FILE -- Sears at Valley View Mall

Sears in the Valley View Mall.

Sears Holdings announced Wednesday that it will close its Sears store in La Crosse in November — the latest closing of a major retailer at Valley View Mall.

The Sears stores in La Crosse and Eau Claire are two of 46 on a list released by the company Wednesday — part of what the company calls ongoing closings of unprofitable stores.

Sears has closed hundreds of Sears and Kmart stories in recent months. It has already closed the Kmart on State Road in La Crosse after 52 years, and the Sears Auto Center at Valley View.

Liquidation sales at the 46 stores could begin Aug. 30.

It was not immediately known how many employees at the La Crosse store will be affected.

At Valley View, Macy’s left the mall in March 2017 and Herberger’s — after moving into the vacated Macy’s space — will close next week.

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J.C. Penney is the only remaining anchor store at the mall. Mall officials, who could not be reached for comment Wednesday night, have said they are actively recruiting for major tenants.

According to a statement from Sears Holdings: “As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline Sears Holdings’ operations, strengthen our capital position and focus on our best stores, this week the company informed associates at 46 unprofitable stores that we will be closing these stores in November 2018. We continue to evaluate our network of stores, which is a critical component to our integrated retail transformation, and will make further adjustments as needed. We thank associates affected by these store closures for their many contributions to our company. Eligible associates will receive severance and will have the opportunity to apply for open positions at area Kmart or Sears stores. Customers can use the store locator function on our web sites to find the location of their nearest Kmart and Sears stores. Liquidation sales will begin as early as August 30 at these closing stores.”


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What a great location for a new "La Crosse Center" type facility. Interstate access, room to grow, etc. City of La Crosse wouldn't like it but the region in general would benefit.


JC Penney, you're up next! It's too bad that you lost my business long ago, as you require your clerks to constantly hound customers to sign up for your credit card.

Rick Czeczok

Another one drops to the mighty Amazon. If Amazon fails and I believe it will because it has a huge PE number, and very little profit. All there money is in stock and is unsustainable as is. If it falls it will be a disaster in the retail markets. People need to consider this when buying everything from Amazon. Just saying be careful what you ask for.


I think it's something different, Rick. Sears left its core competency (hard goods) to try to sell clothes. Didn't work. Now Amazon has bought the Kenmore brand, and Craftsman has been farmed out. KMart, of course, was also part of Sears Holdings. J.C. Penney had the absurd idea to sell appliances. What were they thinking? I picture a bunch of witless executives running around in a panic, wondering what they should do next. Why not go back to your core competency, the one that gave you success in the past? Why not ask a normal consumer instead of your well paid marketing exec? No, they were "too big to fail." It's not the fault of Amazon that they have a better business plan. Walmart has gotten smart and is competing with Amazon with internet business. Sears never did try. Amazon will not soon fail, Rick. It works so well and is so attractive to those of us with computers. And their service is fast and efficient. I certainly couldn't afford their stock.

Rick Czeczok

I hope you are right, I just don't see how the market can hold a company up that doesn't make a decent profit with as high of PE ratio. That means it has to maintain a really high growth rate and I'm not sure that is sustainable. That's all I'm saying. I am a firm believer in an open free market, but they have to be fair also.


I remember looking at $900 a year ago, thinking no way that's going any higher. Now it's out of control because confidence is unbridled, possibly delusional. Either wya AMZN's gotta split at some point IMO. Even though I regret buying in, I regret missing out on Movie Pass more. Short lived, but I trust I would've made the right decision to sell in time. Regarding the dept stores, JCP is worthless, are they next? And I see Eddie offered to buy Kenmore, any insight on that?


Probably good news for Midwest TV & Appliance, as they will lose another local competitor after Wettstein's recently closed. Sears did it to itself, as has J.C. Penney, which will likely be next to go. The Wall Street Journal today noted that Kohl's and TJ Maxx are doing quite well, however. First thing I did when hearing this news is inventory my Kenmore vacuum cleaner bags. I may have enough, but I'll stop in for more soon. I wonder if Ace will honor the Craftsman life time warranty on their hand tools?

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