Curt and Miles are two of the best people I’ve ever met; incredible business leaders and individuals who truly are in business to make an impact on people’s lives.”

Both men are proudest of their families, as well as their families’ support, but they’re also proud of their community and their accomplishments.

“I was born and raised here,” Harter said, “so it’s the only thing I’ve ever known, I suppose. It’s a beautiful area. The majority of people I love are here.”

Greeno said he’s proudest of the children he and Darci have raised, but he’s also proud of Dynamic Recycling.

“What makes me even more proud is how we accomplished it,” Greeno said. “We have done it through focusing on our people and creating a great culture.”

And, as far as recognition goes, Harter offered a bit of advice about leadership, and the philosophy it takes to keep your head in good times and tougher ones.

“The first thing that comes to mind is humbleness,” Harter said. “That’s very important. If you think you’re better than anyone else, it creates a divide.”

“It’s all the people’s lives we touch every day. That’s what we hang our hats on.” Curt Greeno

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