There isn’t a graph that measures what Jason Munz believes in.

“We’re put on this Earth to serve,” said Munz, assistant vice president and regional account executive at Trust Point, Inc.

It’s a maxim Munz learned from others he respects, and when he meets with clients from the private, public and professional sectors, he always keeps it in mind.

“When people know that you are truly helping them,” he said, “people appreciate that.”

It’s tempting to see what Munz does at Trust Point as only financial — after all, the company offers a broad range of investment strategies to help folks with trust and succession planning, as well as 401K services, among much more, and Munz himself is a certified trust and financial adviser, the exam for which has been described as arduous.

But, for Munz, he sees his work in the community as something much more than financial.

“My job allows me to build relationships and add value to individuals, couples and businesses in our community and through the Midwest,” he said. “I meet with them one-on-one to understand their goals and values, financial and otherwise. These goals and values, concerns, even fears, regarding their financial future are unique to each individual.”

Understanding his clients, and helping them to grasp their options, allows for a more thorough understanding of what to do, and more of an ease in making decisions.

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Behind the motivation to do his job lies a deep embracing of servant leadership, of doing the good behind the scenes, which he said is the culture at Trust Point.

“It embodies us,” Munz said. “Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t see it. It’s not visible.”

Still, it’s there, and it’s driven Munz to not only succeed, but give back to his community: He’s an active member of the Holmen Rotary (he’s currently president-elect). He’s also been recognized with the Paul Harris Fellow Award, and he said he’s lucky enough to serve on the board of directors for the Riverfront Foundation, Outdoor Recreation Alliance, and Downtown Mainstreet, Inc. He’s particularly proud of the fundraising he does for Riverfront, which benefits special education programs in local schools, as well as Riverfront’s Innovation Fund.

“After all this,” said Angela Strangman, who nominated Munz for Rising Stars Under 40, “Jason still finds time to participate in other volunteer work. He can be seen ringing bells for the Salvation Army during the holidays. He teaches high school students and their families about financial literacy, as part of the La Crosse Promise’s ‘Price is Right’ event.”

For Munz, the work he does, while raising his two sons with his wife, Naomi, is about devotion, the same devotion he said Trust Point shows to its employees. But, it was also parenthood that opened his eyes to a new viewpoint.

“In a way,” he said, “you’re trying to reflect the person you want your children to be.”

The best advice he’s had came from his father and grandfather: Learn to get and give.

“If you can learn to work, you’re going to be OK,” Munz said. “Learn to work and be honest.”


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