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Rising Stars Ole Mathison

Ole Mathison is a sales account manager for Mississippi Welders Supply.

Everyone in Rockland knows Ole Mathison.

It’s no wonder. He’s had a seat on the village’s board for the past 11 years, and he’s also on the Bangor-Burns Fire Department, as well as the Rockland Park Committee.

He was also born, raised and still lives in Rockland, where he and his family have chosen to stay all these years.

“I’ve always been interested in what’s going on in the community,” Mathison said. “I have a vested interest in the village of Rockland.”

He’s also built a number of spec homes in his hometown, and all of that is just in his “spare” time. For the past 17 years, Mathison has been with Mississippi Welders Supply, Co., and in his current role as sales account manager, he services one of the company’s largest accounts.

That’s a little more comprehensive than you might think. From machines to advanced power source systems, Mathison is able to easily supply and advise on everything from sub arc systems to robotics equipment, welding gas supplies (he’s a certified welding inspector), even the paper towels a company might use.

“We are more than what the name says,” he said. “You name it and we can provide it.”

That’s the type of dedication and expertise that led his supervisor, Bruce Nutall, to nominate Mathison for Rising Stars Under 40.

“During his tenure he’s worn many hats,” Nutall said. “Ole has been a service technician, inside sales representative, branch manager and sales account manager. Ole has met the challenges of each of these opportunities and accomplished his goals. This vast experience and knowledge has helped make him a valuable asset to our company and our customers. He knows what makes everything tick, and is very hands on.”

But, it’s how he treats his customers that Nutall specifically noted.

“From the very smallest to the largest manufacturers, he treats them all as if they are the most important,” Nutall said.

That’s because, to Mathison, they are. Their trust and commitment helps the company grow.

“When I started with the company 17 years ago, we had four locations,” he said, “now we have 11 locations. Growth opens the door to move up and take on bigger roles with the company.”

The upward trajectory has been the hallmark of Mathison’s personal journey.

When he was in high school, he said he trained to be an auto mechanic at Western Technical College. Then he decided to try his hand at welding, and he even became passionate about growing the local tax base. He worked to provide affordable housing by tackling his interest in real estate.

“I met those goals,” Mathison said, “but I want to continue.”

It’s that kind of determination that those who know Mathison say is unmistakable. The relentless progress has more to do with the trying, and the recognition of the desire, than any possible setbacks.

“Follow your dreams,” he said. “If you apply yourself, you can achieve anything. You have to apply yourself. You have to have the want.”


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Welding Czar

Ole this is well deserved recognition. Congratulations!

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