Peter Kaduc 01

Peter Kaduc of Mississippi Welders Supply Co. Inc.

Looking back, it would be difficult for Peter Kaduc’s younger self to imagine him doing what he does.

“In my profession as a cryogenics engineer, I get the opportunity to see and visit with people from all facets of industry, including manufacturing, medical, agricultural, scientific and governmental applications,” Kaduc, cryogenics engineering manager at Mississippi Welders Supply, said. “I appreciate learning about each and every company and what they do. It’s extremely rewarding when I am able to help them with their process and make them more efficient and productive.”

But, working with gases — which, he noted, touch virtually every part of business and life, and need to be supplied and stored for their most efficient and effective use — is only part of the reason Kaduc was nominated as a Rising Star Under 40.

It’s also about the life story that led him to a career in cryogenics.

“I was born in Czechoslovakia,” Kaduc said, “now Slovakia after it broke apart. My family escaped communism and lived in Yugoslavia and Austria in refugee camps for about 18 months before being sponsored and brought to the U.S.

“My mom worked extremely hard to raise my brother and I, and she did everything she could to become independent of government support as fast as she could, He said. “We grew up very poor, and seeing what my mother overcame made me work very hard to become a professional and not rely on anyone else for support. I want to show my children results of hard work and push them to always work hard and do their best, all while remaining humble.”

It’s that humility that others recognize in Kaduc, as well.

“After a very humble beginning, Peter has ascended to management levels at several companies prior to coming to Mississippi Welders Supply,” said Scott Myran, who nominated Kaduc for Rising Stars Under 40. “Peter was hired in August 2015 as our cryogenics engineering manager. He learned from, and eventually filled, the role of a long-time employee, who in 2017 was ready to step back and not work as many hours. Taking the place of someone like this is very challenging in and of itself.

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“In the short time that Peter has been at MWS, he has proven that he is more than up to the challenge,” Myran said. “He has shown an extremely high level of energy and motivation. Peter has a knack for handling multiple projects and making them all look easy. You give him a job or task and it always gets done professionally and with safety in mind. Peter has also worked well with all of his coworkers and other departments within our company. He is a team player and is always looking out for the best interest of our company and our customers.”

In June 2016, Myran said, Peter and his wife, Debra, along with their three children, bought a home near Leon, Wis. As a community member, he’s been active as a youth hockey coach and spoken with students at Cashton High School on careers in engineering. He loves watching kids’ faces light up when they see how science works.

“As the family settles more into the community,” Myran said, “Peter will no doubt become more involved with youth activities and his children’s schools.”

Myran said the company couldn’t have found a better employee to fill Kaduc’s position.

“The community as a whole has gained an actively involved parent to serve as a role model for many years to come,” he said.

For Kaduc, it’s a matter of making a complicated set of situations very simple: By recognizing what he’s been given.

“I have been fortunate enough for wonderful opportunities to present themselves,” Kaduc said, “and I have always done my best to take advantage of each of them.”


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